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The constantly running number is the fraction of the moon's lunation (lunar month) where 0 is new and 0.5 is full and 0.99 is almost new again. "TZ" shows the timezone reference city / region, which should be your timezone / your browser's timezone / your OS's timezone / your device's TZ. For example, America/New_York is the reference city for US Eastern Time (ET / EST / EDT). See WikiP's TZ list.

The hours RA (right ascension) offset is that between the moon and sun as seen from earth, where 24 hours right ascension is the entire 360° of the sky (every hour RA of sky is 15° of sky). A full moon is 12 hours or 180° apart between sun and moon. I show the RA up to 12 for a waxing moon and then start from 12 down to 0 for a waning moon, rather than 24 hours.

Otherwise put, the RA offset is the lunation fraction above times 24. In my case, I subtract from 24 if over 12.

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