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housing wanted - night owl seeks roost, 2018, October

I was looking in April and now looking again in October, 2018. THAT is a long, maddening story.

My CraigsList "housing wanted" ad as of October 15, 2018 (or a close variant)

night owl seeks roost - $600 - Cumming - 120ft2

I'm male, 44, with a BS in computer science, no children, no pets. I'm fine with your pets; I have lived with dogs and cats before. I'm living with cats now.

I'll try to emphasize how boring I am in the right ways. I've never smoked, tried illegal or even prescription drugs, and I almost never drink. Mostly recently, I haven't had any alcohol since mid-August when my roommate / landlady moved out. My TransUnion FICO score is 810. That's "exceptional" and beyond the 81st percentile, and it's only that low because I've never had a need for anything beyond one credit card. I've never let my credit card roll over into interest charges. I've never gotten a traffic ticket. I've been pulled over 3 times.

Continuing on responsibility: I babysat friends' children many times when they were in diapers and a bit older. I've cat, dog, chicken, rooster, plant, and house sat many times. I was suddenly put in charge of my landlady's 6 cats on August 21. (The reason I'm in charge goes to why I need to move.) We've figured out what to do with most of them; I'll be down to 2 in mid-October. Even the half-feral cat was letting me hold her for up to 3 minutes. (I will find a place for the last 2 cats.)

Going to stability, years ago, I was in an apartment for 10 years (probably foolishly) and in June 2018 moved out of where I'd been for 9 years because they sold their house. That was a family of 5 whose children were leaving the nest during the time I was there. That former landlady has been looking for places for me. Until their house sold, I was the only one living there for the last 14 months of their ownership. I was the house sitter and security guard.

Again going to desirability as a roommate, my landlady's sister has offered to let me move to her place, but she thinks my night owl ways will "drive her crazy."

REFERENCES - All of the above people will be references for me.

WHY I'M LEAVING: It doesn't seem appropriate to get into on a public forum. I'll tell you the tale in due time. You have reason to know, just like an employer asking that question. I told the story on the 3rd email to one respondent.

LOCATION - I'd like to stay in Cumming. Almost equally tempting is Kennesaw Mountain / any of the KM Park. Close enough would be something like 5 miles to the parks. Maybe some of the Chattahoochee parks, and maybe the north GA mountains. I'd consider other places, but they get fuzzier to me.

WORK / LIFE: I work from home as a freelance software developer. I'm technically a freelancer / direct contractor (no intermediate agencies), but I've had one client for 2.5 years, an attorney. He can attest to income and such. Depending on how warm it is, I go out for a long afternoon walk at Sawnee Mountain for 2.5 - 4 hours every day, but, other than that, I'm around a lot.

NIGHT OWL STUFF: I tend to work from 8pm - 1am and then stay up for another few hours. I usually sleep 8 hours, but the exact 8 hours vary. During the summer, I tend to sleep during the period 6am - 4pm. From mid-September, I've been getting up around 10am on average. Historically, I get up earlier as winter comes (and "Winter is coming!"), but I don't expect 10am to last. It'll probably become more like noon or 1pm. I can sleep through quite a bit, and I'm fairly quiet. Unless you're doing light industry within hearing distance, I'm not too concerned about noise you make. I'm more concerned about how much you can sleep through when I'm up late.

FOOD - An ideal situation is someone who cooks (or eats raw) or else for whom it's inefficient to cook for one, but would be inspired to cook for 2. I will probably hold out for that. I eat anything; we can go for health later. My roommate said that "My new hobby is feeding the Kwynn." I so happily eat anything that's offered that I'm fun to cook for.

As of July, I was paying for my groceries and probably most of my landlady's / roommate's. I calculated how much I spent eating out before I moved here, so I was happy with the money part of that. In other words, I think we can figure out how much cooking is worth to both of our satisfaction.

MONEY - In July I was paying about $900 total for all of food (and household supplies), rent, and 100% of the utilities. I was financially and physically paying the utilites as in pushing the buttons. About $530 was rent plus utilities, and the rest ($370) was food / supplies. The $600 in my subject line is rent and utilities. The food is obviously extra and hard to quantify in advance. I mention July because that was the last month in "steady state" before the situation changed.

SPACE - I fit in an average-sized room (roughly 120 square feet), and we were sharing one bathroom.

HEATING AND AIR - I tend heavily towards what is cheaper, even if I'm not directly paying the bill. In the winter, I can almost go without central heat. There probably is a point of too hot that would be uncomfortable for me, but perhaps we don't have to worry about this until it gets warm again, which seems like a long way away. During a summer day, if you run the A/C continuously, that's what finally drove me out 9 years ago. The air needs to run enough to take humidity out and cool some, but not make the inside 20 degrees cooler and 30% relative humidity.

NO APARTMENTS, ETC. - My recent model of being in the same house as the owner seems to be a good one. I'm not totally opposed to a house full of non-owner roommates, but it's a minus.


(old version on this page, below)

some housing wanted criteria, as in a place for me, 2018, April

Basic Facts

I'm male, 44 years old.

I've never tried smoking or any drugs, including prescriptions. I last had alcohol roughly 5 years ago [see just below]. I've never had a problem with it; I just don't find it interesting. I only have it at a certain friend's house, and I haven't seen them much in that long. [Then I moved in with one of those friends in June, 2018.]

I've been in the same place for almost 9 years. I'm leaving because the house, which I don't own, is under contract for sale. My landlady and her daughter are already polling their friends for other places for me because they don't have the space for me anymore.

Statistically speaking, my credit rating is higher than yours. :) I'm tempted to be specific, but it just doesn't seem right on a public site.

Possible CraigsList subject line: night owl seeks roost

other basic things you need to know

I work from home, I'm a freelancer, I tend to work from 8pm - 1am, and I tend to sleep 6am - 2pm. I go out roughly 2pm - 6pm every day, but, other than that, I'm around a lot. (I'd like to work on not being around as much, but that's theory as opposed to my history.)

I can sleep through quite a bit, and I'm fairly quiet, but those facts probably eliminate a lot of people. Eliminating people should be the goal of such an ad. :)

space / amenities

Depending on the size, I could probably fit into one room. In theory, that's all I need.

In response to specific questions, I don't need a kitchen nor my own bathroom.

With that said, I've always had at least 2 rooms. I'll just say that various other factors are more important than this one.


  1. I'm in Cumming now. Staying nearby would make moving easier, and I like it here. The closer to Sawnee Mountain, the better.
  2. With that said, an almost equally tempting choice is near Kennesaw Mountain / any of the KM Park.
  3. Most of the Chattahoochee parks would have some appeal
  4. North GA mountains
  5. Nothing is keeping me in Georgia, but that's a whole 'nother discussion

"Environmental Factors"--heating and air

In terms of heating and air conditioning, I want to stay relatively natural, by which I mean: people who run the air all day, every moment, during a hot day are right out. Previous to this place, I had plenty of reason leave--let's just say that the sheriff's deputies had stopped coming to "visit" certain other people only because both they and the neighbors had decided that certain people were a bit crazy but a harmless crazy. That should have driven me out, but it was running the air all day that finally DID drive me out.

My rough estimate is that air should be run 15 - 25% of the time during a hot, humid day. Yes, I want the humidity taken out, and I don't want the inside to be 85 degrees, but 72 degrees inside with 30% humidy just feels wrong. I don't want to have to bundle up and then take some clothing off to go outside.

I'm less fanatical about the winter, but I could probably do with zero central heat most of the time and just a space heater where I am. People who run the heat a lot are annoying but not as motivating as A/C.

objective, non-personal people preferences

Years ago, I was in an apartment for way too long. I'll do my best to never do that again. Among other reasons, the idea of the owner being a fictitious corporate entity is unappealing. (On the other hand, if you live in a house that is owned by a non-state-dependent-for-existence trust that you are beneficiary of, that's pretty cool. There is a place for fictitious entities.)

My more recent model of being in the same house as the owner seems to be a good one. I'm not totally opposed to a house full of non-owner roommates, but it's a minus.


I'm not sure I want to look at how much I spend on food, although I have the data. An ideal situation is someone for whom it's inefficient to cook for one, but would be inspired to cook for 2. If needed, I'll calculate how much that's worth. My landlady will tell you that I'll eat anything. :)


I just can't bring myself to talk about specific credit scores, incomes, rents, etc. on a public site that is directly linked to my identity (named after me). In terms of space / amenities, above, that will give you some idea. I'll almost certainly get into that in a first or second private discussion / email.


I want to throw the idea out there: bartering for some or all of rent. That's more complicated than I want to get further into here and now, though.

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