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FlighGear landing gear transition time change

I wanted to be able to appear in the air very close to the runway and land. One of the changes that I made was to change the transition time of the landing gear, such that it goes up and down in 1 second rather than 19 or 20.

Here is my modified C:\Program Files\FlightGear\data\Aircraft\777\777-200ER.xml in xml and txt.

This is of course unrealistic, but I couldn't figure out another way to get it down quickly as of FG 2.10. As best I can tell, in FG 2.8, the default was gear down, and the opposite in 2.10. I am not sure if this default is in the Nasal / XML or the C++. I haven't found it in the non-C++ yet, but I've been wrong about that before.

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