2012 Update

 It appears that after ~9 years, something is incompatible with current Java and the applet fails. I'll leave it dead indefinitely. As I recall, it ran earlier in 2012, so earlier JVMs might work.

This Java applet is a partial implementation of the Milton Bradley board game Stratego. This is to demonstrate that I've written in Java to an objective and mildly complex specification. If necessary, see notes on compatibility and required software.

Click a piece to select and click in a square to move it. While I don't want to repeat the rules, roughly speaking, pieces can move forward, backward, right, or left one square. They can't enter the "X" spaces, and they can't enter a space with one of their own pieces.

I've implemented the "attacker advantage" tournament rule that when n-rank meets n-rank, the attacker wins rather than mutual destruction.

Known Bug


Sometimes two bombs (mines) appear in one space, and another space is blank. Everything else seems to work when this happens.

A Stratego Java applet should be here, if you have the JRE installed.

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