Yet Another New FG Page - July, 2014

The above-linked page (July, 2014) includes the latest scripts.

my January - February 2014 edition FlightGear landing drill scripts

0.9 series part 2, last file on my system dated 2014/03/12: directory and zip file.

I'm already on to the 0.9 series. This time, I'm splitting the single script into different files. See the directory and zip file with all of them.

script v0.8.0 (2014 / Jan)

previous script page - This still has useful stuff, including the Asiana 214 script.

What's New in 0.8.0? / Context

This version combines what I called the "original series" and the "acceleration score" editions. The original acc. score editions assumed non-ILS (acronyms defined below). Now you can press the "n" key while in flight and you'll get all the instrument settings you expect for ILS--FD on, MFD set to APP, FD set to LOC and GS (A/P does not change). "n" also sets visibility to 551m, which you can reverse with the "z" key (lower case).

Page incomplete as of 2014/01/22 8:38am EST. Will continue ASAP.

time to clear runway feature

I added a

maximum brake heat feature

Weaknesses / Bugs / Future Work

The script is meant for a landing drill where one "appears" in the air to start the FG session.

Some major updates in this edition are:

another bug fix that might affect my script

Acronyms / Dictionary

My script is mainly for the Boeing 777-200ER, but much of this generalizes:

Miscellany - Throttle Values

I removed the following from the current version, but might be useful for reference:

# to set the throttle:
setprop("/controls/engines/engine/throttle"   , aValue0to1);  # one engine (left, I think)
setprop("/controls/engines/engine[1]/throttle", aValue0to1);  # the other engine (right?)


A value (aValue0to1) of 0.187 = 34.7% N1. 0.2 = 36.2%

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