test checkbox The return value check is not technically correct because it is not checking the "checked" HTML attribute, but I will not worry about this (for now) for this test / example.


This builds upon "delayedDo" that I was working on a while ago. The info section of delayeDo explains it to some degree.

The abstracted code--currently the kwStandardTextIOCl class (Kwynn's Standard Text Input Output Class)--is now in use with my main client's in-development code. That is, it's approaching real world use. The source code is in GitHub.

Various versions of this were motivated by my main client's system. Years ago (2019?) one of the fields badly failed to save data. Since then, I have been working on code that closes a loop and doesn't turn green until the user can approach certainty that the data is saved.

I am aware that color blindness might be a problem. The same code can be adapted to trigger alternative indicators. My client is apparently not colorblind, so I'll stick with this for now.

This is one of my series of front end / client-side JavaScript examples.

update - 2022/08/20

I'm considering adding "select" elements, and then a few more.