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my housing barter proposal, a rework - 2023, late October

I'm seeking a room in exchange for a barter of services or some other unusual agreement. I posted previous versions of this idea, and hopefully those are still useful. This new page is starting in response to someone who is already "politically" aligned and wants to help. This page attempts to jog a number of ideas. I also list cash options further below, but there's "ifs" connected to that.

Where? I'll move to quite a few places, including overseas, for the right match.

a broad collection of ideas

some cash ideas

Barter means no cash involved, but I have cash ideas. See my money challenges (and ways to help) page.

"political" activism

We are all in danger until a few dozen people in the US are tried and executed for mass murder, treason, crimes against humanity, etc. That is of course over "Covid" and "vaccines." There are thousands of people who should never have one employee under them or have a position of tiny power until they are re-educated and repent.

There is that phrase "write your Congressman." In terms of malicious damage done, we're way beyond that. However, some probes might be in order. I understand that people tend to forget state (royal colony) "legislators." Those in the Royal Colony of Georgia, for example, have a lot to answer for. CDC employees should have been driven several "states" away by June of 2020, and several of them should have been tried and executed. There are others, but this isn't the forum.

The point being that I wonder what the "legislators" have to say for themselves. I've been too busy trying to find stability to go down that path. The barter is designed to go a long way towards stability.

more creative "politics"

Stuff like this:

  • Shasta County, California folk more or less literally told the "state" (royal colony) that enforcing "Covid" "restrictions" in Shasta would result in death for "state" "officials." (James Pogue in Harpers, 2022, April.)
  • Several months ago (summer 2023) Scott McKay / Patriot Streetfighter talked about a Pennsylvania County with 400 people in the militia and considering some sort of common law / "citizens" / inhabitants independent grand jury.
  • Getting the county sheriff involved in the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association
  • I'd imagine I could come up with plenty more.

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