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the currently running reboot of The West Wing will soon be cancelled

The "reboot of The West Wing" is what I am calling the "administration" of "President" Asterisk.

my best sources

This is an unusual case where the WikiP article on Steve Pieczenik works well enough for an introduction. He was Tom Clancy's co-author, business partner, and major source. He had a Federal government job that is the equivalent of a 1 or 2 star general. He's an MD / psychiatrist, psyop expert, etc. On Feb 4, Steve Pieczenik returned to Alex Jones' show to double down that No Name 2 / "President" Asterisk would be arrested. He refers to the ongoing / upcoming situation as a "military coup." I would characterize it as what Q has been preparing us for: a controlling military faction will uphold their oath to defend against enemies foreign and domestic.

I'll continue my other / earlier sources below, but as of early March, GhostEzra takes the cake. GhostEzra is likely Ezra Cohen-Watnick or someone close to him. Watnick is Trump's (acting) Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. Especially given everything else I've seen, the "Ghost" is giving a convincing argument that the Q operation is about to come into the open. Perhaps it's more proper to say that it is in the open. Big Evil Media may be metaphorically or quite literally forced to change their tune within days or weeks.

I have been able to see plenty of GhostEzra without a Telegram account; use the "Preview channel" feature. (I have not needed the app or a plugin or an application or anything else yet, although I am getting closer to getting an account.) Scroll up to see previous posts. As of March 3 he's at 3,445 posts and counting. I don't know when he started. Zooming the whole web page makes pictures easier to read. Click a post's timestamp for an individual link, although I don't think that enlarges the images any. You can save images by mucking around with "inspect element" and finding the link.

The gentleman going by the name of Juan O Savin says approximately the same thing that Steve P does. Robert David Steele (RDS) endorses Savin. As of Feb 9, RDS' overall assessment is "4 April is actually my drop dead date for packing up and leaving Virginia for Florida or Texas." He's mentioned Texas because they might be the first to secede from the "Union."

My next source is Q. Looking back, this is what "he" said from the beginning: "the military is the only way."

Simon Parkes is my last source.


Q referred to Senator John McCain of Arizona as "no name." It's looking increasingly likely that McCain was executed. I do not claim that this clip of of John Kasich is vast evidence, but it's certainly interesting. Kasich refers to McCain's being "put to death." GhostEzra says that a number of very famous people have been executed, and this will be public soon.

other signals

Update March 3: GhostEzra, above, has plenty more such evidence as the following, but I leave this for the record.

I want to be clear that the following are varying levels of fuzzy in that I have not chased them all down, but they are there for anyone to chase.

Has No Name used the 747 that is colloquially known as Air Force One? I understand that WikiPedia has correctly been updated to say that any plane the President is on is Air Force One, but that still leaves the question of the 747.

Has No Name been on the Marine One helicopter?

Juan O Savin mentioned several cases of lack of military guards in situations where they have always been guards, No Name getting into a dirty Suburban, security people in jeans and unshined shoes such as has, once again, never been seen before, etc.

Q mentioned Castle Rock several if not many times. I haven't yet made the link between Castle Rock Entertainment's (former?) studios and Amazon Studios in Culver City, CA, but I do see a building that looks a lot like the White House. Specifically, Google Maps lists it as Amazon Studios, Culver City, CA 90232. The replica White House is near the intersection of Ince Blvd and Washington Blvd, and, off hand, that's the best Google Street View I get, which is plenty good enough for my immediate purposes. The studio / White House replica is at 34.024121 -118.392724 . The building has a large sign above the entrance that says "The Culver Studios" (all caps) as of a Feb 2020 image capture. replica White House on Google Maps

There is evidence out there that recent pictures and video of the "White House," "Oval Office," and press office are at this location.

If all this is true, I would expect Big Evil Media to protect this lie. For that matter, I could see situations where good guys would be persuaded to protect it for a while. It's unclear which side is going through these motions--perhaps both, for different reasons.

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