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I cite WikiPedia several times. WikiP is great until it gets you killed by lethal injection ("vaccine"). A number of their editors should be tried for mass murder, treason, crimes against humanity, etc.


August 26

BitChute, etc. - entry 5 today

This again abruptly ends, but I suppose I'll post it.

entry 5 try 2

In reply to someone whom I just introduced to BitChute:

I assume you're reading WikiP and related info on BitChute. In case there is a question, I personally witnessed perhaps 60 people kicked off Big Evil Goo Tube / YouTube. The rumblings of such began in 2015 in 2016, and it started blatantly in 2017. Then it just kept getting worse. Now anyone whose information is good enough is long gone. There are various qualifiers to that statement, but it's close enough. That was just 60 people who I watched occasionally. I'm sure the number is in the 1,000s and 10,000s.

I'll make sure you see my news site page. (The email version won't have that link because it's a spam filter risk.) Video is not necessarily efficient for news, and the concept of "news" isn't necessarily efficient, but that's another discussion.

Actually, I'll try to address that in brief. BitChute came up because I mentioned that John O'Looney is often on BitChute. That's in the context of both "Covid" and "Covid" "vaccines." This is where one can get caught up in "news": endless elaboration on evidence the vax is deadly, for example. I equate this to getting obsessed with the 7th level iteration of a fractal rather than focusing on the core. "News" usually involves adding detail at the 7th layer.

By 2020 I knew these people were literally mass murdering, baby raping demon worshipers. I knew about the Big Lie long before that, although I'm not sure how far I'd thought it through. When Hitler gave his Big Lie speech, he was talking about the techniques of the enemy, and we face the same enemy. More specifically, we face their descendants and the same people ideologically. Their ideological can be called Satanism, but I can be much more specific than that. I have been in various parts of this site, but organizing such stuff is more than I'm willing to do. I need to get back to worrying about eating.

I wound up sending a few parts of this entry in email. This is part of what I said: I mention my news site because video is not necessarily efficient. I have other "news" sites. Also, "news" isn't at all efficient, but that's a long discussion. I just want to give you something more specific than trawling through BitChute.

the stream of consciousness version - entry 5 try 1)

My news sites need to be pinned somewhere, but I'll try to keep listing them. BitChute is listed there. I just introduced BitChute to someone. He looked up BitChute's origins. The WikiP article is interesting. I was unsurprised to see that the ADL "endorses" BitChute.

It's possible that 60 people I was somewhat familiar with were kicked off of Big Evil Goo Tube / J-- Tube. One J--ess sister runs Goo Tube and the other 23 and Me. Then you have the Russian government more and more loudly demonstrating that the (((US))) is trying to develop ethnic-specific bio-weapons. There is NOTHING suspicious of 23 and Me openly run by one of (((them))).

With that said, David Seaman was one of the first big names kicked off YouTube in roughly April of 2017. That's big names within a certain small pond. Seaman introduced me to Hidden_Hand who in turn introduced me to The Law of One, so I am eternally grateful. I kept up with him for a while afterwards, but his focus isn't the stuff I'm most interested in.

I was considering this as a reply to my new BitChute viewer, but I think I'm wandering even farther than usual.

catching up - entry 4 today

Overall, my health is plenty good enough and unchanged for many years. I have continued to attempt software freelancing, but that is going very badly. I applied to ~75 nighttime but otherwise "real" jobs from November until May or June. I got 2 interview requests out of that, but no joy.

I wasted an enormous amount of time on Canonical's candidate process. Canonical packages Ubuntu Linux, which I'm typing on now. I would cast several of their statements as deceptive. I'm not saying it's intentional, let alone actionable, but it amounts to deception. I thought they were different for several reasons, so I poured heart and soul into the process. Only after the fact did they say they get 50,000 applications a month. That's not only for the job I was applying for, but still. They are a small company; they can't handle that. I might as well play roulette; it has a higher mathematical expectancy.

I also need to find a new room / place to live. I'd like to barter, in part because I can't really afford rent. My home page has my "housing wanted" ad. I would move to quite a few politically red areas. I emailed the Russian Consulate on Thursday. I'd move to Russia and learn Russian. My "Go Russia!" article is also on my home page.

I am fairly certain I went to the Planet Smoothie near the drum corps show in 2019. I am also nearly certain I haven't had a smoothie since. For the record, I used to be a big fan of the Chocolate Elvis. I am NOT expanding this blog into food, though, or food and health.

> It was good to hear ... [that] you still have some firm opinions that you are willing to express openly.

I'd say I have crossed pretty much all the red lines on this site in the last few years. That might have something to do with why no one is hiring me, but I don't really want to work for the shod, masked, vaxxed zombies.

catching up after several years - drum corps stuff continued (entry 3 today)

I'm trying again to respond to a drum corps friend. This is scattered through entries going back a few weeks. Some of this is redundant. It's meant as part of an email to him.

I won't tell you who won or came in second because they're shod, vaxxed zombies, and too-often masked. "Shod, masked, vaxxed zombies" has replaced "shod muggles" for what I call most people. The evidence is that Carolina Crown never had a vax requirement, and there is also evidence that their 2023 show was about natural rights or "human rights" or "civil rights" or such. That is, they may have been mocking everyone else. The only reason I checked rankings was to see if Crown won, but they came in 3rd.

As for who performed (top 12), it was fairly standard going back decades except SCV was dormant this year, for the first time since their 1967 founding, other than worshiping Billuminati Gates in 2020. They did have shows in '21 and '22.

My vax-specific drum corps rantings began on July 31. On June 22, I responded to a mutual drum corps friend of ours, mourning that I wasn't going to the local outdoor show.

For the record, decades ago some color guards marched barefoot, so they weren't shod: notably SCV 1990 (Carmen, so barefoot gypsy girls), and SCV 1991 (Miss Saigon). SCV was not at Boston University in 1991, but I happened to be. I was only at the evening show, though, not prelims, back when "prelims" earlier in the day were a thing. It was a hot day for Atlanta, let alone Boston. I saw a story on rec.arts.marching.drumcorps (I think) that during prelims, barefoot color guard members suffered 2nd degree burns, but they marched on, did the show, and marched off.

emails - part 2 - today's entry 2 (an update a few minutes later)

To put it another way, I am learning the hard way that it's just not worth spending too much time on such emails. It sounds like you did far more than I expected. Whether you did more than is sensible is a statistical question. I'm not sure you want to go for a statistical universe. :) "Sensible" is meant as sarcasm mostly towards myself for banging my head on this for 14 years on Craig's List. I just found a 2012 interaction where I described Craig's List as "low probability." Perhaps this is a hint, or 1,400 of them. 1,400 is pretty close to how many CL ads I've answered over 14 years.

regarding emails - today's entry 1

A friend is exploring the idea of helping me with the "call me" crowd and otherwise help with sales. I was about to send him this email, and then decided to make it an entry.

friend: > It was a very polished and professional e-mail that I sent -- but I assume that the lack of any credible business name or portfolio in my e-mail didn't really appeal to him.

You're making a lot of assumptions there.  Here is my working model:

For one, a very large percentage of the population has lost control of their inbox(es) and don't really use email.  I wouldn't assume [John Doe] saw it.  When I mentioned setting you in his direction, it was with the assumption that you'd probably have to call him to have any chance.  With that said, I'm not pushing your calling him.  I'm disgusted with the "call me" crowd, where [John] is a variant.  I don't want to deal with them, so I'm not pushing you.  I thought that our communication styles might be different enough that you *might* be more successful, but no need to push.

For another, even GMail to GMail, there is no telling how much is eaten by spam filters, and most people don't check.  I'm not even thorough about checking the spam box of the Indian-job-recruiter-tar-trap email address on my website.  The emails are forwarded to me, but not the spam.  I don't always check before it rolls over in 30 days. 

> credible business name or portfolio in my e-mail

I found him on Craig's List.  He answered this address (not the tar pit address), even though my name is infinitely weirder than yours.  A good number of people on Craig's List are specifically avoiding businesses because that heavily implies a lot more money.  John wanted his job done for a few hundred dollars. (Where "dollars" are assumed to be fake account money / Federal Reserve Notes.)

My sales guy apprentice and I debate this point of custom domain email addresses.  I've never been convinced that such would make any difference.  I guess the only way to know would be an A-B test or some such.

Back to communication in general: it seems that by far the most likely outcome of any attempt at communication with strangers is silence, and it often isn't much better with friends.  It seems to be a social law. 

August 22

John O'Looney - a heroic funeral director

John O'Looney (co?) owns Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK. At risk of oversimplifying his statements, he's been in the Covid is fake camp from the start (or so viciously exaggerated that it amounts to the same). Then he started loudly observing that the "vax" has killed a lot of people. Along with former Pfizer Vice President Michael Yeadon, O'Looney made a complaint to the International Criminal Court at the end of 2021: "Top Public Health Figures Accused of Genocide in Historic Complaint Sent to the International Criminal Court" (2021/12/31).

O'Looney can still be found on BitChute regularly. I note that some of the recent videos appear to be attacking him, but welcome to the world of the really close to free internet, as opposed to Big Evil Goo and company.

Who knew that funeral directors could be heroes in their capacity as funeral directors?

August 16

The first post is after 00:14. This is a draft, but it's good enough to post for now. A few minutes later I separated this from the 15th's entry.

entry 2 - catching up with a drum corps friend

On August 14 (yesterday unless I re-date this) I started introducing a drum corps friend. I'm trying to divide my next response to him into what can be public and not. Below is the public part. Some of it is redundant relatively to recent entries.

the Satanic drum corps seasons

I have very little information on the Satan worshiping drum corps seasons. Unfortunately, that's how I view them, and fairly literally. There is no sarcasm or humor there. I refer to "Covid" as Billuminati Gates' Satanic Crusade. I just looked again to confirm that the public interest litigation accusing Gates of mass murder is still alive in the High Court of Bombay. I doubt that is going to be the big case that breaks this situation open, but it's nice to see such a thing in black and white in court documents.

I do have significant hope that justice will come for the Satanists, but that's another discussion. I would hope that the situation will be much clearer by the end of January, 2025.

I suppose some relatively brief explanation for "Satanists" is in order. In mid-2017 I read the Hidden_Hand dialog. I reference it (again) in my personal blog entry of Aug 15 (or perhaps a few days later). Before that, I had a pretty good idea of who the bad guys are historically. I knew something of the who, when, where, and how. I could never understand why. Money and power aren't sufficient. Hidden_Hand explained the "why." He explains the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in 21st Century English. He explains who Lucifer is in some detail. For a number of reasons I think that document is 99% true. Some people take issue with the 1%, but that's another discussion. Satan and Lucifer are different entities, but that's also another discussion.

In any event, the world has largely been ruled by a Satanic religion for all of recorded history and beyond. "Religion" is not even be correct because it's not speculative. To a degree, they know various truths a lot more solidly than we do. The Satanists are following one of the true paths of ascension. It is a path to ascension, which is another discussion. This doesn't mean I have to help them ascend.

The Satanists operate by a very specific calculation. I call it the Calculus of Evil. Their goal is to convince as many people as possible to follow their agenda as voluntarily as possible. On a vaguely related point, I have heard that Satanists do some of their rituals wearing masks and standing 6 feet apart. Three people "social distancing" stand 6 and 6 and 6 feet apart.

I avoided the 2022 season because I could see all sorts of reasons how it go badly for me. Only days after the season did I see SCV Cadets' 22 year old young women in perfect health wearing masks as they received their trophy. That is Satanic on several levels because it's a sacrifice and a sign of submission to their "Covid" Big Lie. It's also a sacrifice of oxygen and an overdose of CO2. It's covers their Divine beauty. I'm sure I could think of other reasons.

Then I learned they 22 year olds in perfect health were required to get vaxxed. The "vaccine" is extremely dangerous. I'll just site Steve Kirsch's Substack and leave it at that.

other drum corps news

I have tentatively concluded that Carolina Crown never had a vax requirement. I have some evidence that their 2023 season theme was a not so subtle slam against "Covid" tyrants. "Tyrant" is way too mild. I'm more explicit on my website. I *think* Crown's show was called Right Here, Right Now where "right" refers to natural rights (what some call "civil" or "human" rights). I say this without being sure because I'm trying to stay away and keep from continued mourning.

These tidbits on Crown, if true, are nice. It doesn't get me too excited, though. Certain things would have to be prominent on Crown's home page to get me excited, and I don't see them. Let's say that this is no time for subtle.

Santa Clara Vanguard was dormant in 2023. I only learned that a few days ago. I was curious to see if Crown won, and I was looking at the final rankings versus history. I noted SCV wasn't there. Crown came in 3rd, by the way. The corps who beat them are "dead to me," as Kevin O'Leary would say. I saw one of their vax requirements in black and white, and I have reason to believe the other had a requirement, too.

Back to SCV, they were founded in '67 and, when not worshiping Satan by canceling the season, operated continuously through 2022 inclusive. They did have some version of a 2021 (Satan worshiping) show, too.


August 15

There was only one entry. I separated the 16th's entry.

entry 1 - various nattering on airplanes and fiction

I shouldn't be nattering on something that is so irrelevant to me during a time of personal (and global) crisis, but I've been thinking about it, so here we go.

On July 7, 2017, at SFO, Air Canada 759 nearly caused the worst aviation accident in history. As it turned out, nothing at all happened, except some other pilots were terrified. (Apparently they all took off afterwards, though.)

The landing was at night but in good weather under visual rules. The pilots almost landed on a taxiway with 5 fully fueled planes with 1,000 passengers. They went around ("go around") just in time and missed one of the planes on the ground by 14 feet.

I've known about the incident for perhaps 2 years. Obviously the pilots made mistakes, but in the end they made the right decision even though they didn't quite understand what was wrong. The pilots should be cheered. Three cheers! I suppose they faced mild embarrassment if they had flown over a perfectly clear and functional runway. Then again, I get the impression that the industry does what it should in that situation--it doesn't question go arounds.

Go arounds can be dangerous. Mentour Pilot might advice pilots to assume a go around, and every landing is a bonus, but airliner pilots do a go around every 6 months if that. It's rare. It can also be dangerous. I can think of at least 2 crashes caused when the pilots didn't rev up the engines after the go-around. I'm pretty sure there is a 3rd rolling in my head, but I can't bring it up. It's a startling situation to be in. My web dev professor would call it a violation of the "principle of least astonishment."

On Feb. 13, 2017, in daylight, Harrison Ford did land on taxiway Charlie at Orange County (John Wayne). No one was injured or even frightened that time. When he called the FAA phone number that is the equivalent to a trip to the principal's office, he said "I'm the schmuck who landed on Charlie" (or close to that. There is a recording out there.) In the end, he wasn't fined or suspended. As best I understand the process, the FAA decided that he was paying attention and otherwise following procedure. It was obviously a mistake but not one that indicated likely future problems. A friend suggested that autographs were involved, but I don't think any bias was needed. It seems a sound decision.

To wander into fiction, the Air Canada pilots' decision remind me of a comment in SM Stirling's Nantucket series. The good guys' army has sprung a trap on the bad guys. The good guy's commander (Kenneth Hollard) thinks to himself that the bad guys' command has "moral courage" (or something close) because the evil commander recognizes that he's been suckered and retreats. If the bad guy couldn't accept his mistake and persisted, he would have been slaughtered.

I only listened to the Nantucket series a few months ago, even though I knew about it many years ago. It was quite good. The Emberverse is even better, though. The Emberverse begins with Dies the Fire (2004). Emberverse may be my favorite series ever, and I've read / listened to quite a few.

I'll try to stop and figure out how to feed myself.

August 14 - yet more on drum corps; perhaps less sobbing

The following is kinda cut off in the middle, as I recall, but I'll post it.

To review, as Kevin O'Leary says, drum corps is "dead to me." The evidence so far is that Carolina Crown never had a vax requirement, and I have some evidence that their 2023 season theme was a not so subtle slam against "Covid" tyrants. I would use stronger words than tyrants, but that's not the topic.

I still listen to corps while I'm driving. Even though Big Evil Goo Tube is controlled by mass-murdering, Satan-worshiping, baby raping tyrants--literally all those things--I will happily listen to the vast drum corps archive on there. I own quite a few of those shows on CD and DVD. The Blu-ray era unfortunately corresponded precisely with the Dark Age of the Final(s) Dome, so I don't have any of those.

DCI was founded in 1972. Musicians wanted to take control from military people (VFW and American Legion). So there were 48 seasons from 1972 - 2019. I don't recognize anything after that. There were 3 ties, so 48 years and 3 ties means 51 winners. The percentage is based on 48 years.

1972 - 2019
W % t
BD 19 40 2
CBC 10 21 1
SCV 7151
Cav 7 15 1
MS 24
PR 241
AK 12
CC 12
BlC 12

DCI winners


I met a drum corps friend in 2002. We went to quite a few shows together from 2002 through 2009. We may have gone to a show after that, but I'm not sure. We went to the premiere theater event several times after that, perhaps as late as 2017. I may have seen him at one or two local shows after that.

I hadn't written him since I wrote him to announce the cancellation of 2020. At the time I was simply sad and kept getting sadder. Privately, I was calling for Fauci's trial and execution by roughly June, 2020. I wasn't angry at drum corps folk yet.

In any event, I didn't write him again until a few days ago. I wrote him after I learned of the widespread vax requirement.

(A couple of small corrections made 8/15 22:52. It does cut off, but whatever.)

August 12 - 2 posts, roughly an hour apart

post 2 - more sobbing over drum corps stuff (as midnight approaches)

I just discovered that the Santa Clara Vanguard (SCV) drum and bugle corps was dormant this year. They were founded in 1967, were a founding member of DCI, and one of the all-time great corps. They are tied for the 3rd most wins (7 wins). If I started listing great SCV shows that I saw in-person, it would be a long list. There are a few more that I didn't see in person but came to enjoy.

I did not look hard for an SCV vax requirement in 2021 or '22. I would tend to think they had a requirement. Perhaps not marching is far better than a vax requirement. Part of me is still sad that they are gone, though.

Obviously Billuminati Gates' Satanic Crusade ("Covid") was involved in their dormancy.

In related news, as I wrote days ago, I can find no evidence that Carolina Crown ever had a vax requirement. They just came in 3rd for the season. I have some evidence that their show was a not-so-subtle message about "rights" as in natural rights. I probably won't go digging into details, though. At least, I'll try to resist until I'm not facing starvation.

post 1 - UnJected (ca 10pm)

I discovered and pinned UnJected today: the dating site for the un-vaccinated. Now I've seen everything, in a good way. They require an affidavit and a doctor's certification of non-vax. They claim to have matched a couple in 2021 who got married, and they show another marriage photo, too.

I've haven't been to a doctor in 20 years. The only times I've been to a doctor in my adult life were for employment reasons, for jobs that had physical requirements. I actually didn't do either of those jobs, though, for different reasons. But I went so far as to successfully get the medical clearance.

I assume they are referring primarily to not cowering to a "Covid" "vaccine." I wonder if it extends to any vaccine in the last several years, many years, as an adult, etc. I'm sure I qualify, in any event. I'm in no hurry to go to a doctor, though, for any reason.

August 8

Per my previous entry, I am trying to figure out if Carolina Crown drum and bugle corps has or ever had a "vax" requirement. It occurred to me that there is some hope, given that Crown is the other major Southern corps, along with Spirit of Atlanta. I am not done searching, but the vax requirement doesn't jump out if there is one. This Reddit thread started on May 24, 2021, is a mixed bag. The original poster is trying to avoid the vax, so that's a good start. There is an exchange where a vaxxed zombie starts praising the vax but gets an appropriate response. "I know for a fact that Blue Stars, Cavaliers, and Phantom are all requiring vaccines for members." I've confirmed Phantom below. Bluecoats joined the Satanic club within the course of that discussion. The posters claim that Madison Scouts and Govanaires did NOT require in 2021, but I would take that with a grain of salt.

After more searching, I have some hope that Crown never had a vax requirement. That is, it was easy to find the requirement for other corps, but I have not found a requirement after doing similar and perhaps somewhat more rigorous searches.

Crown has been in the running to win finals since 2009. They won their first title in '13, as I remember. I have no idea what they have been doing after 2019, of course. It may give me some incentive to see who wins this year. In a "normal" year, finals would be this Saturday, but I have no idea how normal this season is.

July 31

This was first posted around 3am. After 18:07, I am adding an addendum at the bottom of today's entry. Second addendum after 18:33. Third after 20:22.

Several weeks ago I wrote about an event that I would not attend because I felt betrayed, because the organizers and management were "covards" (sic)--"Covid" cowards. It's worse than cowardice, though.

Up until 45 minutes ago, I had not gone digging for "vaccine" requirements, but requirements are far worse than I thought. Thus, the situation all this time has been somewhat worse than I thought. There are requirements right this moment for people who are by definition 22 years old (or younger) kids in perfect health.

So they betrayal is yet worse than I thought, and my boycott is justified indefinitely. It doesn't matter if they drop their requirements next year. They have to be calling for trials and executions. And / or such must happen despite the shod, masked, vaxxed, zombies.

I'll drop the pretense of hiding what I'm talking about.

the worst-case betrayal


Spirit of Atlanta: "... you must submit a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card" -- Spirit of Atlanta Medical and Corps Care Policy | 2023-2023 (sic). Captured 2023/07/31 02:00 EDT.

The PDF document is 1504547 / 1,504,547 bytes. SHA2-512= abe37434fb2d51087c30aa2a3f672f0470e1d3ba9c648143e8a9bf3c0459197948eb8235fc2bda1bbec262d0c39c749ad9b1a632cfaf04c5d10c099de6f5106c

I initiated a Wayback archive for Spirit 2023. Requesting the creation of that archive is a grim task. I can't correlate the exact time it was given yet. The indexing hasn't caught up. We'll call it 31 Jul 2023 06:48 GMT. Update: Fifteen hours later, the official capture time is Mon, 31 Jul 2023 06:48:35 GMT.


Cadets 2022: "COVID-19 Protocol for 2022 Season: ... All Participants must be fully vaccinated prior to arrival at their first in person event. Any of the vaccines currently available are acceptable whether 1 dose or 2. If a Booster shot is available based on the CDC guidelines you should get your booster shot."

PDF: 191728 / 191,728 bytes SHA2-512(Cadets 2022 COVID-19 Protocol.pdf)= 4db5468c9a02f4618c4d1255f7e6c339b7017de953a07fda88f5e24d10fca46f2c1694a5b5db59ec32934ac174b20877877e0642fa4fd119812f2b8ef5190cf3

Captured about the same time as Spirit's doc unless otherwise noted. It doesn't really matter to me what year this was. I couldn't quickly find 2023, and it doesn't matter.

The Cadets 2022 Wayback capture was already done. Captured Tue, 05 Jul 2022 13:32:14 GMT.


Phantom Regiment 2023: "Phantom Regiment will be requiring all participants to be current in regards to COVID vaccines and/or boosters." (PR audition page, live link, PR 2023 Wayback entry captured Wed, 15 Mar 2023 05:46:05 GMT).


Blue Devils 2023: "We will continue to require all members, staff, volunteers, etc. to be fully vaccinated per the CDC COVID recommendations for the 2023 season. Although being vaccinated is not a requirement to audition, Pfizer/Moderna COVID vaccination schedule requires three vaccines." BD audition live link, Wayback BD 2023 captured Sat, 03 Dec 2022 03:01:11 GMT.


I feel no need to continue. I don't see evidence that DCI imposed a requirement, but it doesn't really matter. And DCI had all sorts of lay-it-on-thick, vile language in praise of the vax.

All I knew for relatively certain until two hours ago is that all these people were not calling for trials and executions. I also knew that a handful of 22 year olds in perfect health were wearing masks in August of 2022. That was enough to keep me away. I feared that there were vax requirements, but I wasn't sure, and I am moderately surprised that requirements run through right now.

On a somewhat related point, several months ago Kevin O'Leary moved his operations from MA to Florida. As he would say, "Mass. is dead to me." It would appear that drum corps is dead to me until fairly drastic things happen. I am fairly optimistic that they will happen, but I don't know if it will be in time for next year. I have more hope for 2025.

addendum 1 - from DCI

I'm going to try to bring this to a close, but I found a bit more stuff early this morning that I feel compelled to post for the record. This live page is mostly by "Laura VanDoren, nurse practitioner and chair of Drum Corps International's Marching Music Health, Wellness & Safety Project (MMHWSP)." It's a bunch of vile lies. I suppose there is a 2% chance she has recanted, and perhaps an equal chance that she is dead from the vax. I'm not going looking, though. The fact that it's still online without comment says enough. Here is the nurse Wayback entry captured Sun, 18 Apr 2021 08:14:48 GMT. The still-online page is stamped 03-03-2021 14:30.

addendum 2 - ranting

I should add that the DCI page I mention above has an original photo featuring a number of people wearing masks. It was originally a cartoon of drum corps fans wearing masks that was a further step towards my rift from DCI. That was on DCI's home page 2020-10-01-13:02:14 GMT.

I find that I'm still mourning the vax requirement 16 hours after I confirmed it. I very distinctly remember being upset at DCI over what I called the Buzz Bowl incident in 2007 at the Rose Bowl. Those lights buzzed louder than anything I'd ever heard in the dozens of venues I'd been to by then. Then I discovered evidence on the web that DCI knew about the buzzing in 2004. That's the sort of thing that upset me. Also, finals were supposed to be in a dome in 2008, but the drum corps angels gave us a high water mark and saved us from the dome for a year. I tried the dome in 2009, and it sounded as bad as any dome. I stopped going to finals after that. (I went to finals in '98 and then '00 - '09.) I thought that was a betrayal.

When I wrote about my boycott weeks ago, I talked about how frustrating it is to be partially connected to a group but not quite. Finding out about the vax requirement might actually be good for my overall morale. The rift is yet wider such that I can more easily walk away. There is no doubt now that it's "dead to me."

In case there is doubt, one of the problems with the above is that, statistically speaking, corps kids have almost certainly died from the vax already. Some or many have probably been sterilized. I can't say I've kept track of the best guesses as to how many waves of death there will be from the vax. Steve Kirsch said that the first wave is 7 months after the vax. There will likely be waves for years and decades.

addendum 3 - "YES!"

I still can't put this out of my mind. On Phantom's page, the exact quote is:

Will Phantom Regiment be requiring a vaccine against COVID-19 to participate in winter camps and the summer tour?

YES! Phantom Regiment will be requiring all participants to be current in regards to COVID vaccines and/or boosters.

I did not add capitalization to "YES!" It's in the original.

I am trying to put it out of my mind because I am almost literally facing starvation in a matter of weeks. I would be thrilled to get food, and / or a room, and / or be paid a tiny bit to try to take this larger matter on. I should be elaborating about that soon. I'm writing my "pitch" for the Gab introduction board, seeking a place in the parallel economy, or perhaps creating a place.

June 30

The Telegram user GhostEzra posted a meme that "pride month" can be seen as "priDEMONth" or "pri demon th" or "pri-demon-th".

In other news, note that my June 29 post was actually posted early on the 30th.

June 29 (posted early on the 30th)

email I just sent

The context was an email from a job recruiter who represents "life" "science."

Hi ...,

Anyone hiring for "life" science has to explicitly and loudly distinguish their clients from Pfizer and others. I'll paraphrase Dr. Mike Yeadon from March or April of 2021, and he's only gotten louder and more explicit since. (Yeadon was a VP of Pfizer roughly 15 years ago.) He said in 2021 that the intent of the "Covid" "vaccine" is clearly genocide.

Now RJK Jr. is running for President on a similar premise, and Tucker on Twitter backed RFK a few days ago with 29 million views just on the original video (let alone copies).

People need to get their due process of law--trial by jury and such--but for justice's sake, after trials, perhaps a few dozen people in the US need to be executed for both the Covid Big Lie and the "vaccine" Big Lie.

I have trouble believing anyone can hire for "life" "science" with a straight face without making some clear distinctions. Why are any of those other companies different from Pfizer? That's the first of many such questions.

Unless some members of "life" "science" start throwing other members under the bus in the next few months, I'd like to see the whole industry dismantled--companies seized, stock prices going to zero, etc. I may partially get my wish, too.

You might want to figure out if anyone really is doing life science and make some sharp distinctions. Otherwise you may not have anyone to hire for in a few years.


June 24

Below, as requested. My June 21 entry is also as requested.

  • Ubuntu Linux install
  • LibreOffice exports to .DOCX / SatanSoft Word format. It has a spreadsheet, etc. You can download it for Satan's OS, or it comes with Linux.
  • John Jay Singleton is an attorney who tells you how to prove that (((they))) sell birth certificates and trade them as commodities. He says you can look this up by CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures). You may have to add a prefix or some such to your straw man's Socialist Insecurity Number (SIN). I never looked it up myself. He named one or two websites (at least) you can use. Sarah looked up her childrens' and possibly her own info and confirmed it. He has been on Sarah Westall's show several times. This might be the video I saw (Westall Singleton). Yandex brings up much better results on this than Big Evil Goo.
  • Ronald Bernard said that (perhaps specifically Dutch) children's straw men bring 500,000 Euros. You should be able to find him on BitChute or Yandex or maybe even Goo. You'll want to see his story where he talks about being a world class money launderer and then he is invited to sacrifice a child. Bernard is described as a "Dutch banker," which isn't really correct, but it's how you find him.
  • Prime Minister David Williams has one of several takes on how to leave their system. I saw Williams on Sarah Westall, too. He comes up with his title on Yandex.
  • Anna Von Reitz has another take.
  • Jordan Maxwell (1940 - 2022) yet another.
  • I remembered The Federal Zone by Mitch Modeleski from decades ago.
  • Otto Skinner of If you are the Defendant. Seems to be on Amazon.
  • Marc Stevens, Adventures in Legal Land. Should still be on Amazon.
  • I actually found this on Goo: "Frog Farm". I picked that document because, at a glance, it's the people I remember from that period. From there, you should find more. As best I remember, those guys put out some good stuff.
  • I think it was a 1991 SCOTUS decision Cheek v. US. I think Cheek was a pilot. He created a precedent that a sincere belief might shield you from criminal charges in certain instances. Lloyd Long used this decision in Federal Court in Chattanooga in roughly 1993, and he won. This does NOT keep them from seizing everything, because that is civil and not criminal.
  • I saw video that I think was from September, 2022. A ~70 year old lady in a northern Florida county was doing something similar to "sovereign citizen" stuff, but she very specifically rejected that term. She seems to be on the right path. That particular court appearance was inconclusive; however, the judge was extremely polite in hearing her out for roughly 20 minutes. The county was west of Jacksonville, probably bordered Georgia, and may have been the one that I-75 goes through. I doubt you can track it down. If you really want to see it, I might be able to. I have tried and can't find it so far, but I know where else to look. It wasn't particularly valuable in itself. It might be worth figuring out where she got her info, though.
  • Steve Kirsch demonstrates that ChatGPT is yet another mass murderer and thus should be tried and executed / shut down. Perhaps some of its creators should be, too.
  • my news sites are worth listing again
  • In one of my Q documents, I mention Trump quotes: Trump at a rally in Johnstown, PA, October 13, 2020, "'He’s shot, folks. I hate to tell you, he's shot,' Trump told a big rally crowd in Johnstown, saying there was extra pressure on him to win because Biden was the worst presidential candidate of all time." Then approximately September 19, 2020, "Now he's shot. He's got like half of his head left..." The speculation is that the real Biden was shot by a firing squad. Last I checked, they go for the heart, but it makes for a metaphor that half his head is left.
  • I also mention the mysterious envelopes at Bush Sr.'s funeral.
  • The Podesta Group began a rapid decline at almost the exact moment that Q started posting; it soon ceased to exist. That is undisputed record. As a separate issue, has anyone seen Tony Podesta since?
  • Tucker on Twitter episode 6. 25 million views roughly 1.3 days after its release. This is evidence that the "Covid" promoters will eventually go down hard.
  • Elon Musk has said several dozen astounding things since October. He's helping bring (((them))) down hard. I understand the neurolink concerns and several others, but his comments have been truly astounding in that he seems to have them targeted and is using his position to do damage.
  • DeSantis set up a grand jury early this year to investigate Big Evil Pharma. In my May 14 entry I cite a Florida attorney who says that such grand juries are indeed secret, so we should not expect to hear anything for another few months to a year.
  • The Russian Housecleaning Operation is doing a lot of damage to (((them))), including dismantling the petro-dollar.
  • Mozilla has a WEF page, which looks like and probably is a "partner" page. Of course that's disturbing, and I've heard their management are libtards. However, Firefox is open source; the whole world can see their code, and probably a few thousand qualified, independent people have been over large portions of the code. Do we have any hard or even soft evidence that they leak data at the browser level? Or I should say that they leak data beyond the inevitable, unintentional bugs. I am NOT necessarily arguing that Firefox is better than anything else. I'm just saying it may be worth backing up and digging at this.

June 22 (posted early June 23)

An annual event is coming up soon. Well, it's annual until mass murdering, baby raping demon worshipers come along with one of their more brazen Big Lies in all of history. The 2020 event was canceled in late March, 2020, several months before the event. That was more or less understandable. However, in private discussion, I was calling for Fauci's trial and execution in June, 2020. (It may have been late 2021 before I said it on this site.)

For the better part of 25 years I was quite the evangelist for this event. Now I don't even want to mention the specifics because I'm not keen on advertising for them.

To demonstrate one of my many sources of fury, the participants in this event (not the audience) are young and in perfect health. They have to be both because of rules and then nature of the event. Even the Centers for Fake Disease Promotion and Information Control admits that almost no one of that age died of "Covid," Let alone youths in such perfect health. During last year's event, I didn't consider going, but I griped about it. Finally, days later, a friend got tired of my ranting and looked up pictures and videos. Indeed, young women in perfect health were wearing masks less than a year ago. That may have me booing and heckling. I just can't imagine my being happy at such an event. That's only the start of why.

The response to the Big Covid Lie must be revolutionary. The notion--"Oh yay! We can do events again because Dr. Fauci says so!"--is woefully inadequate. "We can do events because we've tried and executed Fauci" is getting there, but we need to do much more. I'm not sure I can be around people who have the "because Fauci says so" attitude.

A major reason I am so furious over "Covid" is because it took a wrecking ball to the 2020 event. It gets worse, though, because now I put my former fellow enthusiasts partially in the camp of the enemy, for wearing masks in the summer of 2022, taking the "because Fauci" attitude, etc. People should have stopped wearing masks in April or May of 2020, let alone 2022.

For the record, I never wore a mask. No one ever asked me to, for that matter. Of course, I have avoided a lot of places since they put their mask signs up. I've continued to avoid them to this day. Taking signs down isn't good enough. Calling for justice or revenge on a massive scale will bring me back. Just as I've avoided many places, the same goes for this event.

To be slightly more practical and specific, there is a non-zero chance of my getting arrested if I did go to the event. For one, if I find out that any of the participants had to be "vaxxed" during the '21, '22, or '23 events, I will be in the face of their management. I'm not sure I can remain civil, either. If I were 20% sure I'd go, I'd probably have to look that detail up in advance. Right now I'm at a 0.2% probability of going. That's after my "event friend" bought tickets for me; at least I think he did. I very specifically and consistently poured water on the idea.

I have addressed this at some length elsewhere, including in yesterday's entry, so I'll just paraphrase Dr. Mike Yeadon in April, 2021. Yeadon was the Pfizer Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy and Respiratory disease research. He said that he can see no reason for the "vaccine" other than genocide. He's a good source, but he's not at all necessary. The evidence is vast. Thus, if the perfectly healthy youngsters took a deadly vax for something that no one claims killed them, I would see management as parties to murder. I could likely point to specific deaths if the vax was required. For that matter, I can probably find specific deaths of former participants because so damn many of them, statistically speaking, took the vax for other "reasons."

I very specifically remember Yeadon saying that. I've heard of references that he's coming around to both "Covid" being fake and perhaps the "understanding" of viruses being fake, but I don't want to put words in his mouth. Perhaps the Yandex search engine will find that properly. God knows what Big Evil Goo(gle) will say.

I am nearly certain that "Covid" was fake, and it seems that viruses are, too. RFK Jr.'s book on Fauci goes into that in great detail, I've heard. I read Ron Unz' reviews of the book, not the book itself. That aside, it's pretty clear that "health care's" purpose is the opposite of health. That was clear before "Covid" and crystal clear since.

Let's assume there was no vax requirement. I am rather intolerant of anyone uttering the term "Covid" or "pandemic." I almost always use quotes, and imagine dripping sarcasm in my tone. I can't imagine sitting in an audience for that period of time without references to such. I will not let them get away with that terminology. Once again, I'm not sure I can remain civil. It may come to a screaming match. I'm beyond pissed at (((them))), but my anger at anyone who isn't angry is also continuing to rise.

Put another way, I'm not sure I can go back to these events until the revolution has happened. I have hope for that, but it may take another year or two. RFK Jr. spent hundreds of pages documenting Fauci's mass murdering career going back to the 80s. Now he's running for President. This is of course President Kennedy's nephew and 1968 presidential candidate RFK's son. Both of them were murdered by the exact same people (and / or their genetic and ideological descendants) who created the Covid Big Lie. Even if the revolution is delayed, I can go back when there is something close to consensus that dozens of people in the US need to be tried and executed.

I should add that this event was an annual renewal of hope and enthusiasm. Calling it religious or spiritual ecstasy is more or less right, but it's more tangible than that. I have mentally and emotionally deteriorated because I haven't gotten my dose since 2019. That's an intertwined reason I'm more pissed than most over this whole thing.

The solution at this point is NOT to try to get my dose, as I'm trying to explain. It just won't work. It's much more likely to get me yet more pissed and / or arrested.

And that gets into intertwined personal reasons why I probably shouldn't or can't go. I haven't made it a secret on this website that my finances just keep getting worse. On a related point, I mentioned to my "event friend" that I made a specific commitment on the day of the event. I'm not sure I can justify paying someone to fulfill that commitment. Also, I would probably have to select that person from a very small list, so that would take time. These are intertwined because lack of this event has hurt my finances by hurting my mental health.

Then there are reasons that I can't blame on (((them))), at least not as directly. There are details that I won't get into on a public site, but I've gotten myself into some boxes that are related to money issues but are also partially separate. To be vague, I really need to be doing some community building or finding my people, whoever they are. But I need to figure work out first. But lack of "my people" leaves me isolated and makes seeking work harder. And around and around I go.

One of the first traits of "my people" are those who will start pushing back on every front such that it's "Never again!" for such disasters as fake pandemics. And I mean "Never again!" for a disaster that obviously happened. I am deliberately mocking the people who use that phrase for one of the central Big Lies.

I used to think of "event people" as sort of my people, but they have lost that status, as I've explained in this entry. Thus, yet another reason not to go. In roughly 2004 I almost fit in at Dragon*Con, but that was worse than not fitting in because it's so frustrating to be so close. I knew at the time that one major difference was that I relate sci-fi and fantasy to the real world. George Lucas is a Sith Lord, for example. There was an Australian YouTuber in roughly 2016 who very loudly, and in detail, accused Steven Spielberg of being a pedophile / pedorast. Spielberg is on Q's list of such. I suppose Spielberg is a Sith Lord in his own right, or perhaps he's the apprentice. George Lucas is not on Q's list, but I've heard a handful of things over the years, and he just about has to be one of the bad guys.

I could go on that theme for a while, but I will try to stop expanding this. Let's just say that in hindsight, the fact that Dragon*Con meekly folded in 2020 is not surprising, and then they had a vax requirement in 2021. They should have used their Stormtroopers against City Hall in 2020. They're organized enough to look like Stormtroopers, but they can't identify an honest to goodness evil Force user / Sith Lord / Satanist / mass murdering, baby raping demon worshiper. As always, I wish that characterization was an exaggeration, but the evidence is overwhelming that every word is true.

June 21 - clot shot updates / recap

I was just talking to someone I haven't talked to since 2019, before Billuminati Gates Satanic Crusade. Several points for her and everyone else:

  • Last September I talked about Steve Kirsch in this blog for the first time. In that I entry I quoted an oral surgeon in California who observed his patients have become zombies: they have low blood oxygen saturation, the don't have a pulse, and they don't bleed. That sounds like a zombie. Before the Crusade, I referred to most people as "shod muggles." Then I downgraded them to "shod, masked, vaxxed zombies." I thought it was a joke; then I found they are zombies.
  • Kirsch's Substack often has good stuff. In addition to the AirTable with the oral surgeon, another highlight is his 152 points of "Why can't we talk about it?", or 152 points that (((they))) won't discuss.
  • The D-Dimer clotting test is showing very small blood clots in seemingly healthy people. I won't even bother with what Big Evil Goo(gle) Search has to say. A Yandex search on "D-Dimer test Covid vaccine" without quotes pulls the info right up, though. The D-Dimer test has been around for years and is part of "mainstream" "health care," as best I understand. Big Evil Goo pulls the test itself up. I haven't bothered to see what it does with the connection to the clot shot, though.
  • My first longish "Covid" article links to the High Court of Bombay and tells one how to find the public interest prosecution of Billuminati. It was still an active case as of a day or two ago.
  • My news sources are worth mentioning again. They have been all over this stuff.
  • Three or four weeks ago I saw the term "covards" (sic) for the first time. I thought that was very clever.

June 9

A few weeks ago I was given a long lecture on all the absurd things SpaceX is doing to get more out of decades-old rocket technology. I was told that Musk is on the record saying that anti-gravity is not yet possible.

After David Grusch's statements generated some publicity a few days ago:

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceflight venture has seen its shares jump following whistleblower claims that the US is concealing crashed alien spacecraft and the remains of extraterrestrial entities.

According to trading data, the company’s stock gained 4.26% on Wednesday, with trading volume eclipsing its 50-day average by nearly 20%. Stock has surged 10.93% over the past five days.

Virgin Galactic has outperformed most of its competitors, including Raytheon Technologies, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, although their shares also showed significant gains following the whistleblower report.

"Virgin Galactic shares shoot up after UFO claims," Russia Today, 8 Jun, 2023 11:28. Business News section.

Branson is very likely in the mass murdering, baby raping demon worshiper camp. The name "Virgin" is a mockery on at least two fronts. Branson aside, my point is that I have some vindication in that the "marketplace" seems to be taking Grusch seriously.

May 28

I'm going to try my best not to comment too much on this. I just want to save it for future reference. I only watched small parts of Justin Pilliam's shorter video from May 3. I'm not sure why we have such high-quality video. Therefore, I'm only 92% sure this event is real. There is probably a really good explanation for the video, but I don't know what it is.

  • Incident involving the Freeport, Texas Police, on or before May 3, 2023. The arrest may have been 2+ weeks before. I vaguely gathered the she's been in jail for 2 weeks as of May 3.
  • "The video of your officers arresting a deaf and blind woman is very hard to watch."
  • "Freeport police arrested a tiny deaf blind"
  • Those 2 quotes were at some point on the Freeport Police DARPA Lifelog ("Facebook") page, but I didn't search hard. They may have been removed.
  • The young lady arrested is Christie or Kristi or some variant.
  • Corruption Report—Justin Pulliam YouTube vide on this #1 (26:52) "'We’re human' Police Arrest Deaf, Blind Woman during Breakup". May 3, 2023
  • Justin Pulliam 2 (2:31:27). "**TYRANT ALERT** Freeport TX Cops Arrest DEAF, Legally BLIND Ex-Girlfriend" May 3
  • Senseless Cops ARREST Deaf-Blind Woman (7:28). Channel: Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey. May 10. I did not watch any of this. I'm only noting it for future reference. I have no idea who this guy is. I am glad to see that he's a black commenting on the arrest of a white, but who knows what this guy usually talks about?
  • The woman is totally deaf and legally blind. I take it that she can see some with glasses, and at one point her glasses come up, but she's obviously not wearing her glasses.
  • I take it that her family didn't know where she was for 2 days, and she was still in jail on or before May 3, 2 weeks after the arrest.

May 15

I heard a comment that the current US border invasion is a very bad sign because it would be so easy to fix if the "patriots are in control" as Q (somewhat incorrectly "QAnon") said. I am 70% sure of the Q "enjoy the show" model. The invasion is fairly easy to fix even after the fact; thus, it is consistent with the "show" model.

One goal of the show is to make BiDan the Actor / Acting President look really, really bad, preferably using events that are short of nuclear war, full scale war with Russia and / or China, etc. Reversible and relatively minor points are allowed to get worse. The "vax" is a matter of free will. Despite talk of "mandates," I have had almost no concern here in the Royal Colony of Georgia that I'm going to be forced vaxxed. I would have concerns going to the libtard colonies, so I won't go there until they are liberated.

Perhaps the invasion can be used as Hagelian dialectic against them for once: allow a problem (an invasion), play up the problem, and then propose a solution. The solution may be one more reason for the Actor to resign. I don't think the actress playing Harris will last very long or even take the role at all, which leaves McCarthy.

The House committees' accusations against the real, late Biden are getting serious to the point that Big Evil Media is having trouble ignoring them. This is a headline and top bullet points from the Daily Mail from May 12:

Majority of Americans say Joe and Hunter's business deals and links to alleged bribery scheme ARE serious: BidenGate gets real as new poll shows half of DEMOCRATS believe 'influence-peddling' scheme is a scandal

  • 69 percent of US voters say they're taking BidenGate seriously
  • That goes for most independents and nearly half of Biden's own Democrats


We get ever closer to the 80% necessary for more openly dramatic steps to happen. That's the number Juan O Savin has cited several times in the past 2+ years.

With that said, my concern is growing that parts of New York City and Silicon Valley will be nuked. Those are the bases of the old and new Big Evil Media. On one hand, that would be awful; on the other, it would probably be one of the last steps in breaking (((them))). This goes all the way back to John Titor's scenario that he laid out soon after the 2000 election, and Ben Fulford has mentioned the possibility in the last few weeks.

Israel has been "kind enough" to pioneer low radiation / fallout nukes. ("Xerxes is kind.") Israel needs low fallout if they plan to use it against targets relatively nearby and possibly upwind. I would assume that tech has been spread, so the targeting can be relatively surgical.

Under this scenario, North Korea or possibly Russia would essentially be invited to help solve all of our problems, so there would be no retaliation. The residents of those areas have clearly been warned that their "leadership" are mass-murdering, demon worshiping baby rapers. The "warning" keeps getting louder. I have mixed feelings in terms of sympathy. On the whole, it may be a very low cost solution versus the huge die off (((they))) want. For that matter, the death toll might be equal to the vax deaths in the US. That would serve them right. It would be a fitting end to Big Evil Goo, DARPA Lifelog ("Facebook"), the J-- York Times, MSNBC, CNN, etc. CNN may need to be hit in Atlanta, too. I will hope that the low fallout works as planned, but I suppose I just warned myself, too.

"And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all" (Revelation 18:21, KJV).

May 14

I'm going to pull down the pinning for the Florida grand jury against the "vaccine" makers; I'm pulling it down for what I hope is a good reason. My statement a few months ago was:

As of the end of 2022, the vaguely sovereign State of Florida showed some degree of sovereignty by moving towards a grand jury against the dark sorcerers / dark witches (pharmakeia). I'm pinning this on January 10, 2023. Off hand, the last news on the matter was on December 22. Hopefully this will be "interesting."

A Florida attorney who has been prominently against Billuminati Gates' Satanic Crusade ("Covid" "responses") says that grand juries work in secret, so we should not expect to hear anything for a while: "I noticed a comment the other day impatiently suggesting Florida’s Covid Grand Jury must have fizzled out, since we haven’t heard anything, but be patient — grand juries operate in secret. It would be bad if we did hear anything" (May 3, 2023).

I have only read small bits of his blog. What I saw annoyed me. He is inconsistent. I'll just leave it at that for now. However, he may know what he's talking about with the grand jury. From the little I know, he may well be correct. In any event, it doesn't seem worth pinning something that may not be updated for months.

While I was looking for that, I came across an interesting New York Post article (April 30, 2023 10:21pm US EDT). Reporter Miranda Devine goes about as far as I'd expect such a paper to go--surprisingly far. Not far enough for the general case, but, perhaps as far as she can go. ("Texas AG Ken Paxton’s COVID-19 vaccine investigation could stick it to Big Pharma execs ")

March 11

a crowd of mask dissidents in April, 2021

Floyd G. Brown was on Scott McKay's show yesterday. The immediate context was Brown has written a book, Counterpunch: An Unlikely Alliance of Americans Fighting Back for Faith and Freedom. I guess it's in pre-release. It's on Amazon with a release date of April 4. (For the record, I hadn't heard of Brown before.) It was a more-or-less interesting conversation. Given all that's out there, I don't necessarily recommend that specific episode. (I really like Scott McKay generally.) With that said, the reason for this entry:

I was moved by what Brown says from 3:17 - 4:19. I don't think he specifies the exact date, but I'm reasonably sure the ReAwaken America conference he's speaking of was in April, 2021 (in Tulsa). (It was Clay Clark's first such conference; I take it Gen. Flynn was a co-organizer / co-sponsor. Even though NPR is engaged in an instance of the usual mass-murdering Big Lie, I refer to NPR simply to pin this down. It's the first result that helped me pin the probable date down.)

In any event, Brown describes going to Tulsa in April, 2021. The airport is abandoned. He can't find an Uber, Lyft, or taxi. He doesn't specify how he gets to the church hosting the conference, but he says there were 5,000 people and not a mask in sight, and people were hugging, happy, exited, united, etc.

I could rant for quite a while, but I'll have to be satisfied with posting that for the record.

yet another epic Musk Tweet

Musk is responding to two Tweets by Zuby on March 8. Zuby 1:

What are the biggest media lies of the last few years?

-Covid-19 (all of it)
-Jan 6 'insurrection'
-'safe and effective' jab
-Jussie Smollett
-Bubba Wallace
-Covington hoax
-Kyle Rittenhouse story
-'Very fine people' hoax
-'drinking bleach'
-'horse dewormer'

What else?
5:29 PM [EST] · Mar 8, 2023

And Zuby Tweet 2:

-Russian collusion
-Ghost of Kyiv 
-Hunter Biden laptop
-'Don't Say Gay' bill
-Twitter collapse post-Elon
-Nord Stream pipeline
-'Transitory' inflation
-Men can get pregnant
-BLM narrative
-'2 weeks to flatten the curve'
-Blaming Russia for missile that landed in Poland

Musk's response was "We are running out of 'conspiracies' that turned out to be true! Can someone manufacture a few more? The shelf is almost empty." (at 2:57 AM [EST] · Mar 9, 2023)

March 8 - 2 groups of entries

The earlier entries are lower down.

some long-term "news" items

I'll post this entry after 9pm. Two videos / topics of note:

'No Virus' Goes International! (15:22). This copy was posted on Jim Fetzer's BitChute channel, 03:08 UTC on March 8th, 2023. This is assembled and presented by Dr. Sam(antha) Bailey of New Zealand. More evidence that viruses are fake.

Mark, Danielle and Testimonials Discuss Fake Money to Real Money with Nicholas Veniamin (22:18). This is a 100% gold-backed money system. They mention the "7k Club." I'd like to annotate this more, but I'm starting with this note to self.

more clot shot pushers

Entries made early AM.

exchange 1

Yesterday a job recruiter from one of the retail clot shot pushers contacted me. My response:

A Big Evil Goo(gle) search on "... covid vaccine" (without quotes) brings up a paid ... ad on scheduling a "vaccine." It is bordering on "mainstream" that the "vaccine" has killed a few hundred thousand just in America and injured several times that. Go find Steve Kirsch's Substack / newsletter. He's a Silicon Valley magnate who has made it his life's work to expose the "vaccine." He's one of dozens of "prominent" people; off hand, he is best at assembling many facts. I'm not interested in working for .... I rather hope the company [in its artificial, corporate capacity] is utterly destroyed--perhaps seized for criminal charges of mass murder and its stock price goes to zero.

I didn't link to Kirsch because it may be be targeted / cause for auto deletion. This is Kirsch's newsletter.

His response, "I think you need to see a Doctor urgently. Good Luck!"

my response 2

Per your suggestion, I'll limit this to Medical Doctors and Doctors of Osteopathy. Jim Thorp was on Dr. Drew's show on October 4, 2022, calling for the executions of his colleages; he said he will testify as an expert witness. Joseph Mercola is Mercola dot com. Simone Gold is a prominent member of America's Frontline Doctors (dot org). They are MDs or DOs. Deborah Conrad is a PA. Her interview with Del Bigtree on the "Highwire" show (late October, 2022) was quite moving. I could name several more MDs / DOs from memory, but that's enough to get you started. Good luck in your search!

more doctors and the murder prosecution of Billuminati in India

I may or may not send any of this, but here are some more notes I made.

  • In October, 2022, the Surgeon General of Florida, Joseph Ladapo, recommended against the clot shot for males 18 - 39. That is slow government-speak, but he's gone farther than any other "health" "official" I can think of.
  • Elizabeth Anne "Betsy" Eads, DO, Ormond Beach, FL. She has a Telegram channel and reported that the executions had already started in Malaysia, I think it was. As of a couple of weeks later, I couldn't find any solid information, so I don't know what to make of that specific claim. I'm assuming Dr. Eads is a good source on the general topic, even if she got too excited in that case. With that said, I haven't followed her channel.
  • Dr. Daniel Nagase is in western Canada. You'll find him on BitChute and such. He had some good, short videos.
  • Dr. Peter A. McCullough comes up a lot, but I've actually never heard him interviewed. Blonde in the Belly of the Beast interviewed him in the last few weeks.

In my old "Covid" article, I mentioned the "public interest litigation" in India accusing Billuminati Gates of murder. The job recruiter in question is Indian, so I looked it up again on the official High Court of Bombay website. The case is still in "Pre-Admission" status, and the next event is next week on March 16. This "stage" / hearing type is "for admission." So, it's still work its way through the court. It's easiest to search ("case status") by advocate (lawyer) as the criminal-case petitioner. Advocate SHIVAM MEHRA filed KIRAN YADAV v. THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA AND ANR.

Interestingly, "World’s First Vaccine Murder case against Bill Gates, Adar Poonawalla filed in India’s High Court" with the quotes pulled up relevant results on Big Evil Goo a few minutes ago (around 02:50 EST). I got that search key from a press release.

February 15 - 2 entries

later entry - Gab night owls - first posted after 23:19 Eastern

I had been searching Gab for "night owl" without quotes. It took me a while to realize that search results and people results were separate, and there are night owl groups. I've been thinking about what I want to say to such groups, and what I want to say to them applies to what I want to say to a larger group (outside of Gab), so it seems best to put my thoughts here.

"Discrimination" is one branch of the psy war. Various libtard groups claim they are discriminated against. In almost all cases this is a Big Lie or has become one in the last several decades, but that's another topic. If you think you're discriminated against, try being a night owl.

Most broadly, I propose a support group. I have precisely one person I can usually talk to during the night. Both he and I are male / he, we are both very straight, and thus he is not a significant other. Finding a SO would be lovely, but that isn't quite my point. I'm just saying one other person isn't enough in this case. Males are welcome to this hypothetical group, although I mean group is a larger sense than based on Gab. Perhaps we will settle on Gab, but we don't have to.

The point being that I'd like more people to talk to during the night. If it's directly productive talk, so much the better, but it doesn't have to be. In the productive realm, my apprentice offer is pretty much always open.

That's a good start.

earlier entry - posted roughly 7pm Eastern

As with WikiPedia, a few people associated with Big Evil Goo Tube need to be put on trial for mass murder, treason, crimes against humanity, etc. Meanwhile, I will happily enjoy the somewhat literal hymns to their coming downfall and death.

The Goo-ey algorithm found me this: an excerpt of Tchaikovsky's Hymn of the Cherubim. For a day or two I thought this was a work sponsored by the modern Russian government. If Goo is correct, it was actually the USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir. I wonder what the history of censorship was around such. I doubt a communist government can sponsor very many such performances without collapse. Perhaps it didn't. I suspect the recording was made much later in Soviet history than sooner.

I'll consider the performance a premonition / envisioning and creating the reality of a Russian church and state that is slaying the dragon as I write, or at least making it bleed significantly.

February 7

I added to this entry at least once, still on Feb 7.

Os justi

I'm glad I saw the Tenebrae Choir's 2019 performance before this one (see my December 5 entry). Os justi was published on December 4, 2020, and the performers are somewhat over 6 feet and 6 feet and 6 feet part (666).

"The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks what is just. The law of his God is in his heart: and his feet do not falter." Those are grimly ironic lyrics as they bow to the Satan worshipers. Perhaps I'll come back to ranting later.

The few seconds starting from 3:39 are glorious.

That part starts with measure 52 assuming a common time signature, the whole piece is 70 measures, and a tempo varying from roughly 53 - 65 bpm at the beginning, but my math shows 76 for the whole piece on average. (the first score I downloaded, the parent page).

Bruckner, Anton. Composed 18 July 1879 Vienna. WikiP's entry

further musical commentary (22:47, 45+ minutes after first post)

That lovely high note is A5. (The octave numbers start with C, so B4 and C5 are next to each other. Middle C is C4) If tuned properly, A5 is 864 Hz, one octave above the famous 432 Hz as opposed to the infamous 440 Hz. (With A5 as 864, C4 is 256 Hz.) So far, I can't tell which it is, after briefly trying a couple of techniques.

I have the software to answer the question pretty quickly; it's not hard to find, but I should move on to not starving. (a few minutes later.)

NIH has a record of 3 studies mostly by the same researchers which found 432 Hz beneficial to health over 440. NIH seems to be housing the record and has nothing to do with the studies. This of course is the same NIH that needs a few people given their due process of law and then executed. Then it needs to be abolished with a "never again!" for the historical record.

There are other authors, but the common authors are Diletta Calamassi, University and Continuing Education Center, AUSL Toscana Centro - Empoli - Florence (Italy), and Gian Paolo Pomponi, independent film score composer and sound engineer.

January 10

Florida grand jury and lawsuit

As of the end of 2022, the vaguely sovereign State of Florida showed some degree of sovereignty by moving towards a grand jury against the dark sorcerers / dark witches (pharmakeia). There may be lawsuit, too, but I haven't distinguished that from the grand jury, off hand.


SCOTUS denied the Brunson case after a "conference." See my Nov 29 and Dec 1 entries. At least, that's what the docket says. In this week's report, probably written Sunday, Ben Fulford says 3 sources told him SCOTUS had ruled in Brunson's favor, 5 to 4. On one hand, keeping such thing a secret for a while and faking the docket would make sense. On the other hand... Maybe one day I'll catch up with what Juan O. Savin has to say about this.

For the record: Raland J. Brunson, Petitioner v. Alma S. Adams, et al.

Even if the world is collapsing around me, it doesn't let me skip out on figuring out how to survive as a software dev or negotiate something with someone to be a revolutionary. In case I haven't said it, I will literally work for food and preferably board.

January 4

I list some Babylon Bee picks, below. They are all very roughly 5 minutes long.


I may never watch Rings of Power. It's been too thoroughly mocked in the media I watch. There are lots of shows I would catch up on first. Therefore, I'm pretty sure one doesn't need to watch it to get the humor. It does help if you've seen Peter Jackson's movies. There are a handful of in-jokes from that. I've probably watched this 6 - 7 times, and I'll probably watch it every few days for a while.

I have not done a thorough research study, but I would tend to agree that Ben Shapiro is "a great evil," although I tend to think so for different reasons than the characters.

I hope to see the day when Chandler Juliet (the elf) gets a big role. Between the elf and the bedroom scene in Californians... (ep 5: Buc-ee's), she can really act. Although he's even better in the bedroom scene. I don't claim to be much of a judge on acting, though.

There are at least three funny in-jokes relative to Walking Dead. It does help to have seen at least up through roughly 6 seasons.

January 1

I just listed the news sites I visit.


December 20

(Big Evil) Goo Tube traveler Eva zu Beck

There are all sorts of important videos I could link to, but I would say I've been borderline enchanted by Eva and her videos. I've watched most of her videos for the last 2 months. I've watched her border crossing into the US then saw some of the next ones. I saw the Texas video and the Montana rodeo video and then at least part of her approach to Prudhoe Bay. I saw her go a few dozen feet into the Arctic Ocean and then I've seen all the videos until where she turns around from some back roads in Baja California (2022/12/17 video).

Her experience crossing into the US from Mexico reminds me of the security scene from Airplane II: The Sequel. (Keep watching the passengers going through the metal detector all the way through.)

I'm going to refrain from my usual sarcastic "political" commentary. She was thrilled by the rodeo, and she seems to like Texans and Montanans enough that I'll give her credit.

Fetzer update

Fetzer's SCOTUS case seems to have ended in his defeat. Hopefully that doesn't mean Big Evil will go after Fetzer for $2.75 trillion (with a T, as in 1012 like they did Alex Jones).

December 5 - sacred choral work - Versa est in luctum, Alonso Lobo, 1598 AD

Tenebrae choir conducted by Nigel Short.

This is my latest and greatest--it took me 424 years to catch up--but, for now, it competes with Barber's Agnus Dei (see my May 30 entry). The Radiokoor Barber piece was sung by 13 women and 11 men. This one is 7 women and 9 men. At least when weaving air, it would appear that women are more powerful in the One Power than men. Tenebrae's balance is much better. The ratio of men could be higher, most likely.

The One Power is a Wheel of Time reference. I have read the books and then listened to the books. (The audio-books are 19d 5h 25m total). I have not watched the first / only season, though. As I think about it, now may be a good time to start....

December 1

As of yesterday, the Brunson case was scheduled for conference on Jan 6, 2023. Given that the case addresses the events of the (in)famous Jan 6, 2021, that's fitting.

November 29


The Brunson lawsuit has the attention of the US Supreme Court. Loy Brunson was interviewed a couple of days ago. We're hoping the status of the case will change any day. The suit addresses the actions of Congress and Mike Pence on Jan 6, 2021. The Brunson brothers allege that almost 400 members of Congress violated their oath of office by failing to listen to roughly 100 Congressmen plus at least a few Senators. Those members of both houses had serious concerns that the rest ignored.

Loy has an identical suit stuck in one of the US Federal Appeals Circuits. Raland is his brother whose suit is pending at SCOTUS. A third brother is involved. The first few minutes of that interview are quite efficient in explaining the situation. By 8 minutes it's clear something very interesting may be going on.


Meanwhile, Dr. James Fetzer's petition will go to conference this Friday, Dec 2. Alex Jones' situation (also against Pozner, I think) is infamous. Pozner is the alleged father of one of the alleged victims of the alleged Sandy Hook mass shooting; I'll come back to "alleged" momentarily.

As best I understand, Jones didn't fight in the courts. I don't know to what degree he's addressed the situation, but there is no telling how he was threatened or whether he is otherwise compromised. I haven't followed Jones closely enough to have an opinion on the latter. Jones has absolutely done a great deal of good, but I haven't followed him closely enough to figure out where his walls are. As best I understand, he won't go outside of certain walls, such as backing off of Sandy Hook.

Dr. James Fetzer did fight in the courts. He lost a few rounds, but SCOTUS will decide whether to hear his case this Friday. The fight started in Wisconsin courts. I remember a journalist who expressed skepticism about Fetzer's premise but still said that Fetzer was treated unfairly by the courts. That "unfairness" may be further addressed at SCOTUS.

"James Fetzer is a UMD Philosophy Professor Emeritus ... He retired from UMD (Univ. of Minnesota, Duluth) in 2006." His UMD site is linked from WikiP, but his currently active site is, at a glance, hard to find via Goo. Yandex pulls up Fetzer's currently active site as the first result. Yandex is Russian. Go figure. Go Russia! Kick Satanist ass! That's in all seriousness. Perhaps I'll write about that (more) extensively at some point.

Fetzer on Sandy Hook

I thought Fetzer had written a book specifically about Sandy Hook, but, off hand, it seems that his evidence is partially to mostly in From Orlando to Dallas and Beyond: Living in a False Reality where even Hillary is Played by Doubles. As the advertising indicates, it is still banned by Amazon. I can't find it, at least.

Fetzer argues that Sandy Hook was a FEMA exercise / drill. I understand there are photos of everyone, including the children, eating pizza during the breaks. There are big problems with the death certificates. Beyond that, I don't know where Fetzer's argument / evidence ends and other stuff I've seen begins. I recently watched a video, probably on BitChute, that gives the real names of several of the children. (The Sandy Hook video I was just talkng about.) It shows them singing at the Stupid ("Super") Bowl a few weeks after their alleged deaths, as a tribute to their deaths. There are numerous pictures of them after their deaths, and I understand these pictures continue to this day as they get older.

Fetzer more generally

Fetzer is one of the best researchers and commentators we have. I've listened to him recently go past pretty much all the walls that Jones is within. Fetzer is fairly high on my list to listen to / watch, such as on Fetzer's BitChute channel. This is a case where if he says Sandy Hook was fake, I will go with it.

November 24 - Thanksgiving

On "Turkey Day," perhaps the Republic of Turkey will leave NATO rather than becoming Thanksgiving dinner. Some of their people becoming dinner is a horrifically literal possibility. Some of them have throughout history, and people of just about every other nation. Leaving NATO might reduce that number drastically. More precisely, the same set of actions that would result in one would result in another.

October 15 - updated 03:45am

another new hero: Dr. James Thorp, MD, OBGYN (first posted 3:02am, commentary after 3:11am)

"This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where physicians need to say 'no.' And, I will remind you, physicians, in the Nuremberg trial there were seven physicians… and they tried to use this sloppy illegitimate defense: "oh, I'm just following orders – they would have killed my family." You know what? All seven of those physicians hung. They were sentenced to death and they hung.

This is where Austria got it right [recently]. They know that this [vaccine] is killing people, and they're saying: 'you know, physicians, this is your responsibility.'"

They're right. It’s a physician’s responsibility to do their due diligence – like I did. It's their responsibility not to follow orders [blindly], but to do their own due diligence. They are killing patients if they are being told what to do, and I personally will act as an expert witness against them if they continue to do this."

-- from Gateway Pundit, published October 8, 2022 at 8:00am, by Julian Conradson. In turn, they are citing Dr. Drew [Pinsky's] show on October 4.

US General Curtis LeMay said, "I suppose if I had lost the war, I would have been tried as a war criminal." No poop, Sherlock! It should be understood in my blog that I am no fan of Nuremberg, Great War of Communist Expansion edition. It would be true justice, though, for both the ideological and genetic descendants to be rather literally hung by their own petard.

Also, what the heck did Austria get right? They had a universal mandate for a few weeks. Brittany Pettibone Sellner talked about that in early 2022. She was there. Some Austrian officials need to be investigated for mass murder.

With that said, I am pleased to hear him say that.

What does the non-normal checklist say about that?

Specifically, what does the non-normal checklist say about when the non-normal checklist is thrown about the cockpit of a plane and the spine breaks / opens and the pages are shuffled around the deck? See Mentour Pilot's 2022/07/30 video on the 7th January 2017 incident over the Indian Ocean. A Bombardier Challenger 604 (max 9 - 10 passengers) was caught in the wake turbulence of an AirBus 380. The checklist reference is just after 14:10.

It also reminds me of what the checklist says about what to do when there are bloody footprints on the ceiling of a plane. That happened during Federal Express Flight 705 on April 7, 1994. Methinks affirmative action was involved there. WikiP of course does not mention that Auburn R. Calloway, the perpetrator, was black. Big Evil Goo images shows him, though.

yet another beutiful, naive, brainwashed Swede dies

Viktoria Theresie Izabelle Ljungman, 23, died on October 6th when her Nigerian flight student, Oluwagbohunmi Ayomide Oyebode, 18, (most likely) got her killed. The AOPA Air Safety Institute had some interesting input into this. Apparently flight instructors having to overpower or vigorously distract their students is more common than one would think. As a tiny woman, was Ms. Ljungman trained in this at a "Historically Black College"? I am going to guess that Mr. Oyebode was much, much stronger than she was, as would be all of her male students and almost all the female students.

September 27

I am a member of a very small chat room. Last night one member posted about a recent "news" incident. It was a murder with some grisly details. I would caution against posting such stuff without context. It's just the sort of Big Lie that the Big Evil, Satanic, baby-raping media manipulators (psy warriors) engage in. The gristly detail was that the murderer ate the victim's testicles. There is reasonable evidence to suggest that Hillary Clinton and the Podesta brothers eat testicles. That would imply the same of some the Rothschilds and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, Soros, etc. They are likely all members of one of the Satanic cults.

That news story goes to the psy-war "media" notion that people are evil. That is rich considering they are the most active participants in evil on a mass scale, such as promoting fake viruses and genocidal vaccines, and that's just in the last 3 years, let alone the last 30 or 110 or 3,000 in various forms. The only thing this particular murderer did wrong (in their eyes) was not to belong to the right club, or perhaps he didn't pay his dues. Be very careful of all the vile poop they spread.

September 19

I need to update the phrase to something like "shod, masked, SatanSoft-using, iCultist, 6am-waking, vaxxed zombies."

September 4

Abby Martin on the modern State of Israel

Once again, go look at my mother's ethnicity in my January 8 entry.

Just the first few minutes of this Abby Martin interview by Joe Rogan are something else. I had a decent notion of how bad Israel's occupation is for Palestinians, but she spells out a lot in a few minutes. That's the modern State of Israel's occupation of Palestine as opposed to the occupation of the whole earth by the (descendants of) the people who created the modern state.

I could comment on her politics for quite a while, but I'll go for the short version. She suffers from the same inconsistency as many on the right. Ayn Rand observed that in politics and elections, inconsistency is worse than being dead wrong but consistent. With that said, Martin appears to be a seeker of truth and reporting very important information.

Although it has the usual vile "bias," her Wikipedia entry is a useful start. One of the ways I've put it recently is that Wikipedia is great until it gets you killed. Now it's easy to die from the clot shot "Covid" "vaccine" because WikiP has a position other than the trial and execution of those involved.

Steve Kirsh - a new hero

Kirsh has been blasting the "Covid" Big Lie almost from the start. That is, he's heroicly on my side. His AirTable of vaccine injuries has a number of disturbing entries. And I mean disturbing to me who in June, 2020 was calling for Fauci's due process of law and execution.

Entry #134 by the "Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon in private practice in California" might be the most jarring. Before masks, he wouldn't operate on patients with a blood Ox saturation less than 98. Now everyone reads 96, "Patients' hands are ice cold now in the middle of Summer and the finger probe is having a hard time picking up the [pulse] signal..." The vaxxed patients aren't bleeding when he cuts into their gums; the unvaxxed (pure blood) patients still bleed as before, although they are few. So when I call them shod, masked, vaxxed zombies, I now have a medical basis.

As of a few days ago, Kirsh is still talking about logic and arguments and reason. That's great to an extent, but the logic, arguments, and reason were pretty damn clear by April or May, 2020. I'm waiting for his tone to change.

I've said that I might be satisfied with a few dozen instances of due process of law and then execution just in the US. That number starts to climb as I read his AirTable and think about this more. The toxic rot has spread throughout society. A tiny number of people with any authority or wealth or power are doing anything to put the brakes on this ongoing massacre. I'm told Kirsh is worth $280M, so he has wealth. US Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin has some authority, and he's hosted dozens of speakers on how deadly the vax is. I'll have to think about that list; there aren't many. I'm not counting whatever wealth doctors have; there are quite a few doctors speaking out--not remotely enough, but quite a few. I would guess I've seen the names of several hundred doctors on various relevant documents.

Back to Kirsh, he admits to being a huge Democrat donor until very recently, although he's also admitted this grave mistake. He helped found Media Matters which now attacks him. Kirsh is one of the tribe promoting "Covid." It would be lovely if he got to pointing that out.

Fortunately, the tribe has pointed it out themselves. In February they gave the Genesis Prize to Bourla of Pfizer. See their video "... Heroes Battling Covid: In Honor of 2022 Genesis Prize Laureate Dr. Albert Bourla." They hang the millstones or nooses around their own necks, taking credit for their latest Big Lie. (Again, these are my cousins on my mother's side.)

August 28

I suppose the following is a spoiler for Neal Stephenson's Termination Shock, 2021, November, so bail out soon if you care. I was a big fan of Stephenson. His Snow Crash (1992) and Diamond Age (1995) are part of my Anarchist Canon--a number of novels and essays that show what can be and should be. All of his main novels since Diamond Age through Fall were good to great.

In Fall (2019), though, I wondered if Stephenson was going libtard. In Termination Shock, I'm afraid there is no doubt. I'm something like 1/4 into the audiobook. I will probably try to finish it because there are elements that are interesting, but I'm getting pretty upset with him.

I think he was friends with Eric S. Raymond of Cathedral and the Bazaar fame. Cathedral is in the Anarchist Canon, and Raymond himself is perhaps a member of my Anarchist Hall of Fame. He got ticked off at the creator of Revolution OS and walked away from the interview. The creator was comparing open source software to communism.

The point being that if they were friends, I wonder what Raymond has to say. I'm trying not to read any of the outside "stuff" until I either finish or decide not to finish.

Termination Shock begins in roughly 2029. Apparently there was a Covid-23 and Covid-27, and there are apps that determine whether a group of people have to distance and wear masks. Perhaps I could write that off to parody, but the main theme is about the dire effects of "Global Warming." A high temperature of 113 (F) in Texas in September is apparently normal in that world.

A few words on "Global Warming." Assume from now on that the term is in quotes and meant with sarcasm. I could come at this a number of ways. When Hitler gave his speech on the Big Lie, he was talking about the techniques of the enemy: make the lie big enough, and no one can believe it's a lie. We face the same enemy, and please go back to my January 8, 2022 entry and note my ancestry. There are a number of Big Lies floating about. They are all either true or false. Global Warming (GW) is sponsored by the same people who sponsor "Covid." If Covid is a lie, so is Global Warming.

I am reasonably sure that it's the 2007 documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle that mentions that Lord Rothschild was at the 1988 meeting in which the "Global Warming" psyop was launched. That almost says it right there.

I should specify the nature of the GW lie. There are different facets. To whatever extent the globe is warming, I have heard that the rest of the solar system is, too. Thus, clearly the sun is a factor. That is very different from human-released carbon. I believe the Satanists' problem in 1988 was that oil was going to become too cheap. According to one of George Noory's guests from the early 00s, we should have reached Peak Oil in 2010. The notion of fossil-derived fuels is likely a related lie. One theory is that oil is produced by bacteria and is renewed relatively quickly. Another theory is that it is abiotic, was created with the earth itself, and thus is not limited by the amount of biomass 100M years ago.

I haven't dug hard at those theories, but there is something wrong with the whole story. Again, my conclusion is that oil was going to become too cheap, so they had to come up with a way to divert society from it. It has a number of added benefits to their mindset. They ban planes, trains, and buses to the non-compliant, non-vaxxed, and they try to take away the independently owned vehicle, too.

Looked at another way, say that man-made, carbon-based GW was real. The obvious solution is to bring out the anti-gravity tech they've been hiding for 70 years. One of many references is Mark McCandlish's Blueprint for a UFO (Presented by Dr. Steven Greer). Greer has a document proving the top secret, special access, unkacknowleged US projects had anti-gravity working in 1952. Of course, doing that would be counter to the Satanists' thinking on all sorts of levels.

Maybe that's enough said. If I either finish or decide not to finish the novel, I may try to figure out what happened to Neal Stephenson.

August 22

As reported last Wednesday (8/17), mass murderess Rochelle Walensky said, "For 75 years, CDC and public health have been preparing for COVID-19, and in our big moment, our performance did not reliably meet expectations." She sounds like she's apologizing to her masters. They didn't kill enough people, their lies weren't convincing enough, and soon they will be given due process of law and executed, if they weren't already 20+ months ago. Latex Hollywood special effects masks and CGI are quite convincing.

On a related point, I got a report of "Covid" yesterday--symptoms were reduced O2 saturation and vomiting, although the latter might be from the former. People act like there existed no such symptoms before "Covid." I've heard a handful of such reports, but they were in the summer of 2021. Once again, my premise on the matter is very simple: They claimed "Covid" was the worst thing since the Great London Plague of 1665. They took steps unprecedented in American history. Being generous, they had until the end of May, 2020 to demonstrate a massive body count that was definitively from a novel "virus." They still have demonstrated no such thing.

August 20 (starting 00:06)

drum corps update

The drum corps situation was as bad as I feared. A friend got tired of my not looking and decided to look. The video of the open class (2nd tier) awards ceremony shows at least 3 corps worth of drum majors and / or colorguard captains--by definition 22 or under and in perfect health--wearing masks. Two of four instructors I see off hand are wearing masks. This was less than a week ago.

I am very concerned that some or all of the corps required "vaccines." Even as Mr. Red Pill, I am loath to go look. In any event, it would appear at a glance that it was a "normal" season in terms of schedule, and that it ended on the normal day last week.

other stuff

I went looking for the zoomed in video of Fauci on Chuck Todd on 2021/02/28. GhostEzra has a new channel and thus presumably all the old stuff is gone, which sucks. Thus, I can't find it that way. I noticed that Reuters felt the need to "fact check" that incident. For now I'm not going to bother.

While looking for that, I found this: Wyoming State Legislature Senator "Bouchard calls for Fauci to be tried then executed." That's Anthony Bouchard (R-Cheyenne), on or just before 2021/09/10. Nice to see that people with standing agree. On that note, it was fun to see Liz Cheney lose with 28.9% of the vote. Oh, no kidding, the self-same Bouchard was running in that race, too. He only got 2.6%, but I have hope that Trump's endorsed candidate will suffice--Trump's candidate Harriet Hageman won the Republican primary.

Laura Logan spelled it out a few weeks ago regarding the fact that a Satanic cult runs the world. I see dates of July 22 - 23, 2022. On one of Sean's / SGT's sites; that's dated June 27, so that must be closer. It looks like the original video and user were removed from TikTok; big shocker.

August 14 (close to posting 00:25)

Several days ago someone answered my apprentice ad with the intention of offering me work rather than being an apprentice. I rather urgently need work, but enough projects have (partially) failed such that I have to be careful. I don't need a loss; I need at least a handful of small wins. My correspondent will probably read this, and I don't mean to make this more harsh sounding than what I told you. I'm just quickly explaining it to those who weren't in that conversation loop.

Whether I work on his first-proposed project or not, I hope we keep in touch. As I told him, he is one of the few who ever passes my writing tests. My writing tests are NOT hard; it's just that no one writes anymore.

I'm writing this in response to a comment he made about a correlation between intelligence and not fitting in--some of the smartest people in history didn't fit in.

This once again reminds me of Randall Munroe of the XKCD web comic. I have called him an idiot-savant quite a number of times. He complains about not fitting in, and he's very likely a genius along several dimensions, but he's also an extremely dangerous idiot in other dimensions.

At least a handful of his comics are priceless. Some of them I go back and reread when I need a laugh. He is a comic genius, and he obviously knows his software and physics and such. However, he was a Hillary supporter, and he is pro-Covid and pro-vaccine. That is, he leans towards Covid being the most dangerous disease since the Great London Plague of 1665. I am leaning pretty heavily towards viruses generally being fake. Yes, they may be detecting sequences of RNA / DNA and calling it a "virus," but I would not assume they have proven correlation let alone causation. I'd forgotten how much I talked about this on January 29.

Off hand, it doesn't look like I ranted about Ron Unz in a somewhat similar context to Randall. Unz is said to have an insanely high IQ. I read two of Unz' articles on RFK Jr.'s Fauci book. The good news is that Unz is on the right side and heading further in the right direction. I was stunned, though, that until he read RFK's book, Unz attributed "Covid" madness to incompetence and not malice. I realize there is a hypothesis similar to Occam's Razor that says one should assume incompetence before malice. I tend to think that is a false hypothesis, and it's damned sure false when it comes to "Covid" "measures." In fact, it's a very dangerous hypothesis. There is a very rich, very powerful Satanic organization that quite literally does malice for a living.

Munroe may not fit in certain minor ways, but assuming the boosters don't kill him, for now he has smooth sailing in life. He is on the side of all of our institutions. He can happily go work for any of them.

Yes, there is some degree of not fitting in solely due to intelligence. It may or may not take intelligence to think differently. Not all intelligence people think differently, with Munroe being a case in point. Thinking differently is more isolating than intelligence alone.

I could keep whittling on this, but I think I've at least sketched my point--in terms of fitting in, there are different issues at work that don't necessarily correlate.

August 13 (00:17, then after 01:49)

comments on a Star Trek novel and then scope creep - after 01:49

I'm starting from this point in my novel review, about the Romulan boy and the human girl.

I hope it's extraordinarily clear from this site that I am no libtard. Such scenes in some contexts are purely malicious psychological war against white people. But given the context, it was hard not to enjoy that scene. For one, Romulans reached warp speed on their own. They are technologically and culturally on par with humans. That analogy does NOT hold in the real world, when certain groups try to push across such scenes. If left on their own, the other culture in current world fiction will not reach warp speed for 200,000 years if even then, despite Black Panther psy war propaganda crap.

Perhaps I'm getting off topic, but among other bits of evidence, a quick Goo search shows that the Ben Rich quote from roughly 1993 that "We now have the technology to take ET back home" appears to be a real quote. That is, some earth humans have had warp speed for decades.

I very briefly met Ben Rich at USC in '91 or '92, at an Engineering Honors Colloquium talk he gave. I only remember a couple of fragments of that, though. I think I remember USC professor Rusch talking to him. I followed them both out of the building, as I remember, perhaps somewhat impolitely.

Professor Rusch went on our trip to Yosemite just before my first year ('91) began. I really liked him. He died by accident on May 28, 1992, at age 58. (I thought he was a bit older.) I remember being shocked and hurt by that. (For the record, Willard Van Tuyl Rusch) His wife came to Yosemite, and we all warmed to her, too. It hurt that much more to know how she felt.

Shasta County (first posting after 00:43)

This article on Shasta County, California, is one of the most encouraging I've seen in months or perhaps years. For bibliopgrahical purposes, Redding is the county seat of Shasta. Without reading this in detail again, the following was in the first few months of Billuminati's Satanic Crusade, so roughly March - May, 2020. Carlos Zapata is speaking at a county board of supervisors meeting:

Right now we're being peaceful, but it's not gonna be peaceful much longer. I'm probably the only person that has the balls to say what I'm saying right now. That we're building, we're organizing. I've been in combat, and I never want to go back again, but I will, to save this country. If it has to be against our own citizens, it will happen.

The context is the Royal Colony of California, or perhaps the Chinese People's Provence of California imposing "Covid" "restrictions." He's basically saying interfere with our lives over "Covid" and die. "The local sheriff, bowing to the county's new political reality, allowed the annual Cottonwood Rodeo to proceed, at a time when large public events were being canceled across the country."

Leonard Moty, a "pro-Covid" county supervisor, was recalled on February 1, 2022. The presumably previously libtard-ish New York-based (?) reporter James Pogue moved to the county. He "went native" as a result of his reporting. Zapata is or was "one of the Cottonwood militia's most prominent members."


Pogue, James. [Letter from Shasta County] "Notes on the State of Jefferson: A sucessionist movement brews in northern California" Harper's Magazine, April, 2022 (I think). Saved to Archive.ph 16 Mar 2022 18:55:27 UTC.

2022, August 2

Who knows where this is going to go? Because it came up in the physical world (like in-person) yesterday and today, I should link again to Hidden_Hand, "Dialogue with 'Hidden Hand,' Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider," edited by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Dec 27, 2008.

I'm not sure I want to natter about that today, but we'll see. As fantastic as that dialog is, I have ...

I just got an email from a job recruiter whom I might actually want to talk to. I'll post this, though, so that the link will be there.

2022, July 30 - responses to the Gab versions of my apprentices ad

As of 22:00, I have posted this live, a few minutes ago. How much I proofread and such varies widely. I have not done very much of it so far. I will likely start replying on Gab.

I think I'm ready to post to Gab at 22:22 (Eastern Time).

no pay

I'll go back to the first post to Gab in May. There was some negative feedback to "no pay." If you look up medieval apprenticeships, the apprentice worked for the master craftsman. The apprentice most certainly didn't get paid. Also, that's why I used the term "master software dev" or whatever my exact words were. I was using the historically relevant term. As to the jackass who had a sarcastic reply to that, I'll deal with him presently.

I'm offering a better deal. If you (the apprentice) will do work for me, great. I don't necessarily require it, though. I have all sorts of ideas on how an apprentice can be useful to me. One model is if you're working on learning (client-side, web-based) JavaScript, and if you're a green dot (available) on some sort of (possibly type-only) chat program, that is useful to me. I'll explain below.

another variant on why I'm looking for apprentices, and why my freelancing is not working

I say "another variant" because I've described it in so many ways over 9 years. They are all hopefully true, but the reasons have proven hard to unify even in my own head. Thus, I'll try again with my latest thinking. I first need to explain why freelancing has not been working for me, at least so far. That also partially explains "no pay."

I'll give a longer version of this because I should explain that, yes, I have mad skills, but no, I have not been able to exploit them. Somewhere on this site I mentioned a developer who was making $50 / hour and working 50 - 60 hours a week but was poor. That was so insane that I didn't even explore the potential business relationship. I am likely somewhat insane in a few dimensions, but I should try to give potential apprentices hope that I can be useful to them.

I have gotten myself into an absurd situation in life. First, I'll explain what is allegedly possible, and then my utter failure to get remotely close to that. Given my inputs, Hired.com's "AI" says that I should make $155k. I got one request to do an interview at that price, so that gives some weight to it. I may or may not come back to the reasons I declined the offer. I've been contacted by 5 Amazon recruiters in the last few weeks, and a Big Evil Goo recruiter in May. Given that I call them Big Evil Goo, that should settle that one. I don't want to go to hell only slightly proverbially, or more precisely I don't want to incur that sort of karma. Amazon certainly has had a number of forays into evil, but they do real work in the real world. I could probably stomach them. My hesitation on them is another topic.

I realize that's bandwagon effect, but it will have to do. I was actually hired at $80k several years ago. In 2004 I was in an almost unique situation such that I got paid $60 / hour for about 235 hours ($14,000). So those are (more) real numbers.

With that said, I've been (on net) slowly losing money for many years, and my expenses are very low. My freelancing has not worked so far.

I hesitate to look for "real" jobs for several reasons. The first is that I am hard-wired night owl and working 9 - 5 literally starts to kill me. From 1997 - 2002 I gained 60 pounds. I haven't been on a scale in ages, but that is much improved. Several years ago I tried again, and I lasted 5 weeks.

So my typed conversations with recruiters ask them how their job will solve the Knave of the Night Owls problem. Most recruiters (and many others) are functionally illiterate, so they don't respond to emails. (Both the Amazon and Big Evil Goo recruiters said it was up to the manager--they might solve my problem, but I won't work for Goo.)

Another problem is that it takes a certain formula before I'm willing to get on the phone with someone. For one, I'm not fully awake during business hours. For another, I find it frustrating to play phone tag or schedule a call and then get refused on the night owl issue after 7 mintues. That happened to me with a DARPA Lifelog (Facebook) recruiter. That was in 2014 or so; they hadn't plunged into mass-murder. We scheduled a 20 minute call, and it lasted 7 minutes. I basically told him that I don't care if you're the almighty Facebook; I still won't / can't work 9 - 5 hours. To his credit, the evidence is that he tried to find a solution and perhaps spent an hour or two on it, but he could not find one.

One reason I avoid the phone is because of that disaster several years ago. The recruiter listened to me talk at length about how dangerous it would be to try to get me into a 9 - 5 job. His response was "The job description says flexible hours and work from home. Stop talking about 'King of the Night Owls' during the interviews, get in there, show them how great you are, and then we'll negotiate." He's the people person, and he's putting his reputation on the line, so I foolishly took his advice, and it worked to a large degree. I was working at 30 - 45% of capacity, but they actually wanted to keep me. I've talked about that elsewhere, I think. I'll leave it that.

To try to bring that chapter to an end, I was furious at the recruiter for putting me in that position. Both that and a few other instances in life make me fear being persuaded by the sales personality to my detriment. That's another reason I am hesitant to get on the phone with salespeople.

I have found in other contexts that it is likely to go badly if someone wants to get on the phone too fast. It's a sign of an incompatible personality. Thus, I am hesitant to talk to potential freelance clients, too.

The sales part of freelance is exhausting to me. From a people point of view, I should not be doing it. I made a brief foray into seeking "real" jobs a few months ago, and so far I've just been reminded of how bad that path is. Choose my poison.

That's a sketch on why I am not making money as a software dev.

back to why I want apprentices

My financial situation has gotten so bad that I've distanced myself from anyone who is not helping me with this problem. Unfortunately, that leaves no one. Just the green dot that I mentioned above would be helpful in that someone is pursuing technical goals at the same time. The green dot means that I'm around to answer questions as you study. I might ask your opinion on the people parts of a given ad. I'm not expecting my apprentices to be any more people people than I am, but, one, it's hard to be worse than I am. And, for another, *anyone* else's perspective would sometimes be nice. I don't like being in this bubble.

Obviously there are all sorts of ways you can more directly help, but I'm making the point that you don't necessarily need to do work for me like a medieval apprentice.

I am very willing to offer commissions and such. Given my potential earning power, this may not be such a risk on your part, but you would have to take some risk. I don't have a red cent to pay you.

I once paid a guy $1,000 for what was probably 5 hours of useful work. I have no problem paying him at that ratio because he was taking a risk. Unfortunately, he had the nearly worst-case sales personality. After several years, I even considered a deal with a minor devil and contacted him again. I laid down the law on what his job was and wasn't. His response was predicable given his personality.

Helping find a real job is ultimately worth $10,000s to me, but it would have to be paid over time once I got hired. Perhaps not much time, though.

Anyhow, I'm getting somewhat off point. Again, I am not expecting apprentices to be any better people people than I am. If you're just a green dot a few hours a week, that would be a start.

I think that covers "no pay" as well as I can for now.

Why not teach?

The context was at the college level, even as the lowest-ranking guest lecturer without a master's degree or PhD.

I don't want to get paid by a state school because I'm an anarchist. I'm not looking for a classroom full of students. I'm looking for one to start, and a handful at most. My ideal vision is for 3 - 5 at most. (Yes, by the way, I do have one quasi active apprentice right now, but he finally got a real job as a dev. He's busy with that and otherwise busy.)

I want my teaching to also be creating code. I don't want to spend too much time teaching. Besides, I shouldn't even use "teaching." My observation is that no one ever teaches anyone anything. The student must learn for himself. I see my job as sending an apprentice in the right direction, answering questions, and reducing frustration. In 1992 I would spend 3 hours fixing syntax errors. That was not necessarily time well spent. I want to spare apprentices that sort of frustration. Yes, one should spend some time on debugging, of course, but I really wish I had someone around to help then.

I want to solve my problem by doing, not teaching. If in 3 years I've netted $50k then I might consider teaching in the sense suggested.

I'm not a big fan of college, as I elaborate below.

For the record, "$" should be assumed to be Federal Reserve Notes / account money / debt money / the Rothschilds' private Monopoly money. The US Mint of course still produces 1 ounce silver, true dollars, which are currently worth over $20.

apprenticeship over "higher ed" - getting work without a degree

I appreciate a 3rd person's response that one should not bother with a degree, and that education at all levels has galloped towards pure evil including mass murder.

One of the potential benefits to an apprentice is to get work experience that I can vouch for. We can create a site for you to work on or post to, you list "blah.com" as your employer, and I will be your professional, managerial reference. Once again, you don't have to do work for me: if there is something you want to create, I will vouch for the work if I indeed think it's worthy. I can give you feedback on "worthy" as often as you want to make sure you stay in the worthy range.

Even with a recession, I get the impression that some sectors of tech are still desperate. If I think your work is worthy, I will probably bend "1 year" of work experience, and if you can list one year, that may get you hired.

the troll

I had one response bashing my tech skills. I may deal with him here, but I may see what happens on Gab first. It was a one line comment; no apparent research into the matter on his part.

2022, July 14 - "another one bites the dust" (19:30, then updated after 19:34)

It took until October, 2020 for me to get a 2-degree-of-separation claim that someone died of "Covid." I never got a one degree claim. However, now I've heard of the first person I know who probably died of the clot shot / kill shot / bioweapon / "vaccine." Quoting from the memorial invitation: "COVID safety was important to [she who died from 'COVID' 'safety']. For the memorial, quality masks indoors are preferred. For the reception, vaccinations [such as the one that killed her] are preferred." Why don't the guests make arrangements for their own memorial while they're at it?

I learned that she died, wait for it, "unexpectedly." I would imagine someone has done an analysis of "unexpectedly" and synonyms in obituaries lately, but it might be hard to find such analysis, of course. (If nothing good enough is out there, I would probably do it for a few hundred so-called dollars if someone wants to commission it. I unfortunately cannot afford to do it for free even for such a good cause.)

Those 2 pieces of evidence together are a good indication of death by kill shot. She was roughly 82 years old, but "unexpectedly" presumably means just that. As far as I know, she lived almost her entire adult life in one of the infamous libtard cities that is relatively big enough to turn the whole state blue. Or maybe it's more precise to say that (((they))) get away with the notion that it's a blue state, given that we don't know how extreme their vote manipulation has been historically. There is evidence that Trump actually won California in 2020, for example.

Update: I just realized that the reception is at the daughter's house. That would indicate that the daughter is aligned, which is not surprising. I have some hope that the other daughter is not as aligned. I suppose I should look into that one day.

2022, June 24 - regarding the (my) state of drum corps (revised 23:35)

addendum C - new Q posts!!!! (23:35)

I mentioned the Q faction of the military a while ago, in today's entries. Then at 20:26:19 EDT, Q posted for the first time in about 1.5 years (see QAnon.pub). Maybe Fauci's execution will be announced before the end of the drum corps season.

addendum B - drum corps fandom speaks (23:32)

"The texter" started research, probably on DrumCorpsPlanet. So far there is a fan musing about "Covid flareups" during the season. He is considering wearing a mask.

A handful of people wore masks in 2019 and earlier. I don't remember if I've ever seen a mask at a drum corps show, so let's say that 0.1% of fans wore masks in 2019 and earlier.

If a handful of people are wearing masks, I might live with that. If it's above something like 5%, though, I'm not sure I could stand it. If I were sitting near someone wearing a mask, and he spoke to me, I think I'd turn vaguely in his direction and search with my eyes, trying to find the source of the sound. I would say, "I hear a voice, but I can't seem to find the source. I must have slipped into a parallel reality where people more or less literally jump off a cliff when Dr. Fauci says so."

Even if he (or she) didn't speak to me, I'm not sure I could wait very long before I laid into him (or her). Again, just a reference during the show to the effects of "Covid" would probably set me off. There are no effects of Covid. There is the effect of a psychological and economic war fought by the usual suspects. I just don't see how I could enjoy a show, and there is a real chance I'd get into at least a screaming match if not a fist fight with someone.

"Covid flareups"? My potential standard is that 20% of fans need to be 10% as pissed as I am. This guy is -10,000% (negative). He's way the hell in the wrong direction.

addendum A - Dr. Michael Yeadon on the deadly "vaccine" (22:29)

When I got the text mentioned below, I was on the phone with someone "the texter" knows by reference (and vice versa). The person on the phone wanted me to send the following on to "the texter."

The following is Dr. Michael Yeadon speaking. "Dr. Michael Yeadon is former chief scientific officer at Pfizer’s Global Allergy & Respiratory Research Department." This is a Yeadon interview with The Epoch Times; it's 50 minutes, 21 seconds (50:21).

The "label" on BitChute says that the interview was on June 3, but I can't quickly confirm that. The Bitchute bibliography:

"Former Pfizer VP: ‘Massive Fraud Playing Out on a Global Scale’ Epoch Times, June 3 2022"   First published [on BitChute / the specific 
BitChute channel] at 22:48 UTC on June 5th, 2022. 
On the channel Mihai Grigoriu   

original post - just before 21:57

The proverbial shoe dropped. To counter one assumption, I am most definitely not on top of the drum corps season. I have not tried looking at the drum corps calendar since roughly September of 2020 (Yes, 2020, not 2021.) That was when they posted a cartoon of fans with masks. I'm not even sure why I looked at DCI's site about a year later, but then the photograph was of 23 year old kids in perfect health wearing masks--the horrific cartoon became perverse reality.

I had very, very vaguely picked up the notion that there might be a "normal" drum corps season this summer. I didn't actively unsubscribe from Spirit of Atlanta, so I saw part of an email before I deleted it without consciously reading it. I had assumed that the season had already started. My stance several hours ago was that I want none of it.

At 7:58pm I got a text, though, that the season starts this coming Tuesday with a live theater event, which is "normal." So I suppose it's time to deal with this in full.

I discussed this to some degree in my May 30 entry, but I'll start here from the beginning. Looks like I discussed other aspects on June 18, for that matter.

If I went to a drum corps event, there would be a fairly good chance of my literally getting into a fist fight with someone, and I've never been in a fist fight. "Covid" is for all intents and purposes fake. If it's not fake, it was exaggerated 1,000,000 times. The "vaccines" have very likely killed 200,000 in the US, perhaps somewhat less, and perhaps many times more. There are several points of evidence that something like 5% of vaccines lots were very dangerous, then an unknown percentage is still a bioweapon but not as immediately deadly. There is indirect evidence that some percentage are saline. Why they are saline breaks into other subdivisions. One branch is that a few dozen people are trying to avoid trial and execution for mass murder.

The response to "Covid" and the "vaccine" must be on some level revolutionary. It may not take an actual revolution in that I still have fairly good hope that a faction of the US military has cleaned house to some degree covertly, and they are ready to finish cleaning overtly. They are waiting, though, for their wake-up campaign to reach a tipping point. Roughly speaking, I'll call this faction the Q faction as in the somewhat incorrectly named QAnon.

I will not be able to tolerate any references to the effect that "Covid" had on drum corps. I can't just go back like nothing happened. I can't go back until Dr. Fauci's trial and execution has been revealed. That's a partly symbolic aspect of what needs to happen, and it's only a part.

I would go back when DCI's official policy is that Dr. Fauci should be tried for capital crimes. I rather doubt that is the case right now.

In my May 30 entry, I laid out a lesser criteria that if 20% of drum corps fandom are 10% as furious as I am, that might be good enough. The person who sent me the text is one of the people I mentioned (by reference) in that entry, but I had already pretty well decided to ignore the season and never sent the entry to that person.

So, if you want to take on the task, go look at DrumCorpsPlanet or whatever other source and see if anyone else even mentions this. I mean the fans. I would not bother looking at DCI or corps' sites.

In part, this goes to the frustration I've experienced on a number of occasions that people whom I have X in common with are opposed to my Y and Z and A and B. As of 3 years ago, I had reason to like other drum corps fans. I can't tolerate a season like nothing happened. If we're going to pray for justice before every show, that would probably work as a minimal requirement, but I don't see that happening.

This isn't coming out as well as I would like, but I want to post something, send it to my "texter," and get the discussion going. And / or the "texter" can survey fandom. I am not going to survey fandom because I expect that it will only get me more worked up.

2022, June 20 - a nice piece of new art (first posted around 23:00, revised minutes later)

Visit Gatlinburg TV spot (commercial / ad / advertisement), "Remind Us: Power of Quiet." Gatlingburg, TN / Tennessee. Published May 04, 2022. "The Mountains are Calling" series. 29 seconds / a 30 second spot.

Transcript: They remind us of the wonder of living, and the power of quiet moments that put life into focus. The mountains are calling. Plan your next memory at gatlinburg.com.

I assume "they" are "the mountains."

The dialog is given by a female narrator, and it's drawn out like a chant. There are long pauses that I didn't indicate.

I have seen extremely few actual TV commercials in many years. I saw this one while eating last night, at one of my usual restaurant haunts. There was a 40 inch TV 25 feet away from me. Fortunately it was close enough to read the logo. I believe it aired during a show called, Dancing with Myself. I could comment on the show, but I'll pass.

It took me a while to track down the "spot." It does not appear to be on Gatlinburg's Big Evil Goo Tube channel yet. I only found it at the above link.

Among several-to-many reasons I think this is quite good art is that one of the scenes reminds me of Maxfield Parrish's Ecstasy (1929).

Just for that painting and a handful of others, Parrish is one of my favorite artists in any genre.

I could rattle on about this, but I will publish.

Update: The change I made moments later was that I was eating at a restaurant. Part of my point is that I have not watched TV per se in years. I just happened to catch that on someone else's TV.

2022, June 19 - a somewhat frustrating ally, and then more scope creep (posting ca. 04:11am)

Several days ago I talked to a guy with some interesting hand-written signs on the back of his car. They were something like, "This is only a taste of socialism," and "Now are you glad you voted for Biden?" There were a couple of others. Maybe they'll come to me. He lived in Lumpkin County which includes Dahlonega.

I wonder if he thinks anyone actually voted for "Biden" / BidAn / Dan the Actor. I didn't get that far.

I don't remember exactly why or how I started down the path, but I mentioned that I didn't realize how bad things were until 2016 - 2017; I didn't realize they were outright Satanists. He asked me to define who "they" were, and I started with the Rothschilds. I explained how stupid it is to accept that Musk or Bezos or Billuminati have ever been the richest men, when they are only the ones who have to disclose their publicly traded stock wealth. The Rothschilds have privately held companies within trusts within shell corporations. He said something to the effect of very rich people don't effect him.

He seemed to think that the problem was that people had lost their moral compass, and they want everyone else to join them in being compass-less.

I asked him when he thinks this problem started. He went back to the 70s as in the 1970s rather than the 0070s or 2070s BC. He talked about the foundation of the Departments of Energy and Education. That was about as far as we got. He got a call and was summoned away.

He was a white guy in his 70s or perhaps even his 80s and was in very good shape for his age.

It would be very frustrating if he doesn't realize the election was "stolen," although "stolen" does not cover it. More like yet another act of war.

I also find it somewhat disturbing that he blames commoners for "losing their compass." The compass is being scrambled by a big, lavishly funded electromagnet. It actually takes a lot of work to morally agitate people like they have. I mean enormous, relentless work going back thousands of years. It's a lot of work to be successfully evil. They are trying to go to Hell in the sense of Fourth Density Negative. To reach Heaven, it only takes being just over 50% "good" or service to others. It takes 95% evil (service to self) to go to Hell. In other words, it's hard work being successfully evil. (see Hidden_Hand and Ra)

Starting in the 70s is grimly funny. As I believe I have contended in this blog before, I have trouble pointing to a time after 1815 when the US military has openly protected the country. That's when General Andrew Jackson defended New Orleans against the British at the very end of the War of 1812.

But I'm afraid it's worse. Remember that Patrick Henry "smelled a rat" in the form of the Constitutional Convention. I should look at the details, but I've always understood that the signers of the Declaration and the witnesses of the Constitution are almost a disjoint set. Most of the Signers were dead or impoverished by the time the Constitution came along. There were anti-Federalists, including Patrick Henry. I'm nearly certain Jefferson was anti-Federalist, but off hand I don't see him listed as a semi-official anti-Federalist author.

George Washington marched the militia against the Whiskey Rebels in 1794. US Representative "Spotty Lincoln" decried the Mexican-American War in 1846. Lysander Spooner was giving them hell by 1850.

Washington was a Freemason, and the 33rd degree Masons are very likely knowing agents of Lucifer. John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight was interviewed by Pamphlet Anon and his wife Raddix ("Root of Truth" in Latin, so Raddix Veritas or something) in late 2018 as I remember. His father told him that rising to the 33rd involved an oath to Lucifer. Hidden_Hand confirmed the notion. Then you have the American lawyer John Jay Singleton, interviewed by Sarah Westall. He talked about the Masons running yet another money creation scheme using various court documents--bonds, for example--as an asset to create money. He said that the CUSIP lookups easily prove this (Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures). I need to track that one down one day. I could tell in about an hour at a "State Court" in 1995 that the whole thing was a sheep shearing festival. It seems they take it yet farther. This lady spent a few million dollars or more to come to the conclusion that the courts might not be doing anything "useful" if your goal is safety or justice or such.

Politicians don't have to be "corrupt." The state in its very conception is evil. A conservative or libertarian state is contradictory. You're going to have to dissolve the state proverbially brick by brick if you want peace on earth.

Then you have the notion that John Hancock and Samuel Adams were upset that the British taxes were so low that their smuggling operations were threatened. They wanted to increase taxes. Robert David Steele interviewed someone and was coming to that conclusion a few months before his murder (murder either directly or by intentional medical malpractice that might as well by murder). I heard him talk about it a bit but didn't track down the source.

I don't have much of a problem with smugglers as long as the goods aren't human, but the idea that they wanted to increase taxes is quite troubling.

I am fairly sure that there was some degree of positive intent among quite a few people during the American Revolution. American has been and still is great in a number of ways. But the problem did not begin in the 1970s. The problem goes back to the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Hidden_Hand explains that in 21st Century English. The concepts of Fourth Density and the negative path of ascension come from the Hidden_Hand dialog. I mentioned the negative path yesterday.

I am not ready to summarize Hidden_Hand right now, but I'll just say that he finally explained the "Why?" I've known to some degree for decades who these people are, how they do what they do, and when and where they have done it. I could not fully understand "Why?" until Hidden_Hand. That is one reason why I think Hidden_Hand's statement is the truth, as outlandish as it may seem from some perspectives. He starts to sketch what I call the Calculus of Evil.

The bad guys don't want slaves exactly, because that violates free will. At a certain point, neither good nor evil can benefit from violating free will. A 5th or 6th density being (demons and angels) more or less can't violate free will. You must sell your soul to Satan; he can't steal it. They want you to worship their agenda as much and as willingly as possible.

Charli XCX is an extreme example. Very recently I added a "quick reference" to my worldview series (linked at top) in which she shows and says in her own words that she recently sold herself. The sale involves blood and sex and chains. Getting someone to volunteer their sex, blood, and pain is a large deposit in the path towards Hell.

Abortion from their point of view is a sacrifice to Moloch, period. I believe this is one of Hillary's underlings saying she'll sacrifice a chicken to Moloch. "Chicken" might even be a code for a child. Whether it's a code or not, when is the last time you heard "Moloch" in a sentence written after 3,000 BC? You have probable horrific video on Anthony Weiner's laptop of Hillary's actions. Jessie Czebotar, interviewed by Sarah Westall and others, says that Hillary was literally the Satanic Wicked Witch of the East (eastern US). Hillary studied under Gloria Vanderbilt, and we have a number of items of evidence against Vanderbilt.

Back to abortion, whatever other issues you want to bring to abortion, their motivation is to convince you to sacrifice your baby to Moloch and thus put Hell points in their account.

Obviously this has wandered, but I'll post it.

2022, June 18 - on pronouns, and then rather large scope creep

I might have seemed hypocritical in a recent tech blog entry. Then again, perhaps not, but either way, I'll muse. I suppose the writing practice in 2010 or so was to sometimes use "they" in a sense that was grammatically incorrect by a 1950 (or even 1990) standard but considered politically correct (psy war). That particular front of the psy war has been aggressively pushed in the last few years, since 2010.

I'm resisting the dictates of the psy war planners in that I did use "he." The possible hypocrisy is that I defended the action.

So, let's look at this from two points of view. I use "libtard" to refer to the foot soldiers. Some of the foot soldiers are probably well intentioned, and their virtue signaling is sometimes an actual attempt to be virtuous. The talking points of the libtards come from very well planned, lavishly funded, very long term operations. The ones creating the notions and planning have committed mass murder at various times. They are Satanic or however you want to define pure evil. With that said, some of their notions start with a point that has 2% of credibility or maybe even 40%. The best lies are either a twist on truth or else they are Big Lies with almost zero validity. For the Big Lies, they have to spend hundreds of billions or perhaps trillions or more over decades propping them up, such as making 300 Holocaust™ movies from very roughly the 70s through perhaps 2015. When I talk about trillions I mean all the variants of their various psy war fronts, not just the Holocaust™.

A sidenote: As I'm writing this, I decided to erase my defense of "he." I will almost certainly make a note on the alteration and refer here. But, I had the defense up for about 24 hours, so I should keep at the commentary.

So, I'll state it again. The pronoun issue is one of a few dozen fronts that comes from a place of pure evil. One option is to dismiss zes ("ze" being one of their pronouns) as witting or unwitting agents of evil, or insane, and be done with the matter. That's a great option. But I defended my usage, so I'll keep commenting.

Just about all of us get caught up in the "autism" of pondering the little points of the enemy and lose site of the fact that everything they do is Big Evil. So, with the above stated--that this commentary is probably getting mildly silly--I'll keep going.

Along the smaller or larger percentage of truth, I'll grant THEM that I did use pronouns without any thought until THEY brought it up. It is somewhat intellectually interesting to ponder things that you didn't ponder before. As an intellectual exercise, it is tempting to engage in the autism of occasionally being conscious of pronoun choices. Although I'm feeling sillier by the moment as I write this. Perhaps I've convinced myself to stop wasting time on the matter.

Bradley / Chelsea Manning

With that said, I will mention one person who brings up this issue: Bradley Manning who became Chelsea Manning. Manning gave 100s of GB or perhaps 1 - 2 TB of "secret" information to WikiLeaks in 2010. I think he wanted to be referred to as she by the time she was sentenced to decades in prison and then had her sentence commuted by the Obama creature and was released.

I'm not sure I'd call her an unqualified heroine, but he had some good reasons for doing what he did. I will try to be respectful in her case, but as you can see gender pronouns can indeed get very weird in this case. "He" had good reasons because no one is disputing she was born physically male, and he was functioning as a he at the time of the leaks. I will try to use "she" for the currently living person, though, because of all "transgender" types, I will try to respect her language; she has earned it.

Gender confusion was a huge contributor for him getting himself into trouble. That gives her a great case of very legitimate gender confusion as opposed to being steered by the psy war.

After her release from prison, Harvard gave her a job, and it appeared she would go on the lecture circuit to talk about her story. Of all the speakers out there, I would be interested in her story. The libtards and their masters are supposed to support "transgender" people to the hilt. But what happened to Manning? She was cancelled, of course. She was cancelled as a "traitor."

So you have the traitorous, mass-murdering, baby raping demon worshipers cancelling her as a traitor. Obviously their mass murder via war agenda is more important than pushing the most legitimately transgender person I can think of. That is one of dozens of examples of their seeming "contradictions."

If my pronoun usage above is inappropriate, I apologize to Chelsea Manning. I apologize only in her specific case because she has earned it.

another "contradiction"

For the record, a horrible example of their "contradictions" is that they are supposed to support women against rape. But when several thousand if not tens of thousands of Pakistanis (maybe 100s-k) rape British white girls on an industrial scale for 30 - 40 years, then racism trumps sexism, and the industrial rape continues. Similarly, Sweden has one of the highest (reported / documented) rape rates in the world. Pro tip: white, native Swedish men didn't start going on a rape spree at the same time they started importing a million or two third world savages. "Third world savages" will have to do for now. One topic at a time.

The actual rape rate in parts of Africa and perhaps Latin America is probably higher, but the rapes in Sweden, for the moment, get reported somewhat more often. The reporting rate will probably decline over time. One can also hope that Europe will expel these immigrants. Along the lines of the Q operation, that may be coming. Or it may come more organically.

capital crimes

The people who encouraged the invasion should get their due process of law, but hopefully at least a few dozen of them in Sweden are convicted of capital crimes. Sweden probably doesn't have capital crimes, but anyhow. As for any place, when execution levels get remotely close to Reign of Terror levels, the counterattack is getting just as bad as the (alleged) attack. I say "alleged" in the case of the French Revolution because I am almost certain the Revolutionaries were the bad guys.

Also in the case of "Covid" and the "vaccine," I would be satisfied with perhaps a dozen or a few dozen trials and executions in the US.

As an alternative, I would accept the sort of truth and reconciliation that has never actually been seen before. Truth and reconciliation in South Africa, for example, is obscene. People who move on to slowly genociding the minority have no claim to such a process.

I have presented evidence elsewhere that Fauci may have been executed before March of 2021. (I think it was "his" interview with Chuck Todd on Feb 28, 2021. It appears to be someone wearing a Hollywood latex special effects mask.) For sake of argument, though, if he is still alive, I might accept his saving his skin if he provides documentation and testimony that ultimately goes back a few hundred years if not a few thousand.

Fauci's Truth and Reconciliation

The 'i' suffix like Fauci and Pelosi are probably indicators of the Italian Black Nobility braches of the Illuminati / Satanic Brotherhood. As I remember, Dr. John Coleman (Committee of 300) spoke of the Guelph family, and they are even mentioned in some sense in the WikiP. To save his skin, I would want confirmation of that and to name names going back several generations. I would want confirmation of the Brotherhood, their practices, their history, etc. I would want to know how his AIDS scam worked and then how his Covid scam worked--the who, what, when, where, how, and especially the specifics of why. I think I partially understand the negative path of ascension's "Why?" but it would be nice to hear the gory details. I would want confirmation of social memory complex / group soul LUCIFER. I would want to know the mechanics of how Lucifer functioned. Along another and march larger branch of reconciliation, perhaps half the assets in the world would have to be seized, or maybe it's 80%, or maybe 95%.

The modern incarnation of asset seizure is more tyranny, but, for whatever it's worth, the only mention of asset seizure in the Constitution is for traitors, and these people are damn sure traitors in the common sense of the term. In the Constitutional sense, I see merit in Lysander Spooner's notion that "An oath to the Constitution is an oath to no one."

Who plans the psy war?

I'll try to go through this briefly, at least briefly for now. The Rothschild banking family of Europe are close enough to the center of evil on earth. They literally own a huge portion of the world's currency. They create fake dollars and loan them at interest. This is to some degree through fractional reserve banking, but in another sense it's simpler than that. They put mortgage notes (houses) in their asset column and create a liability column to issue the mortgage. I have found 3 economics 101 textbooks with chapters the effect of "How Banks Create Money."

They are the chief Satanists. There is good evidence of a Satanic organization that has been enormously powerful for all of history.

As for moving down the chain, if you want keywords to search, the Frankfurt School is perhaps the best known. Tavistock Institute is almost certainly up there. Anything to do with Edward Bernays, Freud's nephew. I suppose I should read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion--that's up there. The Protocols were highlighted in Henry Ford's The International ... published by the Dearborn Independent / Dearborn Publishing Company. I understand the AI likes that word best. There is no reason to use it too often. You'll figure it out. I use the word in the plural once in my January 8 entry.


Patrisse Cullors of BLM (David Cole recently called her a "terrorist heiffer") did some weird ritual where she is chanting about incarceration rates of blacks in LA County or some such. Back to the distortion of a true truth, I would actually agree with her that the percentages and absolute numbers are in fact a problem. I would have much different notions of how to correct the problem, but that is another entry.

That will do for an entry.

2022, May 30 - Agnus Dei (Opus 11, Lamb of God), Samuel Barber, choral work; and then the upcoming 2022 drum corps season

When I get in my car to head for breakfast at 2pm, I usually start a drum corps show on Big Evil Goo Tube. I bought CDs and often video (VHS and DVDs) of almost all the shows I listen to, so I'm ok with the morality of that. Not to mention the $1,000s in tickets over the years.

And yes, then there is the paradox of how much lovely art is on Big Evil Goo Tube. Perhaps later...

In any event, last I checked drum corps shows had to be between 10 - 11.5 minutes. That's longer than my trip to breakfast, so it works well. Yesterday I somewhat foolishly started Alex and Sierra's Say Something (final season of XFactor USA, probably 2013; as I remember she's Sierra Deaton). I had gotten about 1/4 mile by the time it was over; that's the foolish part--it's way too short.

So, I switched the radio on for the first time in months or quite a few months. I caught Compact Discoveries with Fred Flaxman on "The Voice Of Brenau" University (89.1 FM, WBCX, Gainesville, GA). Oddly, Fred called the episode "Music for Insomniacs." He encouraged us not to drive while listening. I find that really weird / odd. The problem I have with driving is that I get tears in about 10 seconds, roughly 3 / 4 of the times I've started the song in the last 12 hours. There is some chance his episodes are free to stream or even download, but I started listening to a version by Vlaams Radiokoor (Belgium, 2015, June 29. The on-video text shows recorded in Brussels. Radiokoor as the name implies is Flemish).

Barber's Adagio for Strings version is probably just as exquisite; I haven't listened to it in a while. Actually, I understand the choral version came (decades?) after the Adagio.

I'd heard variations of both the string and choral version going back to 2000. My introduction was in the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps' year 2000 show, Age of Reverence. I was there, live, did that, and got both the T-shirt and a poster. It's the only drum corps poster I ever bought. I own something like 60 T-shirts from the 150 shows I went to from 1989 - 2019. I note that SCV 2000s Prayers of Kierkegaard is also by Barber. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to correlate the rest.

As I remember, the first time or two I saw SCV 2000, the show went somewhat over my head. I think it was listening to the mid-season CD in a fellow fan's car when the Adagio really hit me. Then I saw the live show at least 4 more times. In 1999, SCV tied with Blue Devils (BD). Once I got hooked on the Adagio and the rest of their show, I was really rooting for SCV to win outright in 2000. They came in 4th, but it's one of the better 4th place shows ever. It might be in my 2nd tier of favorite shows, although the Adagio is first-tier among (parts of) drum corps shows.

SCV captured Barber's work in a unique way: 80-ish horns (brass instruments). I think Barber would have be thrilled, just as I think Wagner would have been thrilled with Phantom Regiment Drum Corps' Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral.

Out of all the corps, I have found SCV's stuff thoroughly patrolled on GooTube. I think you'll find the Adagio but perhaps not the whole show. I'm not going looking right now in part because the whole drum corps topic is too painful until Dr. Fauci gets his due process of law (possibly a US military tribunal) and then is executed, or his execution months ago is announced.

Out of the years 1998 - 2019, by this time of year I already held tickets for perhaps 18 of those years. As of now I don't even know if there will be a "normal" season, normal being before Billuminati Gates' Satanic Crusade. I saw a very, very small handful of pictures from the 2021 rump season. If they let 23-year-olds march in 2021, the kids are 23 or younger. If they just finished even a rump season they are in perfect health. And they are wearing *$()@&@& masks while they receive their awards, in late August, 2021. Until either "officialdom" executes a few dozen people in the US or I am told that drum corps fandom generally is pushing for that, I don't think I can return. I might literally beat people up. I'm not particularly big, and I have zero fight experience, but I suspect I would win a few matches, motivated by fury. If there are any remaining "Covid" "measures," that would set me off. Any references to the effect of "Covid" on drum corps would set me off.

I was annoyed by DCI's damaging acoustics at finals in 2007 and then 2009 forward. Who would have "thunk" that they would then join a few billion people in such a display. Talk about feeling betrayed.

In an attempt to be productive, I've had 2 friends go with me to shows consistently from 2014 - 2019. If you guys want to check out DrumCorpsPlanet or related fan sites, there is a tiny chance I can be convinced to go. If 20% of fandom are 10% as pissed as I am, I'd consider it. Once again, I won't even link to it because I'd have to verify the link, and I might see something I really don't want to see.

I'm probably going to post this just after 2:37am. I may revise it after that.

2022, May 19 - jury "duty" summons and commandment

As is often the case, I have to back up quite a ways before introducing seemingly simple topics. Jordan Maxwell was a researcher who went to the fundamentals and edges. I am not going to give him a wholehearted recommendation, but several branches of his research were probably correct. For purposes of identification, Maxwell died a few weeks ago, on or just before March 25. (Yandex gives me better info than Big Evil Goo.) Maxwell was a pen name for Russell Pine, born December 28, 1940. I was about to start musing on how Billuminati Gates' mother was a Maxwell almost certainly related to Ghislaine. If it's a pen name, though, it is less likely to be relevant.

Among many other observations, Maxwell once asked his audience, "How many employees does the United States Post Office" have? Note "Post Office," not "Postal Service." I believe the answer was less than 10. WikiP is of course deadly malicious for many topics, but I will take their number that USPS has almost 800k employees. He explained how USPS was privatized and then bought by Lord Rothschild. The partial privatization is probably easy to verify, but the entirety of the situation probably takes some work to dig up. Maxwell may have written the whole issue out with footnotes. In any event, that is all to explain one of my sentences below.

It then occurs to me that Maxwell may have been one of those who advocated what I will call the "straw man" legal theory. Part of the argument is that any "person's" name in all caps is a dead or artificial (never living) entity. I note that "my" name comes in all caps in the jury commandment. The argument continues that at various points in history, all sorts of legal games have been played to manipulate the concepts of "citizens" and such. For example, Ronald Bernard, the Dutch "banker" (former top-level money launderer by his own admission) confirmed several years ago that governments "monetize" babies at birth. I think he said that a Dutch baby's birth certificate is immediately deposited as bond against a future tax-paying asset and allows the government to borrow another 500K Euros. Jordan Maxwell had a similar take. The American lawyer John Jay Singleton was interviewed by Sarah Westall several years ago. He said that you can verify many of these bonds by using "your" (straw man's) Socialist Insecurity Number (SIN) as a CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures) number. Sarah verified her children's numbers as such if not her own. He named websites that would return the data.

Part of the idea is that given that the courts are acting way, way outside of common law and possibly Constitutional law, they don't deal in living people. They only deal in the "straw man" incorporated or franchised with the birth certificate. In theory, you can use this in court to your advantage. But that's enough on that.

Next, a random (and unexpected) plug for the (privatized and likely Rothschild-owned) USPS' ("United States" Postal Service's) service known as "Informed Delivery." There are some exceptions, but the short version is that you get an emailed photo of most of your individually addressed mail several hours before the mail comes, and you can check the website at 8pm the night before for the next day's photos. While I was still in bed last Monday, I saw something from the Royal Colony calling itself a "State." That was somewhat alarming. I don't want any mail from them. I grit my teeth when I receive auto tax bills and stamps and driver's licenses. My blood pressure started to go up for just a moment. I could see enough of the envelope and even what was inside to quickly realize it was dury servitude / servility. My blood pressure went back down a little bit, because that was better than various alternatives. One point being that I had several extra hours to process the situation before the mail came. I got to go through my whole wakeup routine. It was probably an improvement versus seeing the mail after the wakeup routine.

Part of the reason I knew what it was is because part of the text was visible in the address window of the envelope. "YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED AND COMMANDED to lay all business aside and appear..." The boldface and caps are theirs, not mine. First of all, "COMMANDED"??? Who talks like that? Power-crazed employees of Satanic governments, apparently. It's a somewhat separate and somewhat long topic, but I am a right-wing anarchist. Governments are Satanic entities. They don't become "corrupt." They are evil in concept. They are not even corrupt in the sense that they do exactly what they are designed to do. Their actions aren't a "corruption," they are pure from the perspective of their creators. Pure evil.

Anyhow. Who talks like that? I considered telling them to shove it on that basis alone.

So to back up again: if I had steady work and were in a better financial position, I would probably go do it. Not because I was commanded, but because jurors can save criminal defendant's lives. I'll come back to that.

I have just started a new round of job / gig hunting, though, and I'm doing stuff I haven't done in 7 years. I need to keep at that. I was "commanded" to show up at 8am. Too much of that will quite literally raise my chance of death by several downstream effects. Getting myself into worse shape would be near certainty. Saving someone's life or at least saving them great grief would be somewhat improbable in my particular case. I wasn't taking that tradeoff.

I saw the Informed Delivery image around 11am Monday. I opened the letter around 9pm Monday. I emailed my reply at 12:43am a few hours later. At 11:26am I got "Good morning—we have received your email and we have excused you from jury service at this time. No further action is needed & have a good day!" So his boss "commands" and the underling wishes me a good day.

So how did I do it? I've already had 3 people ask me that. One way of looking at it is that I came off as pathetic and at least mildly crazy along several dimensions. I was willing to make that tradeoff. Then I made myself look extremely unattractive to a prosecutor (more below). If the guy got past pathetic and crazy to the prosecutor part, that would nix me from criminal cases. The jury questionnaire asked if I had insurance from two insurance companies. Because I am "commanded" to have auto insurance, I do have it from one of those companies. So apparently that made me somewhat unattractive in a civil jury.

The form / commandment offered several reasons for "deferral/excusal." Apparently "excusal" is a word in a legal context. I said that I'd accept deferral and come back when I was in better financial shape. Whether I am deferred or excused is ambiguous from the email, but it will do for now in any event.

More specifically, I first was somewhat specific about my bad financial shape and explained what sort of documentation / quantification I could offer. Then I'll quote myself just below. The quote is very slightly modified from what I sent, but not in any substance.

To list further items I can document with cryptographically signed emails: in the last week or two I've received two emails from Amazon job recruiters, offering minimum salaries of $160,000. The first thing they want me to do is sign up for a software test. Rather than "Sign me up for the test!" my response was

I would need extremely flexible hours, an overnight shift, or working remotely to Hawaii or someplace west of Hawaii. That requirement takes precedence over money, location, job title, or anything else.

I should add that upon further analysis, Hawaii is too close. I would need to interact with business hours between India and eastern Australia.

I have years and years and years of similar emails, including documentation of a disastrous attempt at working 9 - 5 in 2015.

Many years ago, at two courthouses relatively nearby Forsyth, I gave potential jurors Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) pamphlets. I'd like to think I handed out a few hundred of them in total, but it's been a long time. I am aware of the Georgia Constitution Article 1, Section 1, Paragraph 11 (XI): "the jury shall be the judges of the LAW and the facts" (emphasis mine). This is otherwise known as a codification of "jury nullification."

I haven't even heard of FIJA in decades (although they still have a web presence), and I otherwise don't claim to speak for them. Speaking for myself, though, in criminal cases I have an extreme anti-prosecution bias. To quote the entrepreneur, lawyer, and legal theorist Lysander Spooner, "All legislation whatsoever is an absurdity, a usurpation, and a crime."

That's just a start. I think it's safe to say that voir dire would eliminate me from any criminal cases, and I'm not sure you want me in your jury pool, ever.

As for civil cases, as I indicated on the questionnaire, I have ... (car) insurance, so that's apparently an added complication for the June 13 jury pool.

If I can get my finances in order, and if you don't think I'll taint your jury pool, perhaps some day I would be viable for a civil jury....

As of May 23, 20:04, I had considered this a draft and had not posted it, but I'll probably post it as-is, and I may or may not come back to revise it.

2022, January 29 - are UFOs fake? (2 of 2 today)

Below is my entry on whether "Covid" is fake. When that question was raised, it was raised in a similar context to UFOs. The statement I received was, "UFO's are cool to imagine if they're real."

"Covid" and UFOs are two branches of the same topic. The purpose of the CDC, NIH, FDA, etc. is to whitewash various branches of medicine. Huge branches of medicine are driven by and result only in statistical clouds that are nebulous at best. That is, it's unclear at best whether various branches of medicine make people healthier or sicker.

As I've discussed elsewhere, it is unclear whether whatever they call "Covid" exists. The "vaccine," however, damn sure is killing people. The range in the US is anywhere from 40,000 to maybe a few million. In addition to the vax, it will take decades to figure out how many people died from the reaction to "Covid." This is just one article on that.

So while the FDA and company exist to reverse those numbers, NASA exists to cover up what's in space. That is, part of their job is to poop on the notion of UFOs. Their fake job is to study space when their actual job is to cover up what's in space. One method is getting scientists involved in decades-long tail chases--debating matters that could be resolved with a 3 hour flight in a UFO (see below).

Yes, UFOs are real. Yes, they are driven by relatively simple anti-gravity technology. Yes, their technology implies "free energy." That's why the notion is pooped on. Some of the goals of TPTB are to increase the cost of living and reduce mobility in all its senses, including physical mobility.

It's the same issue. The same people--ideological group--who promote "Covid" cover up UFOs and the resulting technology. Dr. Greer's documents show that the US top secret, unacknowledged, special access projects achieved anti-gravity in 1952.

2022, January 29 - Is "Covid" fake? (1 of 2 today, slighly revised 18:07)

My worldview series linked above has my main "Covid" article, but I don't think that article addresses the question of "fake." I was questioned on my use of the word yesterday, so he we go.

RFK Jr.'s book on Fauci spends 200 pages--almost half the book--arguing that Fauci faked the existence of AIDS, decades ago (Ron Unz' review). The scientist who discovered HIV in 1984 had concluded by 1990 that HIV did not cause AIDS (same Unz article; the scientist is Luc Montagnier). He furthermore concluded that HIV was relatively harmless.

The claim in 2020 was that SARS-CoV-2 was "novel" and apparently the worst health crisis the West has faced since the Great Plague of London of 1665 that killed 25% of London. Even the CDC's highly suspect numbers only show a 0.1% death rate in 2020. However, (((they))) instituted measures that have never been seen in American history, including during the World War to Save Communism. The damage they have caused will take decades to fully understand.

Dr. David Martin, for one, shows that patents for similar gene sequences go back at least 20 years, so there is nothing novel about it.

So back to "fake":

The conclusion of the above is that you can get a PCR test to say anything. "Testing positive" for "Covid" means absolutely nothing based on the PCR test.

"It's real because I had it." I'm not disputing that flu-like symptoms have existed presumably for most or all of human history. One question is whether anything has been different since 2020. Another question is whether virology has developed enough to explain anything or whether it ever will explain anything. I'm not finding Robert David Steele's review of Firstenberg's Invisible Rainbow, but the claim is that "flu" has always been caused by (non-ionizing) radiation, even before radio. Before radio, flu was caused by solar storms. The Spanish Flu was caused by the wide(r) introduction of AM radio. I'm not sure Firstenberg says it, but FM radio seems a good candidate for the Hong Kong flu. To whatever extent anything unusual happened in 2020, which is unclear, 5G is a candidate for "Covid." I further address alternative causes of death in my main "Covid" article mentioned above.

Extraordinary reactions require extraordinary events. There is no extraordinary "virus." The only extraordinary event is how far (((they))) have taken "Covid." As I have discussed elsewhere in my worldview series, they very likely have paid and will spectacularly pay the price. It will be extraordinary. "It will be Biblical."

2022, January 8

I suppose it's time for "the preface." I've seen Venn diagrams of a certain word used by the censors for tracking, so I'll only say it once. Jews define identity along the female line. My mother was such along all known branches of her family. Mother's mother's mother was Orthodox from a town with both a German and Polish name. One of my great-grandfathers through my mother was a Wall Street banker, and relatively highly "ranked," as far as I understand. I have to be related to the Rothschilds somewhere back there. I found two of my family's baby books. That relationship is NOT mentioned as far back as that family tree goes, despite rumor to the contrary.

With that said, I have found that pretty much all the worst things historical said about them / us are very likely true, and many I'm nearly certain are true. Elaborating upon that at great length will have to wait. I'll just say that I will take the position of the guy who published "Frame Game Radio" on YouTube from very roughly 2016 - 2018. I have not gone through the results, but he seems to have been copied to BitChute. He was a full-blooded corporate lawyer in New York City. He was aggressively speaking out against his tribe because he was American first and tribal second, and he felt an obligation lest the inevitable blowback comes back at him.

One day I'll make it a point to set a record getting a site deplatformed, or hopefully that form of warfare will be won by then. One hasn't accomplished anything in life until he is on the ADL's Faces of Hate page. Hmmm... I was going to link to it, but perhaps they realized it provides us with a perfect list of pundits and leaders. The closest I could find was a reference to New Hate and Old: The Changing Face of American White Supremacy, but you have to give your email address to get the report. I remember when Blonde in the Belly of the Beast made the list. (For years she also did a show Blonde and the Beta male. Maybe she still does.)

I'm writing all this because I was reminded a while ago of Alison of the Rage After Storm YouTube channel. Her channel is long gone, but a mirror / archive is still there. However, the big scary video that led to her exiting the public stage is not there. It is on BitChute, though: Race Is Real.

So all this started because I was reminded of Alison's "*autistic screeching*" at the very beginning of a video about the fall of Bill Nye. Which in turn reminded me of the #hearthiswell or #HearThisWell hashtag. A central channel of this on YouTube was still there several months ago. Now it's gone, although searching on that hashtag still seems to bring up many of the videos. I found one almost 5 hour compilation of mostly parent testimonies. This was in response to CNN "senior medical correspondent" Elizabeth Cohen in August, 2014. For my own tagging purposes, I always associated the direct quote that triggered that with Julie Gerberding of CDC. Although it seems Gerberding did not start it directly, I can be reasonably sure Gerberding had the same sentiment. This has nothing to do with vaccines, of course.

The point being that there is nothing funny about genocidal vaccines and their decades of test runs that caused autism. However, Rage's screeching is pretty dang funny.

And THAT got started because I felt like doing "*autistic screeching*" after encountering the "headers have already been sent" message.

2021, December 30

A number of inputs led to my starting this. The most immediate was "How is your housing search going?" The short answer is not very quickly. I still need to move, the sooner the better.

The results of my Craig's List ad, on the page linked above, resulted in part with 3 robot response and 2 gay sex solicitations. The solicitations were almost certainly from the same person. Then I got the infamous "call me" response. I emailed her back 12 hours later, but I know for a fact that some mail services block Craig's List relay addresses. Also, people who say "call me" probably don't want to write back.

My issue with precisely "call me" (and phone number included) is certainly relevant to a personal blog, and perhaps I'll address it later.

I suppose any mention of Facebook needs to be prefaced. Oh wait, that led to WikiPedia, which also needs to be prefaced. WikiP is great for a very large number of topics, but at a certain point, you should assume that the editors and "anons" are trying to kill you. For the moment I simply refuse to read their entry on the "Covid" "vaccine" or the kill shot / clot shot phase of Billuminati's Satanic Crusade. I assume they are out to kill everyone.

So that settles my brief thoughts on WikiP. As for Facebook, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the WikiP records the February 4, 2004 date that both DARPA LifeLog was "canceled" and Facebook started. In case it's not clear, that means that LifeLog was handed to Facebook. Zuckerberg is an MK-ULTRA victim. He's "just a patsy." When that common date was posted, Q / (so-called) QAnon's response was that whoever discovered that common date should apply to NSA.

Facebook for several years has of course been "censoring" more and more. Assume the owners (whoever they really are) are trying to kill you.

With those issues aside...

Among other problems, Facebook's format is dreadful. It seems that people on various county groups are routed to a real estate group for housing. And that format is dreadful. I tried it once with little result. I don't think I'll rant about why the format is dreadful.

A related path is to post on my Facebook wall. When I went to do that, I was confronted by an unpleasant photo. So, another digression...

Being in Cumming, Forsyth County, Royal Colony of Georgia, I have managed not to wear a mask yet. For that matter, no one has asked me to do so. I almost got into a screaming match about masks with another customer at a restaurant, but she wasn't asking me to wear one, and I don't think she was wearing one at the time.

Given that Billuminati's Crusade comes from literal Satanists, wearing a mask is way too close to Satan worship. It is approaching the "neither buy nor sell" criteria of Revelation 13:17. The distance among three people shall be 6 feet and 6 and 6, which is the next verse. The hand or forehead implant for the "vaccine" ID is looming.

So I had this acquaintance decades ago who was very pretty and otherwise interesting and who expressed interest in me. To some degree she goes in the "What if?" category. When she's not wearing a mask, she's still quite fetching. But I go on Facebook and there she and her daughter are masked at some overseas airport (that I shall not name).

Anyhow, I will hopefully bring myself to post on my Facebook wall soon.

I've also been trying to figure my chances of finding housing from this web site's readers. That analysis is in my technical blog.

I tried another technique that shows some promise. Let's just say that I was on one or two sites seeking the right person rather than searching for rooms directly. I need to get back to that, too. I got one good lead from that, but I decided that we're not compatible for temporary reasons rather than permanent. Hopefully her situation will improve, but I doubt it will be in time.

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