Notes on My Favicon

My favicon () is the international maritime signal flag symbol for the letter 'K' as in Kwynn.

My favicon is a 16 x 16 pixel, 32 (24)-bit color .PNG file, per the W3C. I renamed it "favicon.ico" and put it in my root because that's what some browsers look for; however, I also put the W3C recommended "link" tag in my home page HTML head.

I reduced it to 16 x 16 starting with a picture by the WikiPedia user Denelson83. It appears that Denelson83's picture is under the GPL (also see WikiP on GPL), so that means that ya'll out there are welcomed to use it because my favicon is (must be) under the GPL, too.

I did the reduction using GIMP.

My original thought was to use some sort of sort of stylized "K" as a favicon, but I couldn't find a font I liked to take a screenshot of (nevermind potential copyright issues). I even did some sketches by hand and using graphics programs, but this website is a testament that I'm not a visual artist. I was looking at the WikiPedia under the letter K when I saw the flag symbol.

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