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The following should still be useful, but I abandoned this page several days after the election. Here is my latest on the Presidency situation.

My Presidential endorsement is more-or-less timeless; it's more background than about candidates. It should be worth reading first.

post-election proper

I was concerned for the 2 days following the election, but as of the middle of the day Friday, November 6, 2020, I am excited again. Putting everything together, I now think an election court challenge and fraud prosecutions were part of the plan all along. The election was in part a sting operation.

On Thursday (11/5), Steve Pieczenik explained the sting operation. I talked about Pieczenik in my Presidential endorsement, but one quick detail is that he was a major source for Tom Clancy and Clancy's co-author on many books.

On Friday (11/6), Sidney Powell said that the CIA Scorecard and Hammer (Drill?) programs were likely two of the rigging techniques.

Over most of "his" public operation, QAnon emphasized the importance of the Senate in 2018 and the Supreme Court. As I think back, he implied that the election would go to the Supreme Court.

Pieczenik is saying that many ballots were secretly watermarked. I've seen mention of the Q post (cited below) "WATCH THE WATER." Even though it was almost 3 years ago, given the entirety of Q, it's possible that meant "watch the watermarks."

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