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jobs without a "vaccine" requirement

the currently running reboot of The West Wing will soon be cancelled

GitHub, a guide to mine It really needs a guide, but you can go directly to my repos if you want.

My Resume

(including contact info). I am immediately available for gigs / work (see availability updates)

drum and bugle corps

- in hopes for rebirth in 2021. I have *a lot* to say about the lack of a 2020 season, but not yet.

Numerology Calculator
5345963677 3133331269

Technical Articles and Code

on PHP, AWS, QuickBooks, etc.

JavaScript / web "ping"

the privacy-rich phone project (2019)

Personal and Professional Junction

Wider than software


housing wanted (2018, October)


stuff I've never classified

Firefox add-on for Facebook

The add-on counts down from 500 characters as you type your status message
life check -- tests this site
apprentice lessons 2019
HTML5 valid