My top 5 job factors

The numbers below aren't percentages. They're pro-con / plus-minus points. If a particular job is over 100, I'll probably take it.

#1 - time of day (50 - 80)

  1. results-only work environment (ROWE): 80 points
  2. 3rd shift (10pm - 7am): 80
  3. 2nd shift (2pm - 11am): 70
  4. Negotiated:
    1. 50% overlap with 9am - 5pm: 60
    2. 70% overlap with 9 - 5 : 50

#2 - location (30)

two positive factors:

  1. warm - South or Southwest
  2. near ocean - 20 miles is fine; 50 miles is a plus; 100 miles is closer than I am now. I'm interested in salt water rather than the open ocean, so Seattle counts as directly on the ocean.

Lesser Factors

The rest are lesser and roughly equally weighted (10 points each?).

Open Source Tech

- In other words, pluses are Linux, PHP, Java, Python, RoR, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Node.js

Minuses are Windows, .NET, Oracle, MS SQL Server

Technically Skilled People

It'd be lovely to be able to ask someone a technical question. I've rarely been able to do that in my career, and I've very rarely been able in 10+ years.

Otherwise put, I am not totally opposed to being the one-and-only expert, but it's getting somewhat tiring.

Casual / Different Culture

The ROWE goes to culture, too, of course.

I like the dress code "wear clothes." With that said, I would not be the one pushing the boundary. I would wear T-shirts and long-ish shorts, both without (noticeable and / or too many / big) holes, and flip flops.

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