Kwynn Buess, consultant, senior software developer
Atlanta / Alpharetta / Cumming, GA

Kwynn's home (678) 341-0285 (receives text / SMS)


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Law Office of Edward R. Molari

(Boston / remote)

2016, Feb - present (part time)

PHP developer and consultant, independent contractor

Note: I have never worked on My systems are behind a login / paywall on another domain. It seems appropriate to link to it, though.

Developer - PHP, JavaScript, jQuery / AJAX, MySQL (LAMP)

2016, August developer, etc. 2016, Jan

Repairs, upgrades, and administration to / of a Google Cloud Platform - Google App Engine Python site

KreativeMynd Media developer 2015, Nov - 2016, Jan

multiple projects:

Diagnosed a problem with Magento modules for featured and new products. Made a local copy of the site, used MySQL Workbench and followed the MySQL general (SQL query) log until I found that both modules needed the product to be in the "Featured" category. (Magento is LAMP - Linux Apache MySQL PHP)

Fixed a web / e-commerce payment process. Made a local copy of a WordPress + WooCommerce (LAMP) site, then used Chrome Developer Tools / the JavaScript (JS) debugger window to trace JS errors until I tracked them to several JS files with improper Linux file permissions. (The Apache web server did not have access to the files.)

Fixed 15+ issues on a LAMP system, including: consultant 2013, Sep - 2016, Jan (occasional consulting)

Novarata developer 2015, March - April consultant 2015, February

personal projectMailChimp Mandrill research 2015, February

Septic Medics PHP development / analyst / sales 2015, January

Labor's List LAMP / web developer 2014, December

Wrote a prototype / demo web application to connect general building contractors with subcontractors. Technologies / Features: consultant 2014, June – October

FlightGear community developer2013, April – present 2014, Sept consultant 2014, June

McClellan Industries / McClellan Sales developer / etc. 2013, April – 2014, June

McClellan OpenERP (Odoo) Project
Earlier McClellan Projects

Details are a secret until the products are released, but here are the technologies involved:

Sensory Acumen Orinda, CA. Developer. 2011-Feb intermittent through 2014

(Note: Sensory Acumen is in CA. I was always remote in Atlanta.) Magento developer, support, some DBA 2012, Dec – 2013, Feb CSS Developer 2012, July consultant, Magento dev, some DBA 2012, Feb - April

IDG Education Solutions ( web developer 2011, May - Nov web developer, web / sys admin 2011, July - Sep

Braineo Web Solutions PHP developer 2011, July - Aug JavaScript / Firefox Add-on developer 2011, March - April

Forever Numerology Portland, OR. JavaScript developer 2010

Hatcher Team web developer, part time, contract 2007 - 2010

Syed Consulting developer Dec 2009 - Jan 2010

Professor H's Classes web / system / db admin 2010

SE Neurodevelopmental Consultants web developer 2005 - 2006

Forever Numerology Vancouver, WA, Java developer 2004

Object Alliance developer 2004 (June - July)

Hyperion Solutions (now part of Oracle) software engineer (employee) 2000 - 2002

Indus International (now Ventxy) programmer / analyst, customer support rep (employee) 1997 - 1999

Numerically Yours developer / analyst 1996

Univ of So Cal (USC) Information Sci Inst Marina Del Rey, CA, programmer (employee) 1993

Thompson Group programmer 1991



PERSONAL PROJECTS (2012 unless otherwise noted)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2010 - present


Node.js and Ruby on Rails / RoR 2014, December


Virtual machines working in Debian Linux


A socket-level implementation of IMAP IDLE for email push / continuous monitoring. Includes two layers of threads with resource locking and hopefully robust exception handling. Tested with Gmail. Generated an SSL Cert and used Wireshark to confirm TLS/SSL was working, documented code and the overall project on (2013, June)


(separate project) Wrote a simple WAMP web app to display a count of unseen (similar to unread) emails with a GET URL query key that does not expose any other email data. (2013, March)


Installed on my Ubuntu system, got to "hello world"

FlightGear Nasal

Wrote a Nasal-language script to assist simulated Boeing 777 landing drills in the FlightGear flight simulator. The script adjusts 15 – 20 settings so that the pilot is ready to land after “appearing” in the air less than a mile from the runway. The script prepares landing gear, flaps, autothrottle, auto speedbrake, autobrakes, etc. (2013, April)

Visual Basic (VB) in Excel

Searched rows for a specific name and then looped through them, also learned VB if-then syntax. (2012-Nov)

Google Chrome Extension

Converted an existing extension from manifest version 1 to 2 (2012, not to be confused with my 2013 project)

Google Maps

Played with basic API calls

Survey Project

Breakfast Menu Project

Created a breakfast menu with XHTML plus extra XML tags to define items as side dishes, toppings, etc. Performed surprisingly complex logic on toppings, etc. Put the extra info into MySQL and then filtered out the extra tags to output pure XHTML (LAMP)

Dating Site 2010 - 2011

LAMP + JavaScript / AJAX. Created a system to

  1. Easily grant fine-grained database user access to different SQL calls
  2. Automatically create long database passwords, and
  3. Communicate the passwords between the PHP and db

Used AJAX to fetch XHTML / XML from server


Basic setup and movements of the board game Stratego in both JavaScript (2011) and as a Java Applet (2003)


Well past "hello world." Some tinkering noting view versus controller (model wasn't involved)


Experiment with my Gmail account using IMAP from the command line and a PHP script. Read through RFC 1730 to find email-identifying sequential integers (UID) and used these to backup emails to individual files (2009)

More Basic Networking


C++ program to emulate the board game MasterMind (1997)

Other Keywords


Swing shift, graveyard shift, evening shift, 3rd shift, 2nd shift, 24x7 operations, 24/7

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