instructions / recommendations for my potential apprentices


initial steps / things to know

an attempt at a very short statement on what to do

I wrote this section for people I'd already talked to as of January, 2019. I'll probably refer "later" people here, but I'd understand if you have some questions for me first.

I'm going to try for once to be concise. I see two clear paths for apprentices to start:

HTML / JavaScript path

The easier path is the HTML / JavaScript path that goes something like:

  1. figure out what an HTML file is. (Perhaps figure out what a computer file is, first?) Then create the simplest possible HTML file that says something, like "Hello, world!"
  2. make that HTML file validate
  3. look up some "Hello World" in JavaScript. Try it.

The benefit to the HTML / JavaScript path is that you have everything you need on virtually any laptop or desktop. (It is unclear to some people that you can't code / develop / program on a cell phone or tablet. I'm sure some people do it to some degree, but it's not in my repertoire.) A browser is both your execution and debugging environment (look those words up). I recommend Chrome.

I'm sure there are a zillion how tos and videos and such. See if you can get off the ground. After trying for a while, ask me questions.

Don't confuse JavaScript with Java.

Linux path

If you really want to get me excited about helping you, install Linux. Specifically, Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS (long-term support). As of early February, 2019, I'm not in a big hurry to move to a later version.

A 10 - 15 year old computer would probably suffice. You can find the minimum system requirements. You can probably get away with 30GB of disk space for a long time, but every GB beyond that helps.

The safest way to install Linux is to start with a blank hard drive. Presumably Windows (or iOS) partitions can be shrunk to make room for Linux, but you run a risk of erasing your current system. So far, I refuse to look into the partition shrinking issue because I don't care two shakes about proprietary OSs.

Again, there must be a zillion how-tos and such.

why I want an apprentice, this time

In January and February, 2019, I found myself doing recreational programming. Some or all of what I'm writing could eventually make me (us?) somewhat richer and / or slightly more famous, but it would need more work. It'd be nice to have someone to continue those projects, even if it takes a very long time to get going.

Eventually I'd want someone to work on my existing paid projects, but that will probably take months before you're skilled enough.

previous ads

On one hand, I'm not sure how relevant my older ads are. On the other hand, I just realized that I broke the links to my previous ads. I didn't mean to do that. Also, I just got the question of "Why?" I want an apprentice. I answer that briefly above. I have much longer answers in my previous ads, although, again, I'm not sure I see things the same way.

In any event, here is my previous ad.

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