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Aug 6 (posted Aug 29)

It's possible that this system's email-upon-internal-message feature doesn't work anymore. I got an automatic email from Google saying that it was no longer accepting the system's automated emails, or, at least, it didn't accept one. For the record, the email feature worked when I wrote the system.

Google referred me to a page on clients in general. Although I'm not sure I care about this project, I'll look into that eventually for other projects.

early August

As I note back on the project home page, linked above, I've abandoned the project, but I leave it running for potential clients to play with. A few more comments are on the project home page.

Friday, March 4, 2011, 6:43pm

I'm about to make some changes, so the system will likely be flaky until I'm done.

Monday, January 3, 2011, 10:15pm EST (USA, GMT -5)

If you see this, I've launched the site. I believe the basic features work, but users should consider themselves pre-alpha, bleeding edge users. I like the open source "build early and often" philosophy--meaning (in this case) that it may not work, but let me know (email below), and I can make it work quickly. I'm tired of testing and fiddling. It's just time to launch.

We're nearing the chicken and egg period of this process. I'll put time into this if people are interested, but when does it have enough features that people are interested? On this note, please email me encouragement, discouragement, bug reports, feature requests, etc.: At this point, feel free to email me just to check in and show interest.

Until and unless I get a certain amount of traffic, I don't plan to back up the database. Please save your own copies early and often. In fact, if you're planning on writing a long essay, probably best to do it on your machine and then copy and paste, in case something goes wrong. You should be able to go back on your browser to retrieve stuff. Don't worry about the form repeat message--it's probbly not duplicating your stuff but rather refreshing the sesssion key which lives in a form and not the URL.

One immediate risk is that this Amazon Web Services micro-instance can't handle much CPU stress. Let me know if things start fine and then immediate slow to a crawl. I may have to move to Rackspace or such quickly. I'm open to other recommendations, too.

system goals (future status?)

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