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standing status

History has shown that I'm almost always available for jobs / projects; I explain why below. I may not update this page very much unless something dramatic happens.

Just to put a date on this, though, as of March, 2021, I passed 5 years on the same project, but it's always been part time. Right now it's 5 hours a week. I'd like to stay on that project, but if I find something that conflicts with it, I have to go with more hours.

If I were willing to try to work 9am - 5pm, I could work almost if not anywhere I want. I'm a hard-wired night owl, though. For years I barely solved this problem by freelancing, but now I'm barely not solving it. My difficulty is that the sales part of freelancing is, well, very difficult.

earlier updates

I did find a project in February, 2021, but it was only a few initial hours, and it will be a few ongoing hours. I haven't put it on my resume yet.