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My scripts allow you to quickly cycle through a dozen landings (or takeoffs)--just hit shift-ESC (reset) and land, shift-ESC and land, over and over, without pausing. Specifically, you "appear" in the air (or at the start of the runway) with flaps down, gear lowering, auto-spoilers set, etc. (and the equivalent for takeoff).

Without my scripts, every time one resets, one has to pause and hit ~10 buttons before continuing.

Really Cool Feature - Landing Score

The scripts also give you a landing score in maximum z (vertical) acceleration (fps/s), where 35 is great (32 is gravity itself) and 60 means you should inspect the aircraft for damage (citation below).

Aircraft and FlightGear version compatibility

The scripts are written for the Boeing 777-200ER, but it would not take many changes to make them more compatible.

This page is as of late May, 2014. The scripts run in FlightGear 3.0.0 for Linux, but they should be fairly compatible in Windows and back through 2.12.1 and even 2.10 and before. I started writing in 2.8 for Windows.

Detailed Settings Features

Below are some of the landing settings. They are roughly in order from absolutely necessary to things that I like but you may not.

These are settings common to landing, takeoff, and cruising. These are all subjective.

Takeoff settings below. Most of these are subjective, but they get you going fast.

Other Features

From my very first script until now, I turn the A/T "arm" switches off when one turns A/T off with control-S. This may not be necessary anymore. My concern was that A/T would sometimes "magically" turn on, especially engines automatically going to idle at ~50 agl.

Later versions calculate your time to clear the runway.

Later versions also show your current and maximum brake heat (in %, where 100% is overheated).


My scripts are licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or later. I do not say this in most (any?) of the headers because I hate that sort of clutter in a header.

Similarly, copy anything you want to from my site, including the script documentation. I'd like a link back to my page that you copied, and, if you change anything, note that you've changed the original.

Script History

I have scripts going back to early April, 2013 on my site. The history goes something like this:

previous FG page

Works Cited

The Boeing table and page that links to it that show maxiumum z acceleration upon landing.

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