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FlightGear landing drill Nasal scripts (August 2013+)

List of the scripts themselves

For the Boeing 777 (but should work to a degree with others), in three editions:

bug fixes to FG itself

These bugs interfere with some landing scenarios.

Background / Purpose

FlightGear is a free / open-source flight simulator. I've had too many hours of fun with it since late 2011.

Without my scripts or similar scripts, you can appear in the air close to a runway to practice a landing, but then you have to pause and push a bunch of buttons to get the plane configured to land--gear and flaps, for example. With my script, you can appear and almost immediately land, over and over; it's great practice for landings.

The scripts have greatly increased the fun I have with FG, and I hope you enjoy them.

The first page I wrote on the subject has an obsolete script, but I discuss my intentions in more detail--I list all the settings it changes and under "the script itself" I explain how you install any of these scripts.


The one review I got so far was in April (2013), the day after I posted to the FG Forums. It said, "Thank you for this script very usefull !!!"

differences in / evolution of scripts

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