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differences in / evolution of my FG scripts

The versions through roughly 0.5 assume ILS and AT (autothrottle). That is the "original series"--my first-ever scripts--that I started in April, 2013.

When Asiana 214 crashed, I wrote a much simpler version to simulate the crash. In part, it is simpler because I don't need any landing logic because A214 didn't land in one piece. Also, ILS was not available to A214, and AT was not on (although the pilots thought it was on).

The acceleration edition has elements of both its predecessors. It assumes no ILS or AT. After I was satisified that I had a pretty good simulation of 214, I started practicing landings on KSFO-28L with no ILS or AT. I started thinking about what was a good landing, after all? I finally looked up the structural tolerance of a Boeing 777. This was denominated in gs--multiples of g, the acceleration of gravity (on the surface of earth). So I created a version to give me a landing "score" upon each landing. (acceleration edition page with more details)