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standing status

History has shown that I'm almost always available for jobs / projects; I explain why further below. I may not update this page very much unless something dramatic happens.

2022 - early June update

My lawyer project that has been going since 2016 is still going, but it is still 5 hours a week. I found a couple of projects in March and April that were some of the best I've had in a while after the lawyer project. All the work is almost done, though, so it's back to "immediately available." Those projects are on my resume, which I finally updated.

2021 - December, through February, 2022, and probably ongoing for at least a few months

I'm still immediately available for projects, but housing is neck and neck for urgency, and I'm willing to barter software services for housing.

earlier updates

(first posted in March, 2021, then updated)

As of February, 2022, I passed 6 years on the same project (lawyer project), but it's always been part time. Right now it's 5 hours a week. I'd like to stay on that project, but if I find something that conflicts with it, I have to go with more hours.

If I were willing to try to work 9am - 5pm, I could work almost if not anywhere I want. I'm a hard-wired night owl, though. For years I barely solved this problem by freelancing, but now I'm barely not solving it. My difficulty is that the sales part of freelancing is, well, very difficult.

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