I will anonymize all donations and post them, probably right here, or I'll link from here. Given that I am just starting this, feel free to donate the minimal possible amount until I know this all works as planned. It may take me until 9 - 10pm US Eastern Time (New York / Atlanta) after you donate until I update. You might want to send a message by some means or another, including my web form, as printed / linked on my resume. I am not expecting massive amounts, so I will try not to check all the time like a child. JP (below) has been successfully using my web form.

Update: As of February 28, 2022 (update March 2), I can confirm that my ETH address works. My client used the QR code from an iCult device. Also, I am notified upon receipt, and I'm sure based on this first use that BitCoin would cause a notification, too.

The ETH had nothing to do with my clock, nor was it a donation, so my posting the amount does not apply. I have received no donations yet.

My PayPal donation option.


On Feb 16, 2022, I got encouragement from the (presumed) leader of "the" VeVe club, "JP," to ask for donations for my very accurate clock. Thank you for your words, JP! So, here we go.

Here is my appeal for donations. JP wrote me roughly 14 hours after I posted that, which is really fast.

For the record, I created a Cardano Ada public stake pool, so I created those wallets. I'm not an idiot. :) With that said, I'm still fairly new to this.