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Elevator Pitch:

For four years I worked for 2,000-employee software companies doing development, consulting, and final-tier application support. Since then, I've done ~25 freelance projects—everything from web development to a USB device driver. I've usually done my own requirements gathering, dba, sysadmin, and customer support.


(current core skills - see full version for more)

Experience (abridged - see full version for more details) 2014, June – 2015, Februrary

Septic Medics

Wrote a how-to article on the QuickBooks PHP API.

Labor's List 2014, December

Mini-Projects - for others and personal June, 2014 - February, 2015

McClellan Industries / McClellan Sales 2013, April – 2014, June

McClellan OpenERP (Odoo) Project

Earlier McClellan Projects

Details are a secret until the products are released, but here are the technologies involved:

Sensory Acumen 2011-Feb to 2014-June 2012, Dec – 2013, Feb

IDG Education Solutions

2011, May - Nov - LAMP - Numerous bug fixes and enhancements, conversion from procedural to OO. 2011, July - Sep

Braineo Web Solutions

Wrote an Intuit QBMS payment module for the WebsiteBaker CMS in PHP

Wrote a Firefox Add-on to count characters of a Facebook post while typing, so one doesn't exceed the 500 character limit

Forever Numerology

JavaScript application to do ten numerology calculations based on name and birth date

Hatcher Team

2007 - 2010 - Systems analysis, coding, and support of a LAMP / WAMP / AJAX application to keep track of sales calls

Object Alliance 2004

Hyperion Solutions (now part of Oracle) software engineer (employee) 2000 - 2002

Indus International (now Ventxy) programmer / analyst, customer support rep (employee) 1997 - 1999


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