original page on this topic, including explanation.

The xml and txt files are much easier to deal with than the following, but I'm leaving this on my site in case it's useful.

The Changes

I'm not 100% certain the following would work because there might be errors in the commenting. The xml and txt files will work, though. I'm only leaving the following for reference. I put my name at the top of the xml and txt files, but my initials are not there because below I diff against the original, and my initials would get in the way. (Not a perfect state of affairs.)

Note the "eauals" versus "equals" tags in the original. I tried fixing the problem by correcting that, but it didn't work.

In diff format

There are no skip comments in the real fix. Also, in this version, I took my initials out and left line numbers the same as the original, otherwise the diff wouldn't be accurate.

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