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Seeking night owl software developers, apprentices, techies, and other night owls (Did I mention night owls? Relative to Eastern Time / Atlanta / New York time / GMT / UTC -5)
2018, January revision

I'm a freelance software developer who is (barely) managing to make a living working entirely at night. (If I had been willing to work 9 - 5 for the last 20 years, I'd be making $150k - 200k in "Atlanta dollars" (as opposed to Silicon Valley "dollars.")) I'd like to network with other night owls. One possibility is to form a company (or looser association) of night owls. I want some of the social contact of a company without all of the restrictions, such as 9am - 5pm hours and offices and commutes and much other nonsense.

Because this is my web site's version of my "ad," I'll add that I'd like to "meet" (virtually at first) more night owls even if you have no interest in tech. There are plenty of other topics.

What's in it and not in it for you?

I know quite a bit, and I'm willing to teach. Better yet, I'm finally learning how to help someone learn software development (computer programming, web dev, whatever) and (Linux) system administration from scratch. If you want to learn, I can probably help.

If you're a beginner and you must have immediate money, I can't help you. I am not offering a paid job. Your immediate goal must be to learn. My current apprentice wants to be able to seek paid projects in about 6 months--July, 2018. I think that's possible. I wish I had a good estimate of how much time he's spent learning. My very rough estimate is that he's averaged 6 hours a week for 6 - 7 (non contiguous) weeks--roughly 40 hours--and he's starting to see the possibility of a 6 month goal. He is right on the verge of really understanding software.

I'm renewing my ad because he's not truly a night owl, and he is very busy with other things. I'd like to always have someone around as "green dot" (available) on Google Hangouts / Google Chat, Facebook, whatever. I'm not replacing him; I'm trying to add people.

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