articles of mine that have made the front page of Google for somewhat popular technical terms

In mid-2015 I realized that some articles I'd written had made the front page of Google searches for somewhat popular technical terms. Who wouldda thunk? I've been meaning to brag about this.

As I'm bragging, some things to keep in mind:

ranks I'm proudest of
term max t1t2art
Quckbooks PHP 9 910 a1
QuickBooks API PHP example 6 68a1
AWS PHP example99?a2
AWS S3 PHP example11?11a2
AWS phar9?15a2
FlightGear NASAL13?22a5
more obscure
term max t1t2t3art
Python email listener 4 4184a3
Python email push 4 45?a3
Python IMAP IDLE 6 768a3
PHP IMAP IDLE 10 101112a3
karmic accumulation 3 ?183a4

times (t1 - t3) and notes on inconsistencies

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