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Other Features of the Full Prototype

The current version of this program is only a part of what I originally wrote. The full prototype had user logins, allowed multiple blood profiles per login--both different people and different test dates, and had an entry form for a list of medical conditions for each person. The idea was to do an analysis of how different medical conditions correlated with blood data.

It also had a feature that would log into a blood testing lab's site and "suck" the data for a given user into our database. In case the reasons aren't obvious, I didn't post this feature because a) I shouldn't allow my program to allow random people on the web to access other systems without that other system's owner's permission, and b) the structure of that lab's site has changed over the years. What I used years ago on their site did indeed invite random people on the web to log in as a test user. I don't see that now, and even if I did, my brief tests are a different story than opening it up to the world.

I didn't show the other features because my real estate program was my second LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) work after the blood program. The real estate program has multiple logins and more sophisticated functionality than the blood program did.

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