A Nasal script for FlightGear landing drills in the 777, and some bug workarounds

New Versions

Below is what I call the "original series." They are still useful scripts, and they still serve certain conditions better than the new scripts. I have written a couple of new editions for different purposes, though. One is to simulate the crash of Asiana 214, the other gives you a landing score--maximum z-acceleration.

You'll want to read or skim my first page on this topic for background on what this is for and how to install and such.


I changed landing parameters one more time, and for these parameters I had to make another change to FG itself: I changed the transition times of the landing gear(s -- 5 of them rather than 3) to, um, well less than 19 or 20 seconds, because I couldn't figure out any other way to make them come down in time.

Latitude 33.6347

"Distance" as in those coordinates equate to 0.7nm from the near end of KATL runway 9L. 0.7 is what you'd enter in "Position Aircraft in Air."

v0.4.0 (3rd released, general use)


General info on Nasal so I don't have to mention it in my script anymore, to save space.

Second Web-Released, general use version - 0.3.0

Below is the second released version, 0.3.0; for reference and background, see my first page on this topic. You'll probably at least want to read the bullet points / list of initial conditions this sets--the purpose of the script.

This version assumes two changes I made to FlighGear files (and you can make, too): 1. a fix for auto speedbrakes, and 2. the auto-throttle fix.

The Script Itself (v0.3.0 - 2013/04/07 3:25am EDT)

New Landing Parameters

I pushed my landings much closer to the runway with v0.3 over v0.2. New settings are:

Latitude 33.6347

Note on 0.3.0

This version (v0.3.0) is much cleaner. I learned a few things about Nasal. I am not fighting the auto speedbrake bug because I fixed it. I think I got rid of all the unpleasant side effects so that this could be used to keep on flying instead of landing.

A Geekier Version

A version that wasn't well tested, but would be of interest to programmers or FG fans who are considering taking up Nasal.

Release History

These are the versions that have gone on the web, as opposed to my internal versions.

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