Networking Technical Support Cover Letter

Regarding customer support experience, at Indus International, from 1997 - 1999, my hiring letter said "programmer / analyst," but I worked in the customer support division. My team was in charge of all aspects of caring for a legacy product--including taking the support calls, getting help from the customers with diagnosing problems and testing fixes, etc. There was no one to buffer us from the customer. As far as our clients were concerned, we were customer service representatives. From Indus, I got a Software Support Professionals Association Certification. Since Indus, I've always done on-site work at client sites; I've never been insulated from the customer.

I did network programming as early as 1993. I wrote a Gopher client (predecessor to the web) for USC's ISI--ICANN came from USC-ISI and is still housed in the same building in Marina Del Rey. I did some network programming in school for my Distributed Systems class. We did a project involving packet timing analysis of TCP versus UDP.

I've never had access to more than a six-device network, but I've managed to configure a wireless router when a Chief Strategy Officer of an Atlanta-area IT company couldn't. (Yes, I have a witness to that story who will speak. :) ) The only problem was that the DSL modem and router had the same default IP address. I figured this out and fixed it in a few minutes.

My Windows admin knowledge is that of a programmer who often uses Windows and is curious. I know some of the knobs and switches. I've also tinkered with Linux quite a bit over the years, which forces one to understand admin, with concepts (if not implementation) that are similar between the two OSs.

I've run my own Apache server and have combed through the logs. I know something of HTTP. I've generated an SSL server-side certificate and gotten HTTPS to work on my server. I was using telnet in 1991. I have years of database experience.

History / Status

I wrote this in February, 2010. It got HR's attention, but I decided not to pursue the job when I found that it was strictly 9am - 6pm.

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