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2022, June 20 - a nice piece of new art (first posted around 23:00, revised minutes later)

Visit Gatlinburg TV spot (commercial / ad / advertisement), "Remind Us: Power of Quiet." Gatlingburg, TN / Tennessee. Published May 04, 2022. "The Mountains are Calling" series. 29 seconds / a 30 second spot.

Transcript: They remind us of the wonder of living, and the power of quiet moments that put life into focus. The mountains are calling. Plan your next memory at gatlinburg.com.

I assume "they" are "the mountains."

The dialog is given by a female narrator, and it's drawn out like a chant. There are long pauses that I didn't indicate.

I have seen extremely few actual TV commercials in many years. I saw this one while eating last night, at one of my usual restaurant haunts. There was a 40 inch TV 25 feet away from me. Fortunately it was close enough to read the logo. I believe it aired during a show called, Dancing with Myself. I could comment on the show, but I'll pass.

It took me a while to track down the "spot." It does not appear to be on Gatlinburg's Big Evil Goo Tube channel yet. I only found it at the above link.

Among several-to-many reasons I think this is quite good art is that one of the scenes reminds me of Maxfield Parrish's Ecstasy (1929).

Just for that painting and a handful of others, Parrish is one of my favorite artists in any genre.

I could rattle on about this, but I will publish.

Update: The change I made moments later was that I was eating at a restaurant. Part of my point is that I have not watched TV per se in years. I just happened to catch that on someone else's TV.

2022, June 19 - a somewhat frustrating ally, and then more scope creep (posting ca. 04:11am)

Several days ago I talked to a guy with some interesting hand-written signs on the back of his car. They were something like, "This is only a taste of socialism," and "Now are you glad you voted for Biden?" There were a couple of others. Maybe they'll come to me. He lived in Lumpkin County which includes Dahlonega.

I wonder if he thinks anyone actually voted for "Biden" / BidAn / Dan the Actor. I didn't get that far.

I don't remember exactly why or how I started down the path, but I mentioned that I didn't realize how bad things were until 2016 - 2017; I didn't realize they were outright Satanists. He asked me to define who "they" were, and I started with the Rothschilds. I explained how stupid it is to accept that Musk or Bezos or Billuminati have ever been the richest men, when they are only the ones who have to disclose their publicly traded stock wealth. The Rothschilds have privately held companies within trusts within shell corporations. He said something to the effect of very rich people don't effect him.

He seemed to think that the problem was that people had lost their moral compass, and they want everyone else to join them in being compass-less.

I asked him when he thinks this problem started. He went back to the 70s as in the 1970s rather than the 0070s or 2070s BC. He talked about the foundation of the Departments of Energy and Education. That was about as far as we got. He got a call and was summoned away.

He was a white guy in his 70s or perhaps even his 80s and was in very good shape for his age.

It would be very frustrating if he doesn't realize the election was "stolen," although "stolen" does not cover it. More like yet another act of war.

I also find it somewhat disturbing that he blames commoners for "losing their compass." The compass is being scrambled by a big, lavishly funded electromagnet. It actually takes a lot of work to morally agitate people like they have. I mean enormous, relentless work going back thousands of years. It's a lot of work to be successfully evil. They are trying to go to Hell in the sense of Fourth Density Negative. To reach Heaven, it only takes being just over 50% "good" or service to others. It takes 95% evil (service to self) to go to Hell. In other words, it's hard work being successfully evil. (see Hidden_Hand and Ra)

Starting in the 70s is grimly funny. As I believe I have contended in this blog before, I have trouble pointing to a time after 1815 when the US military has openly protected the country. That's when General Andrew Jackson defended New Orleans against the British at the very end of the War of 1812.

But I'm afraid it's worse. Remember that Patrick Henry "smelled a rat" in the form of the Constitutional Convention. I should look at the details, but I've always understood that the signers of the Declaration and the witnesses of the Constitution are almost a disjoint set. Most of the Signers were dead or impoverished by the time the Constitution came along. There were anti-Federalists, including Patrick Henry. I'm nearly certain Jefferson was anti-Federalist, but off hand I don't see him listed as a semi-official anti-Federalist author.

George Washington marched the militia against the Whiskey Rebels in 1794. US Representative "Spotty Lincoln" decried the Mexican-American War in 1846. Lysander Spooner was giving them hell by 1850.

Washington was a Freemason, and the 33rd degree Masons are very likely knowing agents of Lucifer. John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight was interviewed by Pamphlet Anon and his wife Raddix ("Root of Truth" in Latin, so Raddix Veritas or something) in late 2018 as I remember. His father told him that rising to the 33rd involved an oath to Lucifer. Hidden_Hand confirmed the notion. Then you have the American lawyer John Jay Singleton, interviewed by Sarah Westall. He talked about the Masons running yet another money creation scheme using various court documents--bonds, for example--as an asset to create money. He said that the CUSIP lookups easily prove this (Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures). I need to track that one down one day. I could tell in about an hour at a "State Court" in 1995 that the whole thing was a sheep shearing festival. It seems they take it yet farther. This lady spent a few million dollars or more to come to the conclusion that the courts might not be doing anything "useful" if your goal is safety or justice or such.

Politicians don't have to be "corrupt." The state in its very conception is evil. A conservative or libertarian state is contradictory. You're going to have to dissolve the state proverbially brick by brick if you want peace on earth.

Then you have the notion that John Hancock and Samuel Adams were upset that the British taxes were so low that their smuggling operations were threatened. They wanted to increase taxes. Robert David Steele interviewed someone and was coming to that conclusion a few months before his murder (murder either directly or by intentional medical malpractice that might as well by murder). I heard him talk about it a bit but didn't track down the source.

I don't have much of a problem with smugglers as long as the goods aren't human, but the idea that they wanted to increase taxes is quite troubling.

I am fairly sure that there was some degree of positive intent among quite a few people during the American Revolution. American has been and still is great in a number of ways. But the problem did not begin in the 1970s. The problem goes back to the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Hidden_Hand explains that in 21st Century English. The concepts of Fourth Density and the negative path of ascension come from the Hidden_Hand dialog. I mentioned the negative path yesterday.

I am not ready to summarize Hidden_Hand right now, but I'll just say that he finally explained the "Why?" I've known to some degree for decades who these people are, how they do what they do, and when and where they have done it. I could not fully understand "Why?" until Hidden_Hand. That is one reason why I think Hidden_Hand's statement is the truth, as outlandish as it may seem from some perspectives. He starts to sketch what I call the Calculus of Evil.

The bad guys don't want slaves exactly, because that violates free will. At a certain point, neither good nor evil can benefit from violating free will. A 5th or 6th density being (demons and angels) more or less can't violate free will. You must sell your soul to Satan; he can't steal it. They want you to worship their agenda as much and as willingly as possible.

Charli XCX is an extreme example. Very recently I added a "quick reference" to my worldview series (linked at top) in which she shows and says in her own words that she recently sold herself. The sale involves blood and sex and chains. Getting someone to volunteer their sex, blood, and pain is a large deposit in the path towards Hell.

Abortion from their point of view is a sacrifice to Moloch, period. I believe this is one of Hillary's underlings saying she'll sacrifice a chicken to Moloch. "Chicken" might even be a code for a child. Whether it's a code or not, when is the last time you heard "Moloch" in a sentence written after 3,000 BC? You have probable horrific video on Anthony Weiner's laptop of Hillary's actions. Jessie Czebotar, interviewed by Sarah Westall and others, says that Hillary was literally the Satanic Wicked Witch of the East (eastern US). Hillary studied under Gloria Vanderbilt, and we have a number of items of evidence against Vanderbilt.

Back to abortion, whatever other issues you want to bring to abortion, their motivation is to convince you to sacrifice your baby to Moloch and thus put Hell points in their account.

Obviously this has wandered, but I'll post it.

2022, June 18 - on pronouns, and then rather large scope creep

I might have seemed hypocritical in a recent tech blog entry. Then again, perhaps not, but either way, I'll muse. I suppose the writing practice in 2010 or so was to sometimes use "they" in a sense that was grammatically incorrect by a 1950 (or even 1990) standard but considered politically correct (psy war). That particular front of the psy war has been aggressively pushed in the last few years, since 2010.

I'm resisting the dictates of the psy war planners in that I did use "he." The possible hypocrisy is that I defended the action.

So, let's look at this from two points of view. I use "libtard" to refer to the foot soldiers. Some of the foot soldiers are probably well intentioned, and their virtue signaling is sometimes an actual attempt to be virtuous. The talking points of the libtards come from very well planned, lavishly funded, very long term operations. The ones creating the notions and planning have committed mass murder at various times. They are Satanic or however you want to define pure evil. With that said, some of their notions start with a point that has 2% of credibility or maybe even 40%. The best lies are either a twist on truth or else they are Big Lies with almost zero validity. For the Big Lies, they have to spend hundreds of billions or perhaps trillions or more over decades propping them up, such as making 300 Holocaust™ movies from very roughly the 70s through perhaps 2015. When I talk about trillions I mean all the variants of their various psy war fronts, not just the Holocaust™.

A sidenote: As I'm writing this, I decided to erase my defense of "he." I will almost certainly make a note on the alteration and refer here. But, I had the defense up for about 24 hours, so I should keep at the commentary.

So, I'll state it again. The pronoun issue is one of a few dozen fronts that comes from a place of pure evil. One option is to dismiss zes ("ze" being one of their pronouns) as witting or unwitting agents of evil, or insane, and be done with the matter. That's a great option. But I defended my usage, so I'll keep commenting.

Just about all of us get caught up in the "autism" of pondering the little points of the enemy and lose site of the fact that everything they do is Big Evil. So, with the above stated--that this commentary is probably getting mildly silly--I'll keep going.

Along the smaller or larger percentage of truth, I'll grant THEM that I did use pronouns without any thought until THEY brought it up. It is somewhat intellectually interesting to ponder things that you didn't ponder before. As an intellectual exercise, it is tempting to engage in the autism of occasionally being conscious of pronoun choices. Although I'm feeling sillier by the moment as I write this. Perhaps I've convinced myself to stop wasting time on the matter.

Bradley / Chelsea Manning

With that said, I will mention one person who brings up this issue: Bradley Manning who became Chelsea Manning. Manning gave 100s of GB or perhaps 1 - 2 TB of "secret" information to WikiLeaks in 2010. I think he wanted to be referred to as she by the time she was sentenced to decades in prison and then had her sentence commuted by the Obama creature and was released.

I'm not sure I'd call her an unqualified heroine, but he had some good reasons for doing what he did. I will try to be respectful in her case, but as you can see gender pronouns can indeed get very weird in this case. "He" had good reasons because no one is disputing she was born physically male, and he was functioning as a he at the time of the leaks. I will try to use "she" for the currently living person, though, because of all "transgender" types, I will try to respect her language; she has earned it.

Gender confusion was a huge contributor for him getting himself into trouble. That gives her a great case of very legitimate gender confusion as opposed to being steered by the psy war.

After her release from prison, Harvard gave her a job, and it appeared she would go on the lecture circuit to talk about her story. Of all the speakers out there, I would be interested in her story. The libtards and their masters are supposed to support "transgender" people to the hilt. But what happened to Manning? She was cancelled, of course. She was cancelled as a "traitor."

So you have the traitorous, mass-murdering, baby raping demon worshipers cancelling her as a traitor. Obviously their mass murder via war agenda is more important than pushing the most legitimately transgender person I can think of. That is one of dozens of examples of their seeming "contradictions."

If my pronoun usage above is inappropriate, I apologize to Chelsea Manning. I apologize only in her specific case because she has earned it.

another "contradiction"

For the record, a horrible example of their "contradictions" is that they are supposed to support women against rape. But when several thousand if not tens of thousands of Pakistanis (maybe 100s-k) rape British white girls on an industrial scale for 30 - 40 years, then racism trumps sexism, and the industrial rape continues. Similarly, Sweden has one of the highest (reported / documented) rape rates in the world. Pro tip: white, native Swedish men didn't start going on a rape spree at the same time they started importing a million or two third world savages. "Third world savages" will have to do for now. One topic at a time.

The actual rape rate in parts of Africa and perhaps Latin America is probably higher, but the rapes in Sweden, for the moment, get reported somewhat more often. The reporting rate will probably decline over time. One can also hope that Europe will expel these immigrants. Along the lines of the Q operation, that may be coming. Or it may come more organically.

capital crimes

The people who encouraged the invasion should get their due process of law, but hopefully at least a few dozen of them in Sweden are convicted of capital crimes. Sweden probably doesn't have capital crimes, but anyhow. As for any place, when execution levels get remotely close to Reign of Terror levels, the counterattack is getting just as bad as the (alleged) attack. I say "alleged" in the case of the French Revolution because I am almost certain the Revolutionaries were the bad guys.

Also in the case of "Covid" and the "vaccine," I would be satisfied with perhaps a dozen or a few dozen trials and executions in the US.

As an alternative, I would accept the sort of truth and reconciliation that has never actually been seen before. Truth and reconciliation in South Africa, for example, is obscene. People who move on to slowly genociding the minority have no claim to such a process.

I have presented evidence elsewhere that Fauci may have been executed before March of 2021. (I think it was "his" interview with Chuck Todd on Feb 28, 2021. It appears to be someone wearing a Hollywood latex special effects mask.) For sake of argument, though, if he is still alive, I might accept his saving his skin if he provides documentation and testimony that ultimately goes back a few hundred years if not a few thousand.

Fauci's Truth and Reconciliation

The 'i' suffix like Fauci and Pelosi are probably indicators of the Italian Black Nobility braches of the Illuminati / Satanic Brotherhood. As I remember, Dr. John Coleman (Committee of 300) spoke of the Guelph family, and they are even mentioned in some sense in the WikiP. To save his skin, I would want confirmation of that and to name names going back several generations. I would want confirmation of the Brotherhood, their practices, their history, etc. I would want to know how his AIDS scam worked and then how his Covid scam worked--the who, what, when, where, how, and especially the specifics of why. I think I partially understand the negative path of ascension's "Why?" but it would be nice to hear the gory details. I would want confirmation of social memory complex / group soul LUCIFER. I would want to know the mechanics of how Lucifer functioned. Along another and march larger branch of reconciliation, perhaps half the assets in the world would have to be seized, or maybe it's 80%, or maybe 95%.

The modern incarnation of asset seizure is more tyranny, but, for whatever it's worth, the only mention of asset seizure in the Constitution is for traitors, and these people are damn sure traitors in the common sense of the term. In the Constitutional sense, I see merit in Lysander Spooner's notion that "An oath to the Constitution is an oath to no one."

Who plans the psy war?

I'll try to go through this briefly, at least briefly for now. The Rothschild banking family of Europe are close enough to the center of evil on earth. They literally own a huge portion of the world's currency. They create fake dollars and loan them at interest. This is to some degree through fractional reserve banking, but in another sense it's simpler than that. They put mortgage notes (houses) in their asset column and create a liability column to issue the mortgage. I have found 3 economics 101 textbooks with chapters the effect of "How Banks Create Money."

They are the chief Satanists. There is good evidence of a Satanic organization that has been enormously powerful for all of history.

As for moving down the chain, if you want keywords to search, the Frankfurt School is perhaps the best known. Tavistock Institute is almost certainly up there. Anything to do with Edward Bernays, Freud's nephew. I suppose I should read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion--that's up there. The Protocols were highlighted in Henry Ford's The International ... published by the Dearborn Independent / Dearborn Publishing Company. I understand the AI likes that word best. There is no reason to use it too often. You'll figure it out. I use the word in the plural once in my January 8 entry.


Patrisse Cullors of BLM (David Cole recently called her a "terrorist heiffer") did some weird ritual where she is chanting about incarceration rates of blacks in LA County or some such. Back to the distortion of a true truth, I would actually agree with her that the percentages and absolute numbers are in fact a problem. I would have much different notions of how to correct the problem, but that is another entry.

That will do for an entry.

2022, May 30 - Agnus Dei (Opus 11, Lamb of God), Samuel Barber, choral work; and then the upcoming 2022 drum corps season

When I get in my car to head for breakfast at 2pm, I usually start a drum corps show on Big Evil Goo Tube. I bought CDs and often video (VHS and DVDs) of almost all the shows I listen to, so I'm ok with the morality of that. Not to mention the $1,000s in tickets over the years.

And yes, then there is the paradox of how much lovely art is on Big Evil Goo Tube. Perhaps later...

In any event, last I checked drum corps shows had to be between 10 - 11.5 minutes. That's longer than my trip to breakfast, so it works well. Yesterday I somewhat foolishly started Alex and Sierra's Say Something (final season of XFactor USA, probably 2013; as I remember she's Sierra Deaton). I had gotten about 1/4 mile by the time it was over; that's the foolish part--it's way too short.

So, I switched the radio on for the first time in months or quite a few months. I caught Compact Discoveries with Fred Flaxman on "The Voice Of Brenau" University (89.1 FM, WBCX, Gainesville, GA). Oddly, Fred called the episode "Music for Insomniacs." He encouraged us not to drive while listening. I find that really weird / odd. The problem I have with driving is that I get tears in about 10 seconds, roughly 3 / 4 of the times I've started the song in the last 12 hours. There is some chance his episodes are free to stream or even download, but I started listening to a version by Vlaams Radiokoor (Belgium, 2015, June 29. The on-video text shows recorded in Brussels. Radiokoor as the name implies is Flemish).

Barber's Adagio for Strings version is probably just as exquisite; I haven't listened to it in a while. Actually, I understand the choral version came (decades?) after the Adagio.

I'd heard variations of both the string and choral version going back to 2000. My introduction was in the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps' year 2000 show, Age of Reverence. I was there, live, did that, and got both the T-shirt and a poster. It's the only drum corps poster I ever bought. I own something like 60 T-shirts from the 150 shows I went to from 1989 - 2019. I note that SCV 2000s Prayers of Kierkegaard is also by Barber. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to correlate the rest.

As I remember, the first time or two I saw SCV 2000, the show went somewhat over my head. I think it was listening to the mid-season CD in a fellow fan's car when the Adagio really hit me. Then I saw the live show at least 4 more times. In 1999, SCV tied with Blue Devils (BD). Once I got hooked on the Adagio and the rest of their show, I was really rooting for SCV to win outright in 2000. They came in 4th, but it's one of the better 4th place shows ever. It might be in my 2nd tier of favorite shows, although the Adagio is first-tier among (parts of) drum corps shows.

SCV captured Barber's work in a unique way: 80-ish horns (brass instruments). I think Barber would have be thrilled, just as I think Wagner would have been thrilled with Phantom Regiment Drum Corps' Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral.

Out of all the corps, I have found SCV's stuff thoroughly patrolled on GooTube. I think you'll find the Adagio but perhaps not the whole show. I'm not going looking right now in part because the whole drum corps topic is too painful until Dr. Fauci gets his due process of law (possibly a US military tribunal) and then is executed, or his execution months ago is announced.

Out of the years 1998 - 2019, by this time of year I already held tickets for perhaps 18 of those years. As of now I don't even know if there will be a "normal" season, normal being before Billuminati Gates' Satanic Crusade. I saw a very, very small handful of pictures from the 2021 rump season. If they let 23-year-olds march in 2021, the kids are 23 or younger. If they just finished even a rump season they are in perfect health. And they are wearing *$()@&@& masks while they receive their awards, in late August, 2021. Until either "officialdom" executes a few dozen people in the US or I am told that drum corps fandom generally is pushing for that, I don't think I can return. I might literally beat people up. I'm not particularly big, and I have zero fight experience, but I suspect I would win a few matches, motivated by fury. If there are any remaining "Covid" "measures," that would set me off. Any references to the effect of "Covid" on drum corps would set me off.

I was annoyed by DCI's damaging acoustics at finals in 2007 and then 2009 forward. Who would have "thunk" that they would then join a few billion people in such a display. Talk about feeling betrayed.

In an attempt to be productive, I've had 2 friends go with me to shows consistently from 2014 - 2019. If you guys want to check out DrumCorpsPlanet or related fan sites, there is a tiny chance I can be convinced to go. If 20% of fandom are 10% as pissed as I am, I'd consider it. Once again, I won't even link to it because I'd have to verify the link, and I might see something I really don't want to see.

I'm probably going to post this just after 2:37am. I may revise it after that.

2022, May 19 - jury "duty" summons and commandment

As is often the case, I have to back up quite a ways before introducing seemingly simple topics. Jordan Maxwell was a researcher who went to the fundamentals and edges. I am not going to give him a wholehearted recommendation, but several branches of his research were probably correct. For purposes of identification, Maxwell died a few weeks ago, on or just before March 25. (Yandex gives me better info than Big Evil Goo.) Maxwell was a pen name for Russell Pine, born December 28, 1940. I was about to start musing on how Billuminati Gates' mother was a Maxwell almost certainly related to Ghislaine. If it's a pen name, though, it is less likely to be relevant.

Among many other observations, Maxwell once asked his audience, "How many employees does the United States Post Office" have? Note "Post Office," not "Postal Service." I believe the answer was less than 10. WikiP is of course deadly malicious for many topics, but I will take their number that USPS has almost 800k employees. He explained how USPS was privatized and then bought by Lord Rothschild. The partial privatization is probably easy to verify, but the entirety of the situation probably takes some work to dig up. Maxwell may have written the whole issue out with footnotes. In any event, that is all to explain one of my sentences below.

It then occurs to me that Maxwell may have been one of those who advocated what I will call the "straw man" legal theory. Part of the argument is that any "person's" name in all caps is a dead or artificial (never living) entity. I note that "my" name comes in all caps in the jury commandment. The argument continues that at various points in history, all sorts of legal games have been played to manipulate the concepts of "citizens" and such. For example, Ronald Bernard, the Dutch "banker" (former top-level money launderer by his own admission) confirmed several years ago that governments "monetize" babies at birth. I think he said that a Dutch baby's birth certificate is immediately deposited as bond against a future tax-paying asset and allows the government to borrow another 500K Euros. Jordan Maxwell had a similar take. The American lawyer John Jay Singleton was interviewed by Sarah Westall several years ago. He said that you can verify many of these bonds by using "your" (straw man's) Socialist Insecurity Number (SIN) as a CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures) number. Sarah verified her children's numbers as such if not her own. He named websites that would return the data.

Part of the idea is that given that the courts are acting way, way outside of common law and possibly Constitutional law, they don't deal in living people. They only deal in the "straw man" incorporated or franchised with the birth certificate. In theory, you can use this in court to your advantage. But that's enough on that.

Next, a random (and unexpected) plug for the (privatized and likely Rothschild-owned) USPS' ("United States" Postal Service's) service known as "Informed Delivery." There are some exceptions, but the short version is that you get an emailed photo of most of your individually addressed mail several hours before the mail comes, and you can check the website at 8pm the night before for the next day's photos. While I was still in bed last Monday, I saw something from the Royal Colony calling itself a "State." That was somewhat alarming. I don't want any mail from them. I grit my teeth when I receive auto tax bills and stamps and driver's licenses. My blood pressure started to go up for just a moment. I could see enough of the envelope and even what was inside to quickly realize it was dury servitude / servility. My blood pressure went back down a little bit, because that was better than various alternatives. One point being that I had several extra hours to process the situation before the mail came. I got to go through my whole wakeup routine. It was probably an improvement versus seeing the mail after the wakeup routine.

Part of the reason I knew what it was is because part of the text was visible in the address window of the envelope. "YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED AND COMMANDED to lay all business aside and appear..." The boldface and caps are theirs, not mine. First of all, "COMMANDED"??? Who talks like that? Power-crazed employees of Satanic governments, apparently. It's a somewhat separate and somewhat long topic, but I am a right-wing anarchist. Governments are Satanic entities. They don't become "corrupt." They are evil in concept. They are not even corrupt in the sense that they do exactly what they are designed to do. Their actions aren't a "corruption," they are pure from the perspective of their creators. Pure evil.

Anyhow. Who talks like that? I considered telling them to shove it on that basis alone.

So to back up again: if I had steady work and were in a better financial position, I would probably go do it. Not because I was commanded, but because jurors can save criminal defendant's lives. I'll come back to that.

I have just started a new round of job / gig hunting, though, and I'm doing stuff I haven't done in 7 years. I need to keep at that. I was "commanded" to show up at 8am. Too much of that will quite literally raise my chance of death by several downstream effects. Getting myself into worse shape would be near certainty. Saving someone's life or at least saving them great grief would be somewhat improbable in my particular case. I wasn't taking that tradeoff.

I saw the Informed Delivery image around 11am Monday. I opened the letter around 9pm Monday. I emailed my reply at 12:43am a few hours later. At 11:26am I got "Good morning—we have received your email and we have excused you from jury service at this time. No further action is needed & have a good day!" So his boss "commands" and the underling wishes me a good day.

So how did I do it? I've already had 3 people ask me that. One way of looking at it is that I came off as pathetic and at least mildly crazy along several dimensions. I was willing to make that tradeoff. Then I made myself look extremely unattractive to a prosecutor (more below). If the guy got past pathetic and crazy to the prosecutor part, that would nix me from criminal cases. The jury questionnaire asked if I had insurance from two insurance companies. Because I am "commanded" to have auto insurance, I do have it from one of those companies. So apparently that made me somewhat unattractive in a civil jury.

The form / commandment offered several reasons for "deferral/excusal." Apparently "excusal" is a word in a legal context. I said that I'd accept deferral and come back when I was in better financial shape. Whether I am deferred or excused is ambiguous from the email, but it will do for now in any event.

More specifically, I first was somewhat specific about my bad financial shape and explained what sort of documentation / quantification I could offer. Then I'll quote myself just below. The quote is very slightly modified from what I sent, but not in any substance.

To list further items I can document with cryptographically signed emails: in the last week or two I've received two emails from Amazon job recruiters, offering minimum salaries of $160,000. The first thing they want me to do is sign up for a software test. Rather than "Sign me up for the test!" my response was

I would need extremely flexible hours, an overnight shift, or working remotely to Hawaii or someplace west of Hawaii. That requirement takes precedence over money, location, job title, or anything else.

I should add that upon further analysis, Hawaii is too close. I would need to interact with business hours between India and eastern Australia.

I have years and years and years of similar emails, including documentation of a disastrous attempt at working 9 - 5 in 2015.

Many years ago, at two courthouses relatively nearby Forsyth, I gave potential jurors Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) pamphlets. I'd like to think I handed out a few hundred of them in total, but it's been a long time. I am aware of the Georgia Constitution Article 1, Section 1, Paragraph 11 (XI): "the jury shall be the judges of the LAW and the facts" (emphasis mine). This is otherwise known as a codification of "jury nullification."

I haven't even heard of FIJA in decades (although they still have a web presence), and I otherwise don't claim to speak for them. Speaking for myself, though, in criminal cases I have an extreme anti-prosecution bias. To quote the entrepreneur, lawyer, and legal theorist Lysander Spooner, "All legislation whatsoever is an absurdity, a usurpation, and a crime."

That's just a start. I think it's safe to say that voir dire would eliminate me from any criminal cases, and I'm not sure you want me in your jury pool, ever.

As for civil cases, as I indicated on the questionnaire, I have ... (car) insurance, so that's apparently an added complication for the June 13 jury pool.

If I can get my finances in order, and if you don't think I'll taint your jury pool, perhaps some day I would be viable for a civil jury....

As of May 23, 20:04, I had considered this a draft and had not posted it, but I'll probably post it as-is, and I may or may not come back to revise it.

2022, January 29 - are UFOs fake? (2 of 2 today)

Below is my entry on whether "Covid" is fake. When that question was raised, it was raised in a similar context to UFOs. The statement I received was, "UFO's are cool to imagine if they're real."

"Covid" and UFOs are two branches of the same topic. The purpose of the CDC, NIH, FDA, etc. is to whitewash various branches of medicine. Huge branches of medicine are driven by and result only in statistical clouds that are nebulous at best. That is, it's unclear at best whether various branches of medicine make people healthier or sicker.

As I've discussed elsewhere, it is unclear whether whatever they call "Covid" exists. The "vaccine," however, damn sure is killing people. The range in the US is anywhere from 40,000 to maybe a few million. In addition to the vax, it will take decades to figure out how many people died from the reaction to "Covid." This is just one article on that.

So while the FDA and company exist to reverse those numbers, NASA exists to cover up what's in space. That is, part of their job is to poop on the notion of UFOs. Their fake job is to study space when their actual job is to cover up what's in space. One method is getting scientists involved in decades-long tail chases--debating matters that could be resolved with a 3 hour flight in a UFO (see below).

Yes, UFOs are real. Yes, they are driven by relatively simple anti-gravity technology. Yes, their technology implies "free energy." That's why the notion is pooped on. Some of the goals of TPTB are to increase the cost of living and reduce mobility in all its senses, including physical mobility.

It's the same issue. The same people--ideological group--who promote "Covid" cover up UFOs and the resulting technology. Dr. Greer's documents show that the US top secret, unacknowledged, special access projects achieved anti-gravity in 1952.

2022, January 29 - Is "Covid" fake? (1 of 2 today, slighly revised 18:07)

My worldview series linked above has my main "Covid" article, but I don't think that article addresses the question of "fake." I was questioned on my use of the word yesterday, so he we go.

RFK Jr.'s book on Fauci spends 200 pages--almost half the book--arguing that Fauci faked the existence of AIDS, decades ago (Ron Unz' review). The scientist who discovered HIV in 1984 had concluded by 1990 that HIV did not cause AIDS (same Unz article; the scientist is Luc Montagnier). He furthermore concluded that HIV was relatively harmless.

The claim in 2020 was that SARS-CoV-2 was "novel" and apparently the worst health crisis the West has faced since the Great Plague of London of 1665 that killed 25% of London. Even the CDC's highly suspect numbers only show a 0.1% death rate in 2020. However, (((they))) instituted measures that have never been seen in American history, including during the World War to Save Communism. The damage they have caused will take decades to fully understand.

Dr. David Martin, for one, shows that patents for similar gene sequences go back at least 20 years, so there is nothing novel about it.

So back to "fake":

The conclusion of the above is that you can get a PCR test to say anything. "Testing positive" for "Covid" means absolutely nothing based on the PCR test.

"It's real because I had it." I'm not disputing that flu-like symptoms have existed presumably for most or all of human history. One question is whether anything has been different since 2020. Another question is whether virology has developed enough to explain anything or whether it ever will explain anything. I'm not finding Robert David Steele's review of Firstenberg's Invisible Rainbow, but the claim is that "flu" has always been caused by (non-ionizing) radiation, even before radio. Before radio, flu was caused by solar storms. The Spanish Flu was caused by the wide(r) introduction of AM radio. I'm not sure Firstenberg says it, but FM radio seems a good candidate for the Hong Kong flu. To whatever extent anything unusual happened in 2020, which is unclear, 5G is a candidate for "Covid." I further address alternative causes of death in my main "Covid" article mentioned above.

Extraordinary reactions require extraordinary events. There is no extraordinary "virus." The only extraordinary event is how far (((they))) have taken "Covid." As I have discussed elsewhere in my worldview series, they very likely have paid and will spectacularly pay the price. It will be extraordinary. "It will be Biblical."

2022, January 8

I suppose it's time for "the preface." I've seen Venn diagrams of a certain word used by the censors for tracking, so I'll only say it once. Jews define identity along the female line. My mother was such along all known branches of her family. Mother's mother's mother was Orthodox from a town with both a German and Polish name. One of my great-grandfathers through my mother was a Wall Street banker, and relatively highly "ranked," as far as I understand. I have to be related to the Rothschilds somewhere back there. I found two of my family's baby books. That relationship is NOT mentioned as far back as that family tree goes, despite rumor to the contrary.

With that said, I have found that pretty much all the worst things historical said about them / us are very likely true, and many I'm nearly certain are true. Elaborating upon that at great length will have to wait. I'll just say that I will take the position of the guy who published "Frame Game Radio" on YouTube from very roughly 2016 - 2018. I have not gone through the results, but he seems to have been copied to BitChute. He was a full-blooded corporate lawyer in New York City. He was aggressively speaking out against his tribe because he was American first and tribal second, and he felt an obligation lest the inevitable blowback comes back at him.

One day I'll make it a point to set a record getting a site deplatformed, or hopefully that form of warfare will be won by then. One hasn't accomplished anything in life until he is on the ADL's Faces of Hate page. Hmmm... I was going to link to it, but perhaps they realized it provides us with a perfect list of pundits and leaders. The closest I could find was a reference to New Hate and Old: The Changing Face of American White Supremacy, but you have to give your email address to get the report. I remember when Blonde in the Belly of the Beast made the list. (For years she also did a show Blonde and the Beta male. Maybe she still does.)

I'm writing all this because I was reminded a while ago of Alison of the Rage After Storm YouTube channel. Her channel is long gone, but a mirror / archive is still there. However, the big scary video that led to her exiting the public stage is not there. It is on BitChute, though: Race Is Real.

So all this started because I was reminded of Alison's "*autistic screeching*" at the very beginning of a video about the fall of Bill Nye. Which in turn reminded me of the #hearthiswell or #HearThisWell hashtag. A central channel of this on YouTube was still there several months ago. Now it's gone, although searching on that hashtag still seems to bring up many of the videos. I found one almost 5 hour compilation of mostly parent testimonies. This was in response to CNN "senior medical correspondent" Elizabeth Cohen in August, 2014. For my own tagging purposes, I always associated the direct quote that triggered that with Julie Gerberding of CDC. Although it seems Gerberding did not start it directly, I can be reasonably sure Gerberding had the same sentiment. This has nothing to do with vaccines, of course.

The point being that there is nothing funny about genocidal vaccines and their decades of test runs that caused autism. However, Rage's screeching is pretty dang funny.

And THAT got started because I felt like doing "*autistic screeching*" after encountering the "headers have already been sent" message.

2021, December 30

A number of inputs led to my starting this. The most immediate was "How is your housing search going?" The short answer is not very quickly. I still need to move, the sooner the better.

The results of my Craig's List ad, on the page linked above, resulted in part with 3 robot response and 2 gay sex solicitations. The solicitations were almost certainly from the same person. Then I got the infamous "call me" response. I emailed her back 12 hours later, but I know for a fact that some mail services block Craig's List relay addresses. Also, people who say "call me" probably don't want to write back.

My issue with precisely "call me" (and phone number included) is certainly relevant to a personal blog, and perhaps I'll address it later.

I suppose any mention of Facebook needs to be prefaced. Oh wait, that led to WikiPedia, which also needs to be prefaced. WikiP is great for a very large number of topics, but at a certain point, you should assume that the editors and "anons" are trying to kill you. For the moment I simply refuse to read their entry on the "Covid" "vaccine" or the kill shot / clot shot phase of Billuminati's Satanic Crusade. I assume they are out to kill everyone.

So that settles my brief thoughts on WikiP. As for Facebook, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the WikiP records the February 4, 2004 date that both DARPA LifeLog was "canceled" and Facebook started. In case it's not clear, that means that LifeLog was handed to Facebook. Zuckerberg is an MK-ULTRA victim. He's "just a patsy." When that common date was posted, Q / (so-called) QAnon's response was that whoever discovered that common date should apply to NSA.

Facebook for several years has of course been "censoring" more and more. Assume the owners (whoever they really are) are trying to kill you.

With those issues aside...

Among other problems, Facebook's format is dreadful. It seems that people on various county groups are routed to a real estate group for housing. And that format is dreadful. I tried it once with little result. I don't think I'll rant about why the format is dreadful.

A related path is to post on my Facebook wall. When I went to do that, I was confronted by an unpleasant photo. So, another digression...

Being in Cumming, Forsyth County, Royal Colony of Georgia, I have managed not to wear a mask yet. For that matter, no one has asked me to do so. I almost got into a screaming match about masks with another customer at a restaurant, but she wasn't asking me to wear one, and I don't think she was wearing one at the time.

Given that Billuminati's Crusade comes from literal Satanists, wearing a mask is way too close to Satan worship. It is approaching the "neither buy nor sell" criteria of Revelation 13:17. The distance among three people shall be 6 feet and 6 and 6, which is the next verse. The hand or forehead implant for the "vaccine" ID is looming.

So I had this acquaintance decades ago who was very pretty and otherwise interesting and who expressed interest in me. To some degree she goes in the "What if?" category. When she's not wearing a mask, she's still quite fetching. But I go on Facebook and there she and her daughter are masked at some overseas airport (that I shall not name).

Anyhow, I will hopefully bring myself to post on my Facebook wall soon.

I've also been trying to figure my chances of finding housing from this web site's readers. That analysis is in my technical blog.

I tried another technique that shows some promise. Let's just say that I was on one or two sites seeking the right person rather than searching for rooms directly. I need to get back to that, too. I got one good lead from that, but I decided that we're not compatible for temporary reasons rather than permanent. Hopefully her situation will improve, but I doubt it will be in time.

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