Kwynn Buess, software engineer; Atlanta, GA, USA

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Elevator Pitch / Summary

: Programming professionally starting 20 years ago. I wrote my first program at eight years old on a TI-99/4A with 16kb of RAM in BASIC. I was a software engineer for 2,000-employee software companies for almost four years, and I've done a growing list of freelance projects since.


Experience (all companies are in the Atlanta area unless otherwise noted)


MageCoders Feb - April

(undisclosed) lawyer Feb - April


IDG Education Solutions May - November

Webdezyners July - September

Braineo Web Solutions Feb - August March - April

Hatcher Team2007 – 2010

Forever Numerology May 2010 (Portland, OR)

Syed Consulting Dec 2009 – Jan 2010

Professor H's Classes 2009

SE Neurodevelopmental Consultants2005 – 2006

Object Alliance 2004

Forever Numerology 2003 (Vancouver, WA)

Hyperion Solutions (now part of Oracle) 2000 – 2002

Indus International (now Ventyx) 1997 – 1999

Numerically Yours 1996

University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute 1993 (Marina Del Rey, CA)


Citizenship: US Citizen

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