Notes and Citations Regarding My Work on Prospero

Here are several papers where I'm in the "Acknowledgements" section. Unless otherwise noted, these are PDF files.

My small contribution to Prospero is listed on my resume as

Gopher was a predecessor to HTTP and web servers and browsers. It was in heavy use at colleges in the early 90s. My mission was to demonstrate how easy it was to write a Gopher client using the then-new Prospero distributed file system; my client was a demo for Prospero.

I had no idea that I was acknowledged until April, 2010, seventeen years after the fact. That project represents a very happy period in my life, so please forgive me if I'm being a bit giddy with this whole page. It's not my intention to be pompous. Thank you to Cliff and Steve for the mention and for those weeks during the summer of 1993! I hope ya'll are doing well.

Semi-Proper Prospero Citation

The papers mentioned above were written by B. Clifford Neuman and Steven Seger Augart; Shantaprasad Upasani was also an author on the Using Prospero... paper. Both papers were written in 1993. Steve Augart was my boss; Cliff Neuman my grandboss. Cliff is still at ISI, as of July 2, 2010. Steve is listed as working for IBM Research.

The full paper titles are Using Prospero to Support Integrated Location-Independent Computing and Prospero: A Base for Building Information Infrastructure. At the time, there was talk of the technology being integrated in to the world wide web. I haven't looked yet, though, to see what became of it.

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