This price of BitCoin is

relative to my personal benchmark

If the time does not refresh, that's because I imposed my own quota (that applies to me, too). If we hit the quota, we get the latest price on hand, with the proper timestamp of that price. Coinbase likely has a quota, but I don't know what it is and don't want to thump on them and find out.

The time is US Eastern Time / America/New_York / UTC -4 for most of the year on DST / Summer Time. The execution ("exe") time is a quick crosscheck on whether Coinbase was queried. With a Coinbase fetch, time is 250 - 400ms. Without a fetch, it's ~3ms.

Live price chart.

The number I show is from the Coinbase API.

source code history (at least partial)

  1. the live folder, for the moment
  2. A specific, possibly (definitely) old version of this source code.